Restaurant Tease

When we were newlyweds, my husband and I were all over each other all the time. He was still finishing his degree and working nights, so weekends became our play time.

Every Sunday on the way to lunch after church, he would finger my wet pussy. We would kiss some in the restaurant parking lot before going in. After we finished lunch, he would continue fingering me as we raced home to make love. Sometimes I unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. When we got home, we would strip off our clothes and go at it like wild animals. Then we’d collapse for a short nap before going back to Sunday evening church (most churches don’t have Sunday evening church anymore).

This particular Sunday, we had made love that afternoon, and it was especially good! I’m sure the neighbors upstairs heard my screams. We sure didn’t want to wake from our short nap. But we reluctantly got dressed and left for church. During the message, we held hands and kept looking at each other. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. We were so in love, and we still are!

After service, a group of people, including my parents, decided to go out for dinner. We met at a casual restaurant and got a big booth. I sat across from my husband and next to my mom. There were twelve of us there that night. I decided I would be a little naughty and tease him, so I took my pumps off and ran my foot up his pants leg. I kept talking to everyone and not looking at him, just acting very innocent. I began to stroke and massage his cock with my foot. He was squirming and jumping and had a look of pure pleasure, disbelief, and fear. His cock was so hard. He could not believe I would do that with my parents at the table! I just played it very cool.  I was having so much fun being playful with so many people around us. My pussy was throbbing and wet.

We paid the check when dinner ended, but he waited. He wanted to be the last one to stand up. He had to walk close behind me to hide his bulge and his wet spot. Good thing he had dark pants on! We told everyone good night and drove off. Once we were out of sight, I unzipped and began sucking and licking his cock.

We happened to live very close to the restaurant. Hubby zipped up with some difficulty so we could walk to the apartment. When we slammed the door behind us, he pushed me against the wall. Kissing deeply, we ground our hips together. I ripped off my top and bra and unzipped my skirt, but kept my heels on. We kissed passionately as I unbuttoned his shirt and started rubbing his chest while he hurried to drop his pants.

Then I wrapped one leg around him as he thrust his rod in my pussy. It wasn’t gentle. It was rough and intense. He kept pumping and thrusting his cock into me like a piston. I put my arms around his neck and jumped up and wrapped both legs around him. He would push up, slamming me against the wall, and I would slide down hard, hitting his balls. We exploded together very quickly.

What a great weekend! I’m sure our neighbors didn’t like us very much. We have continued this Sunday afternoon pattern for many years. After children, he couldn’t finger me in the car anymore, but we told them we were going to nap (wink, wink) after lunch. We still enjoy our Sunday afternoons now that we have the house to ourselves and are empty nesters. We’ve had some incredible Sunday afternoons these last 32 years. Hmmmm… Now I know why my parents always wanted to take Sunday afternoon naps. They were a great example of a couple in love!

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    • SecondMarge says:

      I heard on a talk show years ago that they sell audio recordings of people having sex. That testing has shown almost everyone gets turned on listening to others. About as much as watching. Maybe I should test that theory? Only so I can write a review for MH of course.

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