When Work Trips Collide ~ Ignite Story

I love it when we get to go to work together. Although we are often away at the same time we are rarely in the same city overnight. It’s a shame that we will be at different ends of the city. At least we have a short flight and a taxi ride together before we go our separate ways. You must have some important meetings today as you’re looking fabulous. Heels, stockings, that little black dress hugging tightly to your body, hair smartly tied back and those black rim glasses we picked up in Rome. I wish we weren’t heading to London and were headed home instead.

We kiss before we go our separate ways, and I take one more longing look at you.

“Like what you see?” you ask.

My smile gives me away, and as you turn, you add, “Enjoy your fancy hotel.”

After my morning meetings, I grab the opportunity to check into my hotel. As predicted, my work found me an amazing hotel on the Southbank. I check in and head up to my room on the 32d floor. To the left, it overlooks the Houses of Parliament and the Thames that snakes its way through the heart of London. St. Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London are to my right. I snap a photo and send it to you in a text, asking, “What is your room like up in Camden?”

I know it’s not going to be as nice, and a few hours later you respond with a photo of a basic hotel room. The view is of a dodgy burger shack at the end of Camden High street.

“I bet your view will be amazing from there tonight,” you text.

I respond with a simple, “I will let you know.”

I press on with my schedule, heading to my next appointment. The day passes slowly. I head back to the hotel, shower, meet my clients and head out for dinner and a few drinks.

Around 11:00 you text back. “I’m heading back to my hotel. Enjoy your view.”

“It’s only a view if its worth sharing. I’m heading back soon too. Wish you were here. I can’t get the vision of you from this morning out of my mind.”

“Sleep well,” you respond.

As I get back to my room, it’s dimly lit by two small bedside lights. The bed has been turned down, with the obligatory chocolate on the pillow.

It’s been a long exhausting day, so I pop the chocolate in my mouth and head for the bathroom. I find a shower is the quickest way of washing away the stress of the day. Turning the light off, I leave the bathroom towel round my waist. The other is draped round my neck over my shoulders. I head to the window and pull back the curtains. You were right about the view. It’s amazing, with thousands of twinkling lights sprawled below me. The beacon at the top of Canary Wharf shines red intermittently atop its lofty perch. The river cruisers are ferrying the last commuters East towards Greenwich.

I am startled by a knock at the door. It’s 11:30, and I’m not expecting it. Padding over to the door, I look through the peephole. The view is obscured somehow.

“Who is it?”

No response. The door knocks again, and with my view still obscured, I open it.

As the door opens, your face looks back at me with a naughty smile strewn across it that lights up your eyes.

“You didn’t send me a photo of the view,” you say.

You grab the towel round my neck and pull me in for a long kiss. I walk backwards, and you follow me step for step, closing the door behind you. Our lips touch again, and our tongues explore each other’s mouths. Having you surprise me in my room tonight is the perfect tonic for erasing the day.

As we kiss, you place your hands on my torso and feel my body. Your touch is warm on my skin. You push me back towards the bed and ask me to sit. Then you step back. I can now see you properly for the first time.

Parting your coat a little, you turn and rest on the desk behind you. As you do I see you’re in those black heels with the red soles (another purchase from our Rome trip). Your black nylons fit tight to your calf, disappearing under your black coat.

“You should have sent me a picture of you by that window after your shower,” you say as you turn. “I have been thinking of you and that view all day. It’s made me a little excited to think what we could do with a view like that.”

Undoing the belt on your coat, you part it to reveal a glimpse of the treat below. As your coat slides back off your shoulders, I see you in your absolute beauty. Your nylons cling to your long legs as they rise up past your knees and over your thighs. I reach out and run my hands up the outside of your legs, a finger traveling along the top edge of your holdups. Then I run my fingers down the inside of your legs to your knees.

Sliding them back up the inside of your thighs, I run up over the edge and onto your skin. My fingers feel warm against you after your trip in the cold.

