🔊 His and Hers: Kitchen Fun (L)


The kitchen is my domain. I prepare the food, bake, and do all the things necessary so we can have meals at home. Except that when I’m busy sometimes the meals take second place. We’ve also found the kitchen units to be one of the better places to use if you’re and in the mood for making love!.

My hubby arrived on the scene. I was standing next to the basin. He grabbed me from behind and started fondling my breasts. It felt so good that I left everything I was doing and just lifted my face in awe. As I was dressed normally and with an apron on, it was somewhat cumbersome for him to unclothe me. But it still felt really good through my clothes. Suddenly, I felt my pussy getting wet and I started rubbing it against the sink. It felt good, and I felt the sensations of sexual pleasure ripple through my body. I slowly turned around and immediately grabbed him on his penis. He was as hard as a rock.

I slid down a little to loosen his belt, unbuttoning his jeans. As I pulled down his pants, I saw his cock tenting his underpants like a rod. I rubbed it gently. He began to moan words of love and suddenly dropped his underpants. He lifted his shirt and exposed his cock fully.

I knew already he wanted me to blow him. Without fail, I was on my knees gulping his huge rod and extracting his precum. My lips were wet with it and it tasted very salty. I knew he wanted to fuck me hard. I let go of his cock, and lifting my dress I removed my panties and stepped out of them. We were completely naked now. I leaned backward and commanded him to suck my exposed pussy. He went down on his knees and vehemently returned the favor. His tongue embedded deep inside my vagina. He then sucked at my clit as I used both hands to open my pussy lips.

Both of us were now as hot as hell. Suddenly, he lifted me while I levered my hand on the side of the kitchen sink in the marbled area. The height of his erect cock was a little higher than the edge where my pussy was sticking out. He grabbed a cushion and that did the trick. I was comfortable, and my pussy was sticking out perfectly.

Approaching me with his rod, he pushed it in. My head tilted backward as I felt what seemed like a long pole slide into me. I couldn’t contain myself as he expertly penetrated my puss. His precum and my juices made it super slippery as he fucked me in the most gentle way. His cock slid in and out with slow ease.

It was an amazing experience, and suddenly he sensed me twitching. I was cumming! As I shuddered trying to hold on he ejaculated with a burst and kept his cock inside. I loved that while cumming I felt his hot liquid fill my pussy. He emptied fully into me. Afterward, both of us were in a type of trance, not moving, just hugging. He finally removed his cock and gently lifted me off the unit. Sperm was leaking down my legs and some was left on his wet cock. I quickly licked him dry. As he pulled up his underpants and then his pants, I quickly ran to the bathroom and wiped myself dry, taking a little taste of his sperm. I slipped on my panties, washed up, and went back to the kitchen to prepare our dinner.

He came back as always to give me that wonderful kiss. As is his habit he thanked me for accommodating him at odd times. I dipped my fingers in my still soaking pussy and gave him a taste of his sperm. This always keeps us


As always we have those fun romps in bed, but on many occasions, we find the kitchen very enticing. As I entered home from work, my wife had just begun her chores in the kitchen. She was busy preparing dinner.

I immediately approached from the back, grabbed her breast and pressed my hard cock against her anal area. She knew exactly what this signal meant. Quickly washing her hands, she slipped her short pants downwards and stepped out of them. My cock was resting between the cleft of her anus. She started to move up and down, sliding my cock between her cheeks. The friction got me harder. I let go of her breasts and turned her around to face me. Instantly, she was on her knees sucking my cock. It only took a few sucks to milk my pre-cum out.

She stood up, kissing me deeply before she lifted herself up on the kitchen unit. She opened her legs wide as I proceeded to lick and suck her wet pussy. In no time, I had her hot and slippery before she disrobed, turned around and fully exposed her mound from the back. I inserted my erect cock into her hole, getting a clear view of her lovely anus as well.

But this was not going to be anal. It was a fuck that made her scream in ecstasy as I pushed and retracted and pushed again with a mighty force. Suddenly, I felt her shaking with an intense orgasm.

“Don’t stop! Shoot my pussy full of your cum!”

Spurt after spurt filled her. We lay still for a few minutes before she turned and kissed me, hugging me tightly. She planted her lovely lips on my flaccid penis to lick off the last drops. Then she scooped the semen running down her legs and licked her fingers clean. She deep-kissed me once again, giving me a taste of my own cum. Then she dried herself off and continued to make dinner.

“That was a great fuck,” she said. “Anytime you feel like it, I’m ready…Thank you.” I just smiled and gave her a huge hug.

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14 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      I totally agree SecondMarge! Ben will often give his cum a taste, often after jacking off. I will also save him a morsel after blowing him. Also feeling Ben's cum filling my pussy is the greatest. Stay Horny!

      😘 GG

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      I like licking my cum off wife's tits. It took me a while to get comfortable with it, but after watching her do it and then sharing it with me, I felt like giving it a try. Now both of us love cum-kissing each other, after I lick it off her tits or from her pussy.

    • Hott4you says:

      Secondmarge, you can feel it? Some women can't or at least that's what I heard.
      Do you tell that to your husband during sex?
      There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of pleasing your wife.

  1. Old Lover says:

    Nothing tops the words from my Anne, “Fill me with your cum!” followed by her sexy moan with arching eyes and parted lips as my love juices spurt deep into her pussy.

  2. A Better Pastime says:

    A woman who verbalizes in a public forum that she loves hot cum inside her pussy is the hottest. My wife LOVES cum leaked on her clit so she can work her pussy up and down on my cum covered dick head. She loves feeling hot cum in her pussy as well, but LOVES hot cum leaked on her clit to use as lubrication for fucking dick; her pussy REALLY starts to pump when she feels it start to softly ooze out.

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