After Control ~ Ignite Story III (L)

This is the third fantasy story surrounding the issue of control, exploring sexual interests even after 25 years of marriage, and my thoughts moving forward as we prepare to be empty nesters.  We are fortunate to have our marriage begin a third transformation, this time from a good place and not one of upheaval and infidelity.  The one thing in the series of “control” stories I’ve written that I know will be acted on is the taking of a sexual interest survey that we both do alone but matches up things we are thinking about doing or simply want to do sexually.  It’s either that or we have a “real” conversation, which right now isn’t out of the question.

Mel had trusted Donnie the night before, giving up control, and they’d stretched her limits of comfort in something that ended up pleasing them both.

“So did you catch on that my stop signal was impossible? I couldn’t tap your legs due to the fact you had my hands tied behind my back,” she said taking a full sip of her coffee while sitting crosslegged downstairs on the couch.  Donnie felt a connection immediately build because of her beauty and comfort in that position while addressing what had happened the night before.

“I sure did catch that and knew I had ultimate control,” he said. “I didn’t abuse that power too much.”

She admitted she was worried for a second. But like a good fitness instructor, Donnie had pulled out just as things were about unbearable.

I hope that, after our children move out of the house, we talk about sex more openly and explore each other’s thoughts about the things we’ve done, might do, and want to remain off limits.  Even in marriage, we hesitate to open ourselves up about the Lord, religion, politics, our feelings and yes, sex.

Donnie read his morning devotional, nothing linked to his relationship with Mel, but he began to think of verses.  He did drift to 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

He stopped on the first “Love is patient.”  For his entire pre-married life, his love for those he dated was never patient. Neither was his first decade with Mel. And these last ten years he was really just lazier about his relationship with her, not really patient.  In the past five, after the most recent transformation, they legitimately worked on a lot of things. And even though he was the one in the wrong, it was Mel who grew the most and was the most patient.

And now the last three months had filled their relationship with physical and emotional plenty, exploring each other in ways he had fantasized about for years.  He also began to understand she had these thoughts buried deep inside beneath her upbringing.

“Last night, light bondage?” she said with a grin, looking up from her computer.

“Umm, yes,” Donnie said. “That combined with the verbal contract.  How do you see this affecting us moving forward?  What next?”

“Wow,” Mel said, thinking for a second but then realizing the time.  “I’m not really sure.”  She shuffled upstairs to shower.

Focusing during the church service that Sunday morning was difficult.  Donnie tried to listen to the sermon on healing and mercy, but his mind kept replaying the night before.  Mel went back to several moments, then felt guilty and tried to put it out of her head and pay closer attention.

Sunday Sex:

They returned home and Donnie kissed her on the back of the neck as she took her shoes off.  She spun around and kissed him full on the lips, her hand on his belt line pulling him into the dining room.  They had gotten a new table, built better than their last, that could withstand their weight as she pushed him back onto the table.

The curtains were mostly closed, but the kitchen window that they had stood in front of the night before remained in play.  Mel unbuttoned her blouse, stripping it off fast, and slid down her capri pants while Donnie unbuttoned his trousers and dropped them to his knees.  She tugged them and his socks off as he ditched his polo.

Mel stepped out of her panties, unclasped her bra, and quickly jumped onto of him.  His cock had sprung out of the opening in his boxers and before he could get them off she had lowered herself onto him, her wet pussy sliding quickly over its hardness down to the fabric of the undergarment.

She opened her eyes and smiled, giving him a long kiss as she glided up and down on him very slowly. Her breasts dangled, begging for his hands to reach up and play.  “Mmmm,” she cooed and bounced hard up and down on his cock, playing with her own breasts as his hands joined hers there.

We have just gotten a new table, and of course, this thought has come to me.  The other one way too unstable to even consider. AND the exhibitionist issues are similarly in play.  

She was careful not to stimulate him too much, but the events of the last night kept his usual sensitivity at bay.  She slid off him and spun around showing him her back.  He slid his hips back and sat up as she lowered down again, bouncing his head off her taint before it hit its mark and she slid back down on him.