Your skin is perfect in this light. My fingertips slowly move up until they reach your tight little pair of black panties. You open your stance, and I let my finger trace the edge of your undies up one leg, following the seam. Then back down again, tracing your shape over your panties. First one then the other leg. On my second pass, I press a little harder on your clit, feeling your warmth through the material. It’s not only warm but a little wet.

“I have been thinking about that view a lot,” you say with a smile.

I let my fingers trace over the lace again. They move from your clit down the shape of your labia to where you entrance waits below. Gently sliding my small finger under the hem of your panties, I run my finger up your lips. Your wetness is warm and inviting. I slide out, then bring it to my mouth for a taste..

My hands run around and feel your bum. Pulling you close, I kiss your tummy as you near me. I can smell your sweetness in the air as my lips kiss your body. Looking up at you, I see your shapely boobs cocooned in a black bra. Your clear eyes stare down at me.

You step back and look at me, before smiling and kneeling down. Your hands dive under my towel and spread my legs.

“I want to have sex with you,” you say. “I don’t want to make love tonight; let’s be raw and wild instead.”

As you say it, your hands are working up my thighs until you find my penis caged under the towel. Grasping me forcefully with your hand, you stroke me back and forth.

I lean in to kiss your lips again, my tongue desperate to play with yours as we kiss feverishly. You release one hand and, placing it on my chest, push me backwards on the bed a little. My legs hang over the edge.

You move quickly to release the towel around my waist, your other hand still pulling at my cock. Then you change your grip to hold me firmly as you jerk my cock up and down.

Your head moves lower. Your lips slide over the head of my penis, your warm mouth taking me in as you lower yourself down my shaft in time with your hands. Occasionally, as you reach my tip, you flick it with your tongue before plunging me deep into your mouth.

With your mouth now in control of my shaft you move your hand to play with my balls. My back arches in pleasure, which makes my hips rise further. That allows you to take me even deeper. Your hand plays with my balls as your little finger curls under to tickle my bum hole. The sensation is such a shock of pleasure I arch my back again. Once more you take me deeper in your mouth. It’s not long before I am asking you to stop.

“Please don’t make me cum yet,” I ask.

But it’s too late. A few more deep thrusts and a finger pressing against my bum and I am exploding. I try and pull out as always, but you hold my hips tightly and keep me in your mouth. I pump my cum down your throat. You take it all. I see you swallow before you move up my body to kiss me. I can taste my cum on your lips.

“Raw and wild.” Winking at me, you lick a finger which must have caught a drip.

I close my eyes and shudder on the bed for a moment, composing myself. I can feel electricity running down my spine as my body tingles. You have turned me into a blithering idiot in the space of a few moments.

When I open my eyes, you are sitting on the window sill. The window has a 2-foot-wide shelf at its base, presumably housing heating and air-conditioning. You sit sideways with your back to the wall, looking out over London. I have never seen you as radiant as you are now with the lights from the city reflecting up at our room.

As I get up, I turn one of the bedside lights off. The room closes in, and I walk over to you.

My hand traces your legs from the tip of your shoe up and over that sexy bone that appears when you wear heels. Inverting my hand, I run my nails up your legs, tracing the pattern in your tights until I reach your panties. Flipping my hand over again I let the pads of my fingers take a moment to trace the shape of your vagina. Then I cup my hand between your legs and can feel your heat through your panties. I press my fingers hard against you.

My hand runs back down your leg to your knee. Then, moving it under your leg, I raise your right leg up to bend it and rest your heel on the window sill. As I run my nails up the inside of your leg, I let my fingers slide under the edge of your panties. Pulling them up off your lips, I touch your slit with my finger. You are so wet! My finger effortlessly slides up and down your labia.

My other hand takes hold of your left leg. Moving it spreads your legs and lets your left one hang down off the sill.

My finger continues to caress your lips as you close your eyes for a moment. Sliding my finger up, I let it circle your clit and transfer some of your wetness to it. Then I move my finger down your lips again to rim the entrance to your hole. I can feel your pussy pulsating on the tip of my finger.

