The Sofa

Chris and Chloe always enjoyed looking for furniture together. Sometimes they would go to outdoor markets. At other times they would shop at the small antique stores in their small hometown. Even when they were college sweethearts and dating, they loved to check out local markets. It was interesting to see what they might find. They were always looking for a few specific pieces to fill some area in the house. Often, they found treasures that they bought because they both liked them. A couple of weeks ago they found an antique oil painting for the living room. Only a month or so before that, they had found a great corner table. It replaced the side table they had both been wanting to get rid of for years.

One piece of furniture that had escaped them for a long while was an oversized sofa chair. A piece like that would complete their wonderfully cozy living room. The loveseat that was filling the space now was too large. It left the room feeling crowded and forced. Both Chris and Chloe knew they would recognize the perfect piece. They had not really discussed style or color. They just knew they would know it when they saw it.

They had no idea when they headed a few blocks away to the outdoor market that they would find much more than a sofa. Old pine and oak pieces filled a dozen or more of the stalls. Kettle corn, hot dog, and other varied food stands were quickly growing lines of visitors. Saturday morning bargain hunters tooled around the giant parking lot. There was always a group of new vendors or folks wanting to become vendors. They all had something new and different to sell.

As the day went on Chris and Chloe exhausted the open-air booths. They began to wander into the adjacent historic district. Off one of the side streets was a beautiful promenade. It smelled of honeysuckle during the day and jasmine at night. If it weren’t so secluded, it would be a great place for them to put a coffee and pie shop of their own. They had always dreamed of doing that.

Up one set of stairs in the back corner of the promenade, there was a new sign behind the antiqued glass. It read, “Make It Home”. Underneath in small letters the old sign read “open”. They went in, almost tiptoeing up the stairs of this new find. There was an excitement in going into someone else’s special place to see what they thought was cool or valuable. It always brought an air of adventure to these Saturday sprees.

Sitting in an old Queen Anne chair near the back window was an elderly man. He greeted them with a half-friendly wave and a tilted smile. “There’s a lot more upstairs if you want to look there too,” he said. After a quick look around, Chris and Chloe walked up the winding stairs to the next floor. They found desks and dressers filled with bric-a-brac. At the same moment, they both noticed a beautiful burgundy overstuffed loveseat. It was sitting in the back corner. It looked incredibly comfortable, and was sitting at an angle to the window outside. They could both imagine it sitting in the same spot at their house.

“This is so comfortable,” Chloe said as she plopped down on the small sofa. “I just want to sit here and enjoy the view out the window with you.”

As Chris walked closer to where Chloe sat, she noticed his t-shirt was sticking to his chest. She asked him if he was as hot as she was. Chris, dependable as ever, responded half-sarcastically and half-hopeful. “I thought I was just starting to sweat because of the view down your blouse.”

Chloe smiled wickedly and grabbed at the outline of Chris’s cock. Then she reached under the leg of his shorts to grab his balls. He instantly began to grow harder in her hand. Chloe, always the tease, slowly tickled his shaft through the cotton fabric. She pulled gently on his balls. It seemed like half an hour, though it was hardly a couple of minutes until she finally unzipped him. She pulled everything down and his thick rod came into view.

There was nothing better in the world than Chloe sucking his cock. He had thought about it, but could never come up with something that brought this kind of ecstasy. Watching her slide his cock slowly down her throat and then sucking on it. Fighting to keep it in her mouth while she slowly pulled it out. Ah, such ecstasy!

Seeing the overstuffed arms and back of the sofa gave Chris an idea. He took a couple of steps around the side of the sofa while Chloe leaned back to keep the rhythm going on his cock. From the side, Chris could see Chloe’s body laid out comfortably as he fed her his meat.

“Take off your shorts. I want to see you touch yourself,” he asked. He could already see the hardness of her nipples stretching the thin bra and blouse. As she pushed her shorts down, he could see the shape of her closely shaved pussy. Her little nub was pressing through her nylon panties. “Go on sweetie, touch it,” he said, urging her to rub herself.

Chloe knew what to do. She pulled her panties to the side and squeezed her lips between her two middle fingers. Up and down she slid her fingers, her pussy lips getting more and more swollen. Soon, she couldn’t help but rub her fingers back and forth furiously across her now engorged clit.

Chris could tell Chloe was feeling it. She would suck even harder and deeper on his cock when she was rubbing her clit. Then she would shove him deep into the back of her throat when she had her two fingers pumping in and out of her. Soon low moans began emanating from deep in her throat. They rumbled through Chloe’s mouth and across his cock like a vibrator. Her hand was moving at lightning speed across her clit. Occasionally, she stopped to press two fingers into her tight hole, rubbing the inside walls. The deeper she pushed, the more sensitive she seemed.

Whispering so as not to be heard downstairs, Chris urged, “Yeah, baby, rub it hard…I want you to cum for me.”  He knew he would soon be cumming too. The visual of her climaxing and the incredible sucking pressure she was bestowing on his member guaranteed it.

Chloe wanted Chris to cum in her mouth. It was something of a reward for a job well done. But being practical, she didn’t want it all over her face and chest. And definitely not dripping into her khaki shorts out in public.

As Chloe felt the rolling swells in Chris’s cock, she pushed her hand to its base. She made sure she was putting the full length in and out of her mouth. She pounded now three fingers of her other hand into her hole, making sure she firmly hit her clit each time. At the same time, Chris tensed up and began erupting into Chloe’s mouth. She swallowed it down without thinking. Her own rolling climax had her legs and abdominal muscles quivering.

One of the wonderful things about these adventures is that they brought out Chloe’s capacity for more than one orgasm. Chris took advantage of the opportunity. He had Chloe turn around on the sofa and pulled her damp panties down just far enough to see her pulsing wet lips begging for him. As Chris lifted his semi-hard cock to Chloe’s opening, its pulsing wetness felt like it was in her mouth again. As he slipped it into her, it began to harden like a rock.

Chloe had her arms draped over the top of the large sofa back to support herself. Chris began thrusting his cock into her from behind. Even with all of her rubbing and poking, it was incredible how tightly her pussy gripped him.

Just then, the sofa legs slid across the wooden floor, making a loud scraping noise. Chris immediately slowed his long fast strokes into long slow ones. From downstairs, they could hear the old man getting out of his chair and walking across the floor.

Her pussy was aching for Chris to slam into her. Chloe slowly began moving faster and faster. She worked to impale herself more fully and to allow the release of her next impending climax. As Chris felt the rolls of orgasm come through Chloe’s grip, he noticed the sofa beginning to slide again. A loud scraping noise emanated from two of the legs as they moved backwards across the wooden floor.

From the stairway, they could hear the old man approaching. As he walked into the room, he asked, “Hey you two, is there something I can help you with?”

Chris and Chloe were sitting on the sofa, having barely gotten their pants pulled up. Their faces were flushed and they were almost shaking. Chloe answered, “We kind of helped ourselves, but we would like to buy this sofa!”

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  1. snagd says:

    The least I can say it must have been one of a kind. To have his cock penetrated so awkwardly must have made it more exciting. I bet after swallowing his cum first, the second orgasm in your pussy was probably just as exciting.

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