“Lay back, cowboy,” she whispered, turning her face to him.  Donnie did as he was told. Mel had never ridden him like this, her hands now on the table at its edge, his cock rubbing at a totally different angle inside her.  Upon the first bounce down on him, she cried out, “OHHHH OH!”

Talking about it later, they concluded that her “spot” was somewhere on the back side inside her, relating different positions and reactions she’s had over the year.

“JE….” she hesitated at taking Christ’s name and instead swore loudly before crying out.  “DONNIE! YESSSS!’

For Donnie, the new position wasn’t as stimulating, but it was amazing to hear his wife taking so much pleasure in riding him.  Mel relaxed forward, lifting her ass off of his hips and swinging around to jump off the table.  She collapsed at his feet as he began to slide forward.  Unplanned, his cock was now in her face as she rested.

“Suck it,” Donnie commanded.  “You’re still under contract.”

Mel pulled back, but he caught her arms and pulled her back to it. Moving his hands up her arms, he brought the glistening head just inches from her lips.  Her eyes looked wearily up at him, and her body weight shifted back again. But he held tight while the pulse in his shaft engorged it even more, and the rush began to churn is his belly.  He was turned on by the control he’d seized, and his excitement seemingly got Mel to respond.

She waited again, looking at his cock then up at him.  She proceeded to just suck on the head, just the tip, cleaning some of the clear fluid emerging from the tip.  Then Mel leaned into her work, and Donnie let go of her and braced his hands back.  She worked his head, lips over it and tongue swirling as fast as it could while her left hand held and stroked it slowly.  Spitting on the head, Mel lubricated the shaft as her saliva slid down onto her hand and worked its way in between her palm and his smooth flesh.  As she continued this, Donnie kicked his head back, ready to begin his climax.

Suddenly, Mel released him and took a step back.  He looked up angrily, but she just motioned to him to hop off the table then slid past him, bracing her waist against the edge with her elbows on its top.

“Fuck me from behind,” she commanded, and he excitedly obeyed.

His cock pressed through her milky flesh easily and the warmth brought him right back.  His hands found her hips. But with only four strokes in and out, he fell over her, pressing his hips forward, and he came.

Multiple positions and being direct in bed is not light bondage.  It is, in its directness, a far cry from where we are now.  We have to be open to telling each other what we want, and we have moved in that direction in everything besides sex.  That’s why it seems very plausible.

“The contract’s up,” Mel said as they dressed to go for their usual Sunday after-church workout.

“Renegotiate?” Donnie quickly quipped, but she didn’t respond.  The whole day was like that, Donnie throwing the conversation out there and Mel moving on to another topic.  Even at dinner, when he thoroughly explained what he was feeling while “breaking in” their new table, all he got was some laughter from Mel. Afterward, she responded, “I was worried the protection plan wouldn’t cover any stains.”

He’d made up his mind that he wasn’t going to let this progress in their sexual life die on the vine like so many other failed attempts over 20 years.  He stormed into the living room ready but backed off when it was evident she had to prepare something for work.

How many of you married folk get sexually derailed by everyday life?  It happens, and we have to accept it in certain instances; but on others, maybe not.  I’m going to include Mel’s viewpoint here.  I know I can’t read my wife’s mind, so this is hopeful foreshadowing.

‘At least he finally got the hint,” Mel thought to herself as Donnie spun out of the living room while she worked.  The sex after church had been amazing! But between work, housework, and thinking about her kids at school, she had turned off after that. It was something she didn’t know how to express to Donnie; she never had been able to and it wasn’t in her to try that day.

That night before bed, she meditated, listening for the Holy Spirit, and the message was about giving of ourselves.  She grinned a little at that, taking her mind off her breathing a moment before focusing back into the in-and-out flow of air.  The message concluded with, “We truly are not known until we give our gifts, our time, and our self to others.”

She joined Donnie in bed. As he swung his arm over her and was about to say his nightly, “I love you,” he instead said, “Thank you for sharing the gift of your body today. I love you.”  Goosebumps swept over her and she turned and kissed him goodnight.

