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As I have said in my last post, my man and I have a pretty indescribable connection. It’s HOT…and if we let ourselves go there with each other… that’s it. I might as well be ready to do as he commands. ( I actually like that sometimes.)

I couldn’t ever turn him down… or maybe I could. Oh, Baby!! How I love to tease him! When it comes to teasing, he knows that I talk a big game. But he also knows that he is my weakness. So I would pretty much do or try anything with him. I trust him completely with my body and in life, and when you have that kind of trust with each other, you get to experiment and have the most romantic, yet kinky, sex of your life.  It’s just too bad I find him insanely sexy. Yes. So sexy, baby.

Swallow- What a word.

The house was dark. Our kids were asleep for the night. I was the last one up turning out lights after folding the last bit of laundry for the evening. Once in our bedroom, I slipped off my blue T-shirt and pulled back our covers.  I slid in for the night wearing only my white silk panties with a lace back that rode high on my ass. His body warmed me as I ran my hand across his chest while sliding my body next to his. He sleeps in the nude most of the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I curled my body next to his, turning over to push my ass up against his cock and his chest against my back. He put his arm around me, laying it across my breast and holding my hand as I fell asleep in his arms.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the fucking began. Oh, how I love sex in the middle of the night with him. It’s so erotic.

I was dreaming, or so I thought. My husband’s hand let go of mine and stroked down my body. I kept my eyes closed, still mostly asleep but somewhat awake at the same time. Aroused by the thought of what might come as his hand crept down my body towards my panties, I spread my knees apart slightly — just enough for him to reach inside of me if he wanted.

His strong fingers massaged my clit. I softly moaned, “Oh, baby,” still half-asleep. As he slipped his middle finger deep into me, I pushed my ass back against his cock. I started moving it around in a circular motion as he fingered me. He breathed heavily in my ear and whispered, “You like it, don’t you?”

Teasing him, I didn’t reply. I put my right hand behind me, in between us, as his hard cock was now caressing my ass. I began to stroke his cock from its base to the tip, then squeezed gently to release a few drops of his sticky wet pre-cum onto my fingers. Then brought it to my mouth and licked it off my hand, mixing it in my mouth with my spit. I spat it back out and used it to lubricate his hard cock, stroking him back and forth as he continued to thrust his finger in and out of me.

He began to get a little rough, rubbing the upper wall of my pussy now with three fingers shoving into me, deeper and deeper. My wetness was leaking out into my panties now, and it was time for them to go.  I stopped him long enough to remove them. Pushing them down my legs and off with my toes,  I lost them somewhere in the sheets now tangled around us.

I turned over and slid down the front of him, placing my naked body directly on his legs. Then I started to lick from the bottom of his balls. I moved my tongue in a slow circular motion, working my way up and over them to his cock and straight to its head. As I swirled my tongue around the head, it twitched in delight.

His hand caressed my long brown hair as he said, “Oh, baby, you know what you do to me?”

Climbing on top of him and folding my legs back on each side of his waist, I straddled him in the cowgirl position, sitting directly on his cock and pressing my ass down on his pelvis. I moaned as he inserted himself into me all the way. I stretched my body up and arched backward as he took a breast in each hand. Then I placed my hands on top of his, helping him massage them.

“I am going to make you cum,” I whispered and began to move up and down slowly. The feeling of taking it all from him was enough to make us both moan together.

“Awww. Awwww. Baby, fuck me. Fuck me, baby,” he urged as I leaned over with my hair draping over his face. He pulled at it.

I was teasing him and taking my time. Making my ass circle around on his cock and moving up and down on him, I pleasured him ever so slowly. Yes, I knew what it was doing to him. I leaned over to put my right breast near his mouth.

He began to lick my nipple. When I bent forward to kiss him, he kept a tight massaging hold on both of my breasts. (We love to make out anytime we can.) Biting and nibbling his lips while still slowly fucking him drove him crazy. And I knew it.

He couldn’t handle it anymore! He flipped me over on my back and went down on me, shoving first his tongue and then his fingers deep in my pussy and making me scream. Then he started licking my clit at full speed as I moved my pussy around, guiding his tongue into my most sensitive spots.