I reach to the panty trapped by your lowered leg and pull to rip it off. You look shocked by this at first. But as I slide the remaining panty away to expose you, you bite your bottom lip and look at me longingly.

I kneel on a little footstool between your crooked leg and the dangling one. I am so close to you that I can smell you in the air. Your labia glisten in the dim light of the room and the city lights twinkling on the roof. The excitement of knowing that in this light you could be seen, if anyone could see this high up, is exhilarating to you. You’re more moist than I think I have ever seen you.

I lean in close enough to touch you with the tip of my tongue, but I don’t. I blow a little cold air on your clit and up and down your labia.

Then, making the tip of my tongue as hard as I can,  I flick your clit. You let out a moan. I can taste you on my tongue instantly. Your salty, sweet flavor envelops my senses.

Another flick of your clit as I raise your left leg and place it over my shoulder. You curl your leg over my back and pull me into you as I flick your clit for a third time. I feel your lips start to swell at my touch. Soon I am sucking on your clit, taking it into my mouth and biting it before sucking again. Another flick, then another. I roll my hand under your legs to allow my thumb to rest on the entrance to your pussy. I don’t enter it yet, just rim it with my thumb. The pressure and tickles send electric sensations through your pussy, over your tummy, and up your spine. You arch, pushing yourself harder onto my lips. Quickly now I kiss, flick, and lick your clit as my finger starts to push into you from below. One knuckle deep only, it moves in and out as I feel you rise towards me. You let out a moan as, eventually, my finger slides in to a second knuckle. I pull out to run the lubrication over your labia lips and up to your clit. There, it joins my tongue in flicking and circling that bud.

Quickly, I stand up and pull you up to meet me. I turn you over to face out of the window. The city below sparkles as you place your left hand on the glass to steady yourself. I slide myself between your legs and raise your right knee up on to the window ledge. Holding my shaft, I let my cock play up and down your slit. It slides easily along your wet labia before I bring the head down to meet your gaping hole. Again, I rim it gently before sliding the tip into you. I feel your warmth grip me as your muscles contract. You tighten them and fight my efforts to pull myself out of you.

Once again, I push myself in tip deep. As I feel you around me, your right arm comes round and grips mine. By my forearm, you pull me deeper into you. I know what you want, and as I push, I feel my cock engulfed by your warmth until my shaft is hot, wet, and hard.

Rhythmically, I slide in and out of you. My right hand reaches up and pulls your shoulders towards me. That allows me to slide in and out of you quicker and harder without sliding out. My left reaches round under your arm and searches for your breasts which I have thus far neglected. I feel your erect nipples poking through your bra. At this angle, though, it’s impossible to feel your skin against my hand. Taking a moment between thrusts, I reach both hands back and rip your bra at the back. As sexy as it is on, I knew it would be a pain to get off. I will deal with the ripped underwear a different day.

Reaching round under the torn bra I feel your breasts for the first time. Your skin is so soft against my hand. It mirrors the softness of your pussy on my cock. As I slide in and out of you, my finger feels for an areola. I find and circle it as your boobs shake. Occasionally, your nipple touches my fingers. You breathe in sharply when it does.

“Deeper, faster.”

Your moans pierce the night, as you work to slip your bra off. Here we are overlooking London from the 32d floor, and you’re dressed only in a pair of heels and holdups. You reach round and pull me down to kiss your neck. Your breasts jolt forward and back as my cock slides in and out of your lips from behind. The sound of me bumping you with my balls fills the night.

I feel your lips tighten around me. Louder and louder you moan, screaming into the city below. I am close to cumming as I start to feel you shudder around my cock. You push back hard against me, and I fuck you faster and faster. I reach up, pulling your hair to make your head stretch back a little. Your arms are outstretched against the steamy glass as we both start to cum. I feel myself explode in you as your wetness runs down my legs. You lean against the cold window to cool down as I slide out of you and fall to my knees exhausted.

You turn to face me. I look up and see your pussy exposed in front of me. I lean in to kiss and taste you. Your fragrance fills the air as I taste you on my lips again. Then I stand and hold you tightly as the city sleeps below us.

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