Mel laid in bed thinking about the day, the evolution that was taking place in their sex lives, and how it affected their daily lives.  She assumed it was all Donnie could think about, and this triggered her usual disdain for his obsession with sex.  Mel liked sex. She just didn’t obsess about it like he and so many others seemed to do, a thought that had always shut her drive for sex down.

Loving Herself:

Then Mel thought about her mediation and his “gift” comment. How perfectly timed that was!  Her switch had always been on-off in nature and thinking of this flipped it. A warmth began to spread, surprising her.  But Donnie was fast asleep. “Great,” she thought.  Her mind turned to his commands while he wielded his contracted power, and she slipped a hand under her panties.

One finger massaged her clit and slid over it to penetrate.  Mel slowly alternated pushing deeper and rolling her delicate folds under her finger, left side, center, right side and then inside.  She softly moaned and slid her hips forward, inserting a second finger but keeping this rhythm and pinching her clit for a moment between the two before side to side, then inside.

An urge for deeper penetration, to feel his cock, made an appearance.  She looked over at him, thinking how easily she could wake him and how grateful he would be if she did.  Instead, she thought of the conversation she had with Kim, a good friend, about masturbation. Mel fixating on Kim’s statement, “I see it as an expression of what I can do for myself – and usually the orgasm is better.”

Mel had also looked online at some “tips” and she began to try a few different things.  “It’s your time to explore yourself,” Kim had said.  “Don’t rush things.”  Mel tried a third finger, she tried pushing harder, and then she left off the penetration and focused on her clit.  She moved her fingers back and forth over it, letting the flesh push between them. She gave her bud a brief pinch before continuing side to side.

“Ohhh” Mel sighed, not even wanting Donnie now as the rush built up all at once.  She continued this action, her legs now moving side to side and almost pushing her ass off the mattress.  “Mmmmmmfft,” she let out, trying to keep her lips closed to hold the sound in. But instead, it pressed through. “Ahhmmmft.” Her eyes were closed, lips open, head back, as her hand rubbed and inserted.

Her body turned and, with the slightly different angle and the rhythm she had established, sent a wave from within Mel. The rise and fall of her orgasm made her collapse on the bed, panting, and her fingers found the moist evidence of conclusion secreted inside. It warmed them as she pushed them in deeper to feel herself.

She kept her middle two fingers inside, exploring as she relaxed and finally taking them out right before she joined Donnie in slumber.

I’d love for Mel to take time to explore herself.  It goes without saying I know what feels good to me, masturbation-wise. And some sort of mutual or simultaneous masturbation would be a fun activity in my mind.  At this point Donnie would be frustrated, thinking she’s shutting down on him again and that he’s dropping the ball in continuing the sexual exploration. There’s exploration going on, but it’s just Mel’s of herself.

Mel rushed home from work on Monday after spending the day obsessing about the orgasm she gave herself the night before.  She was warm and moist all day, her mind putting her back on the bed, twisting and turning.  At one point Kim, her partner on the agency’s latest project, even called her on being less engaged than usual.

“I did it,” Mel boasted to Kim while sitting in a secluded corner of the breakroom.  “I, well, pleasured to orgasm. Myself, I mean,” she said uncomfortably, drawing a big smile from her friend.

“That-a-girl,” Kim playfully said slapping an encouraging hand down on Mel’s thigh then rubbing it lightly.  “Welcome to the club.”

She had managed to get some work done, and now Mel was alone in her bedroom. No Donnie to worry about for another hour and no one to restrict her.  She had called up a couple of websites as she turned on her essential oil mister for some soothing background noise.  Once she had some of the tips in mind, Mel set the computer aside and sat on the edge of the bed in front of the mirror.

Mel traced under her breasts and bra after dropping her shirt and kicking out of her pants.  With the other hand, she went over the top of the panties and then pressed them against her clit, feeling the fabric.  The lace and pattern felt good against her as she rubbed over her clit, her focus for the day being no penetration and using the friction of her underwear.  As she rubbed down below, Mel pressed her breasts. Then she slipped out of her bra — one arm, head, then other. Her nipples now hard, Mel took a moment to admire herself in the mirror.