Pushing my legs out and pointing my toes, I felt an orgasm building. I screamed, “I am cumming! Shit, that feels good!”  (He knows I say shit when I am happy during sex, it’s not a bad word between us.)

Now it was his turn. He pushed his cock in my soaking pussy, making me scream, “Oh, Baby! I want it so bad! You are so fucking sexy!” (It’s really unfair how sexy he is.)

As he was fucking me, I grabbed and slapped his ass playfully, laughing and enjoying him taking charge! His cock was sliding in and out; he was giving it ALL to me!!  I was pushing against his chest, pushing him back from the pleasure-pain of him filling me. But, oh, I loved it, and he wasn’t letting me hold him back! Fucking me faster, he wanted it all!

He then said something he hadn’t said to me in a long time. “I want you to SWALLOW.” I gave him a questioning look. He said, “Yes, you heard me. ALL OF IT,” in his deep, sexy voice that I often can’t refuse! He knows that I don’t always do this, but it’s something he finds insanely hot!

I told him yes; I would do it for him.

He fucked me until he was about to cum and then pulled his cock out. Jacking it off, he came closer to my face. As I lay on my back, he told me to open my mouth. Then he emptied all of his goods into my mouth and some on my face. He brought my head up to have me lick the rest of it off his cock and sucked out any remainder.

I could taste all of his warm salty cum in my mouth as I held it there for a second. I stared up with my brown eyes into his as he stood there waiting for what he had requested of me.

I swallowed — all of it.

He died out laughing in sheer pleasure and made me laugh so hard, too! I started teasing him about what he could do for me next time! We were so happy and blessed to be able to love each other the ways we do.

He cuddled me and kissed me as we pressed our hot, sweaty bodies back into a spooning position like before and said goodnight.

I sure do love his sexy ass.

Communicate what you want, right? Ask, and you shall receive. It was such a small request, but it still turns me on thinking of it. Pleasing him turns me on.

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10 replies
    • HappyHubby says:

      What a great story. It is so hot to see a wife who thoroughly enjoys sex and pleasing her man. Keep writing!

  1. Rcthom55 says:

    Very hot story. Thanks for sharing. I too, have enjoyed, only a few times, my wife swallowing my cum. Wish she would so more often.
    For a guy, it is so satisfying to watch her suck and swallow, that is, to know his wife is doing this to completely please him.

    Keep pleasing him this way! I am sure he will show you his appreciation as well.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Fabulous story! My husband Ben has always slept nude. And now we both do as we have switched to a nudist lifestyle. I also love sucking his cock and swallowing his nectar. Both have been duly noted more than once here on MH. 😀
    Anyway, God Bless and Stay Horny darlin!

    😘💗 GG

  3. PatientPassion says:

    It definitely sounds like you two have an "indescribable connection" as you said! Stories like this are an inspiration for my future marriage. I truly hope and pray to have the kind of passionate connection you have!

    I especially love the lines from one paragraph: "I was teasing him and taking my time… I pleasured him ever so slowly. Yes, I knew what it was doing to him." A wife who knows her husband so well and is so deeply connected with him that she can (and wants to) please him like this is a beautiful thing!

  4. Bjlove says:

    I don’t have a problem swallowing semen. I think it’s because of much experimenting and experience , that I’ve learned the art of swallowing In different situations. Yes, my hubby may taste differently at times but to disappoint him and refuse would be unfair to him, I feel. I don't, however, mind the taste as I’ve become immune to it and it’s just that ejaculation in my mouth and down my throat I find fascinating.

  5. MaxLoving says:

    Hot story! My wife has swallowed two or three times in our marriage. While I would love it if she did it nearly every time, I don't push it. I'm just happy to be getting a blow job nearly every time we have sex. It used to not be that way for the first twenty-nine years of our marriage, so I treasure that part of our play time.

    Swallow away!

  6. YumYum says:

    I do love pleasuring my husband. And he loves pleasuring me. I enjoy giving myself to him to have & to hold. Swallowing his cock is an intimacy I always look forward to whenever we're loving on one another. He gives me his cock & loves what I do to pleasure him. I love the time we share with each other.

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