Service Station Breakdown

After reading Winter Backseat Passion,” my wife and I found ourselves talking about our fantasies. This story is the result. We hope maybe to pluck up the courage to have a go one day if the weather allows.

The weather displays one of its awful moods tonight. The rain turns to sleet as the temperature drops below -2ºC. Driving in these conditions exhausts me; I’m so tired I decide to take an unscheduled break at the services. As I pull in, I find the car park deserted except for a few frosted over autos. They must belong to the staff pulling the graveyard shift.

Nestling myself into a corner with a coffee, I warm myself by the only radiator that appears to be functioning. My breath is visible in the air inside the building. A gust of icy wind blows in through the door, and I look up. I’m shocked to see you walk in, shaking the snow from your knit cap. I wave, and you stop dead in your tracks.

“What the devil are you doing here at this time of the night?” I ask as we greet each other with a kiss on the cheek.

It appears you’re heading North as I’m heading South. As with me,  the bad weather coupled with tiredness made you feel like you should stop. What a coincidence! The stars have aligned to play cupid for us.

So here we are, sitting in a service station at two in the morning. A blizzard threatens outside as we catch up, huddled over the only heat source in the place if one doesn’t count our bundled up bodies.

There is nothing sexier than a woman snuggled in a warm jumper and a large blanket-scarf to keep warm. You look incredibly cuddly, and your eyes sparkle over the rim of your mug. We chat for what feels like forever. When I get up to get some more drinks, I notice the snow is piling up. But the barista is nowhere to be seen; dozing in the back, I guess.

With no more drinks, we collect our things and head out. I walk you to your car and move to kiss your cheek goodbye. There in the cold, we both lean the same way, and our lips meet. A moment of shock stops us briefly until I feel your hands come to rest just above my hips. I kiss you again. Your lips are soft and warm against mine even in this cold. Our tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths as we hold each other tightly.

Pulling apart, we both smile. Now it’s time to part ways. The weather isn’t getting any better, and we both have long journeys ahead. With a last kiss, I turn and head to my car.

I sit in the car with the engine idling, trying to warm it up before pulling away. Looking up, I see you running towards my car. Winding down the window, I ask if you’re ok.

“The car won’t start,” you say. “I think the battery has died in this weather and I don’t have any jump leads.”

“Get in out of the weather,” I say.

I don’t have a clue about how to fix a car. So as I drive you back to your vehicle, I suggest we call the AA. Coming off the phone, you tell me it’s going to be at least a two-hour wait.

“What will we do for two hours,” I say.

Smiling back, you hold my hand in yours, pull me close, and kiss me. Your soft lips – warmer now – touch mine and the cold on the other side of the glass seems to melt away. Our tongues play and dart into each other’s mouths, exploring and tasting each other as the engine idles below us.

You take a deep breath as my hand reaches up to feel for your boob over your jumper. You pull back and look around out of the snow-covered windows. We feel cocooned against the elements, this car our chrysalis.

Again, you hold my face and pull me close. Before our lips touch, you whisper, “Please touch me. I’ve wanted you since I saw you tonight.”

“Me too,” I reply.

As we kiss again, I feel for the bottom of your jumper and slide my hand underneath.

It’s warm there. As my hand slides under, I touch your skin for the first time. It’s soft and warm. My fingers familiarise themselves with its softness. I smell you in the air, breathe you in. Your scent is still as intoxicating as I remember.

My hand follows your tummy ’round to your side, feeling your curves against my fingers. I record them to memory. Our lips touch again, and you nibble my lower lip, biting down hard as my hand brushes against your boob. I’m shocked to find that you’re not wearing a bra. Your skin is satin to my touch as I trace your shape: around the side, under the bottom, then running my nails up the inside of your breast. Your nipples harden against the very tip of my finger as next, I circle your areolas. I take one in a gentle pinch before running my fingers up and down over it loosely.

You breathe in sharply and let your hand slide down my face, over my chest, and onto my lap. It squeezes my leg hard then traces a path up my thigh to my crotch.

“You excited?” you ask before cupping the bulge in my jeans. Your eyes turn toward my zipper, and you smile. “Hello, old friend.”

My hand slides round to the small of your back. I pull you in close as you squeeze me again before sliding your hand up to undo the buttons of my shirt.

The smell of Petrol, cold air, and hot breath fill our senses as I suggest we move to the back. We jump over the armrest to avoid the cold, and I watch your cute bum scurry over the seat as you go first.

We get as comfortable as we can in the confines. You lean on the door where it meets the seat back and stretch out. I settle myself in on top of you and kiss you again. Sliding your jumper up, I uncover your beautiful boobs in the glow of the carpark light, now dimmed by the collected snowfall. My skin melds with yours for the first time in a long while. Out tummies touching, your nipples press hard against mine as our lips and tongues tangle.