She continued to rub and cup her breasts, focusing on each nipple for a time as her other hand moved the fabric of her panties over her clit.  Now she wanted to speed up, so she laid back on the bed and propped her feet up after sliding back some.  She could see her knees and her head in the mirror and, if she pushed her hips up, her hand between her legs.

She pushed inward over her clit again and again through her panties, eventually alternating this with slipping her fingers underneath to feel the difference.  She felt the rush start to build a little as her off hand remained on her breasts and stomach, rubbing gently.

Mel lifted her legs up and dangled them over her head. She could clearly see her full ass, but this one one of several tips she was trying out today.  She also formed a “V” with her first and second fingers, using it to push back the hood of her clit and slip beneath it.

She brought her other hand down to massage the insides of her thighs, watching it then run over her ass and quickly over her anus and taint.  She dialed into the different ways of stimulation and “loving” herself and how beautiful she looked.

The rush moved ahead quickly and the finger formation, sliding quickly around and over her clit, began to do its work as her leg position added a lot to the stimulation.  Her breathing quickened and she heard herself moaning, sighing, and exhaling words of pleasure.

She came thinking just of herself and not once about penetration.

I will advocate for Mel to try different methods of masturbation for herself and not really anything for me.  I did miss an opportunity this past weekend to start any kind of sexual conversation, but there have been so many “life” things going on around our family it was easy to focus just on them.

Donnie let work distract and occupy his time for the rest of the week, and Mel was in bed ahead of him or quickly asleep every night as the weekend approached.  Driving to work Friday, he thought about the weekend and where they had left all the control and survey things.  Sunday on the dining room table had been amazing and the his-and-her control moments were very telling but had no real direction.  He rubbed his face trying to sort it all out, almost rear-ending a vehicle which had to stop abruptly ahead of him.

He made it to work, sat down, and went to his personal email.  A spam email for their favorite hotel in Columbia, MO popped up alongside his Google and he immediately thought of a weekend away.  “Sexual retreat,” he thought, but more importantly conversation — real and focused.  What direction did they want to head?  He checked the calendar; they had the weekend pretty clear, minus some optional activities.

Donnie texted Mel, “Pack a bag for The Imperial, we’re getting away this evening.  Oh, and dress nice, we’ll hit Varnucchi’s after checking in.”

“Ok,” with smiling and kissing emojis was Mel’s reply.

Donnie got off two hours early on Fridays, so he made up a workout he had missed the day before.  Though no Tim McGraw, he had been pretty regular with his routine over the past six months and it had started to pay off.  Going into this sexual exploration phase, he’d decided that he’d need to step up his fitness level.  He used some of his sexual aggression to power a heavy workout.

“Nice,” Mel said out loud as she responded to Donnie’s text.  She had thought one of her self-love sessions that week would lead her to ask him to come and fuck her silly, but the opposite effect occurred.  She had ordered a rabbit and a couple of other toys with which she spent time satisfying and penetrating herself, so sleep eventually became more desirable.

‘I owe him,” she thought later that day, packing while he was working out.  He would shower at the gym and probably dress in a suit or something. Mel picked out a very sexy,  flattering dress to wear to dinner. While changing in front of the mirror, she traced under her breasts and slipped her hand down towards her clit just over the hood.  Then she stopped and slipped her dress on without underwear.

Donnie picked her up and they raced off for Columbia.  “How was your day,” Donnie said in small talk mode.  “Actually, how was your week? We really haven’t had time to catch up. What’s the most interesting thing you did all week?”

Mel smiled and as they turned onto the Interstate, she hiked up her dress showing her clean-shaven pussy. Donnie’s eyes darted from the road to her as she tilted the seat back.  “I fucked myself all week,” she said in a raspy, sexy voice and moved her hand down between her legs and over her clit, sliding several fingers in and out.

He nearly swerved in front of a semi as she worked herself, eyes closed, moaning.  “Jesus, Mel, that’s hot.” He watched her smile, worried a little about her reaction to his cussing. But she didn’t open her eyes, just focused on herself and her hands with one under her dress and the other on her breasts.  Donnie’s cock swelled and pushed against the fabric of his suit pants and boxers.  He wanted to release it and unzipped to let the head start working it’s way out.

Mel forgot he was there and used all she’d learned to work herself towards orgasm.  It was a little tougher with the noise of the road and the absence of toys or other sexually stimulating things, but she was determined and continued to find spots.  “Ohhh,” she sighed over and over.

The pulse of Donnie’s erection pushed through the opening in his boxers and soon the head was out. With a little help, about 1/2 was raised above the cloth.  He reached over and took her left hand from her breast and brought it to his protruding cylinder.

‘Okay,’ Mel thought, ‘I can do this.” She kept working herself as she rolled Donnie’s hardened flesh in her hand, running it over the tip of the head and milking out the clear fluid to bring to her lips and tongue.  She loved the tasted and repeated this action all the way to the Imperial parking lot.

Mel felt the car slow to get off the interstate. So she let go of Donnie and herself, brought the chair upright, and looked over at her now sexually frustrated husband.  “Check in, quick! I need a treat before dinner.”

Check in and out, in and out:

Donnie hustled while Mel held her bag.  The gal in front of them at check-in was asking too many questions; Mel’s expression of frustration was priceless as he looked back at her every minute or so.  Finally able to approach the front desk, he hustled as best he could.  The clerk gave him the door cards and they whisked up to the 2nd floor via stairs, not even willing to wait for the elevator.

Mel flung her bag on the floor and put her hands on Donnie’s chest and kissed him hard.  Donnie kissed back a little harder and spun her around towards the side of the bed.  He pulled the covers down while keeping their lips locked tight. As Mel started to pull her dress up, he turned her around and pulled one pillow below her, then another.  She started to turn back around but his hands stopped her, forcing her hips on top of the pillows and pushing her dress further up them.

“Damn it!” she said, but Donnie was resolved to fuck her now and from behind. He pushed his weight into Mel as his cock slid quickly through her wetness the whole length.

“GOD, YES!” she exclaimed having missed the fullness of Donnie’s cock inside of her.  Mel felt his skin slide against hers and him pulling back.  She braced for him and he slammed inside again. “HOLY FUCK!” She felt herself climax as he pulled back to fuck her again and again.

“Hold on,” she said to herself as he kept going with unbelievable stamina, and another surge of desire welled up.  She focused on how he felt inside of her, concentrating on where the head of his cock moved through the up and down stroke.  Donnie’s body weight now rested firmly on top of her.  Mel’s rustled hair half covered her face and her mouth hung agape as she breathed through it, letting inaudible words pour out each time he pushed deep inside.

Donnie braced himself with his hands on each side of her and kept pushing as the shot of cum worked from its holding bay out into her warmth.  Several long-pent-up spurts of him drove inside her and pushed up around him as he slowly pulled back.

“Let’s go eat,” he said.

I love the thought of fucking while dressed.  It’s happened a small handful of times in our relationship of almost 30 years. But, again, the restraints of having small children, adolescents, and then young adults around puts a stop to a lot of impulsive behavior.

Mel looked at herself in the mirror as they straightened their clothes and got ready to walk to dinner.  “I don’t give off that ‘just got fucked’ look too bad, do I, Donnie?”

He looked over and pressed his right hand, fingers together, in an Italian (they were headed there for dinner) gesture of magnificent, opening his hand up like he was releasing a dove.  “If my orgasm hadn’t just happened, we’d have to try that again.”

Sex on the brain always, Mel thought to herself, but this time it didn’t seem so annoying.

(More to come…)

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  1. Flying Hubby says:

    Oh, the challenges in your head as you work things out. The intensity of the feelings, though, as actions take the place of thoughts are so delectable.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you for the compliment. It's been a challenge, one that needs re-addressed after the end of a busy time in our lives. Will begin the process of addressing all of it…

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