I run my hand over and around your thigh, holding it tightly in my palm. My outstretched fingers find the crease between your leg and your bum cheek. I scratch upwards over your bum and back down. It feels amazing to hold you in my arms after so long. My fingers again work their way around your bum, two of them nestling in the gap between your legs. Your warmth emanates to them through your trousers.

As I scrape my fingernails back up the contour of your bum, you gasp again and throw back your head. I plant a kiss on your chin then trail more down your neck and back up to your ear. Your lobe receives a quick suck and gentle nibble. With one hand on your bum, I reach with my other and tweak a nipple again.

As I do, your hands on the small of my back pull me tighter into you. You push up into me as I grind the bulge in my trousers against you. Your nails outline of my spine from base to neck and down again.

Then you slide one hand over my shoulders as the other pushes against my chest. You pull my shirt off. The cold against my skin gives me goosebumps which your fingers explore before removing your jumper.

As I gaze at your breasts, you run your soft hand down my back and into the waist of my jeans. They grip my bum cheeks and pull me into you.  My stiffness pushes against your heat as we grind in rhythm. I’m ready to burst through my jeans! But with a perfect sense of timing, you slide your hand out of my waistband and around to unfasten them.

I feel the heat of your touch as you reach in and grasp me. Wrapping your supple fingers around my cock, you gently stroke me up and down. I can’t explain how fantastic it feels to have you hold me again, to pull on me inside my pants. I sit back to unzip yours, but your hand follows me, and your strokes don’t cease. A glimmer of pink panties becomes visible as I ask you to let me go. Your hand gently pulls my erect penis one more time before you release me.

Now I can hook my fingers into your waistline and, with a tug, pull your trousers and panties off in one go. In the light that seeps through the snow-covered windows, your wetness shimmers. The pheromones you’re exuding fill the air, further exciting me as I lean in to merge our lips again. As they touch, I reach down and trace your labia with a finger and find your clit, circling it gently like I did that first time.

You spread your legs and say, “I want you, please.”

Without hesitation, I position myself between your legs. The backs of your thighs press tight against the front of mine as you wrap your legs around me and link your ankles at the base of my spine. I feel your warmth on my tip as I hover within touching distance of you.

Reaching down, I use my cock to trace your labia up to your clit, circling it gently as you arch your back. You grind your clit against it. Again I stroke your lips, painting your moisture up and down them. Then I hover at the entrance of your vagina, your tight lips parting slightly for me. You pull with your legs and the head presses, holds, waits a moment longer.

And then with one more gentle pull you slide me in, tip deep. I feel your heat envelope my head, your softness promising me a comforting welcome from the cold outside. But I slide myself out and rim your vaginal entrance one more time before allowing you to pull me back in tip deep once again.

We play this cat and mouse game, tip in and tip out as we kiss on the back seat. I fill one hand with your boob as my other traces your side down over your hip and ’round to grasp your bum. My hips pull away just an inch and, again and again, you pull me barely back into you. I feel your wetness on my inner thigh as you get more and more excited about what you know is about to come.

This time, as you pull me back into you, I shift in the seat and keep moving forward. The head of my shaft continues past your lips. And as I move forward, your lips stretch a little to let it inch further in out of the cold. The warmth moves up my cock little by little until I’m pressed to the hilt up against you, our bodies fused.

The walls of your vagina feel soft and welcoming as I slide in and out of you. I look into your eyes as I move, watching you bite your lip as we rhythmically move as one. I pull out and return to moving only my tip in and out before plunging into you again. Raising your leg as I go to allow deeper penetration, I feel my cock run along the roof of your vagina before pressing against the back of it. Being this intimate is incredible! We haven’t had these feeling in so long.

I can tell you want me to move faster. Your hips rise to meet me as I begin making long strokes, taking my time in building up the speed. These longer, slow movements are interchained with short bursts, my tip moving in and out before another deep push.

There in the steamy car, you arch your back. Your firm beautiful nipples reach up toward me, and I take them into my mouth in turn. I suck them as, further down, I feel myself growing harder inside you.

Your lips and walls start to tighten and shudder around me as tingles move down my back. I’m so close to exploding inside you. I lean forward and suck your tongue into my mouth as I plunge faster in and out of you. You push back against me as your legs tighten around me.

As I explode in you, I feel your whole body quiver around me. From your legs wrapped around my torso, up through your body, and down your arms holding tightly to my back, you shake.

I look into your eyes, and you whimper with exhaustion and pleasure under me. Both of us are heaving. I collapse on top of you, and we hold each other, cuddling in the heat we’ve created. Outside the snow falls on our cocoon that has hidden us from the world.

Finally, you take a deep breath. “Race you home?” you ask.

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