🔊 Getting acquainted with The Big Boss (L)

About three weeks ago I decided I wanted to order a new toy. I usually order from shevibe.com. They have a huge selection and all made from high quality safe material. There is information on the site about the importance of the materials used on toys and how they should be phthalates-free for your health. There’s information I had never really thought about when ordering toys. They have great customer service. One time I had to return a defective product a month after I received it. They gave instructions to return even without the box it came in and they returned a new product to me. All I did was pay for shipping.

I decided I wanted to order something a little different. I started my toy collection a few years ago, right around the time I found MH. Imagine that! I have a few g-spot vibes, a couple of realistic dildos, a glass dildo, a clitoral stimulator, and a thruster vibe. I also have three or four bullet vibes. It took a while to find a bullet vibe with the type of sensation I enjoy. Most were really buzzy.

I scrolled through what seemed like hundreds of pages on the website looking for something. If I saw something that caught my eye then I wrote it down and looked up reviews from other sites and YouTube. Some of these toys are expensive so I wanted to make a good choice. After much research and reviews I decided to order the Fun Factory Big Boss G5. ( https://shevibe.com/fun-factory-big-boss-g5-silicone-waterproof-vibrator-black-line.aspx#oid=1583_1) The description said it was large with rumbly deep vibes. I like rumbly vibes, not the buzz vibes.

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I anticipated the arrival. I opened the nice box and pulled out the Boss with the magnetic charger. I think for the hefty price it should have come with a storage bag. But no worries, I had an extra satin bag. I also have a joyboxx (https://shevibe.com/joyboxx-storage-system-includes-playtray-and-combo-lock-purple.aspx#oid=1583_1) for storing some of my favorite toys.

The Big Boss is just that! It’s 9 inches long and 2 inches in girth. About 7 inches insertable. I knew it was going to be bigger than my other vibrators, but I was still a little surprised at the size of this thing! I got the magnetic charger out and plugged it in. Oooo, I couldn’t wait for it to charge! I read the instructions to unlock the controls. I told my husband about it but I decided to take my first test drive alone.

I put my waterproof blanket on the bed. I got my smaller lelo Mona vibe out for a warm up. After putting coconut oil on both of the toys, I started to rub the coconut oil on my pussy. Using all four fingers I stroked and circled my entire vulva all the way to my rosebud. Then I took my middle finger and slowly stroked all around the outer and inner labia. It was starting to feel so good. I circled my clit slowly, then a little faster. Then I plunged my finger in my wet pussy. I would have liked to continue but was pressed for time, so I stopped. I next put the small vibrator in and continued my play. I was just warming up and enjoying the feel of things. However, I knew I didn’t have enough time to continue with that vibe if I wanted to have time to try the new one. In hindsight I should have scheduled more time to break this bad boy in. I should have had my first orgasm before trying the new one out.

I got the Big Boss and turned it on low I love the handle with the circle opening to hold and grip easily. The controls were easy to see, feel and manage. I slowly rubbed my clit. The deep rumbly vibrations were wonderful, much deeper than any of my other toys! I knew I was going to like that. So now I tried to insert it slowly.

I had watched a review on this toy so I knew this thing has some drag to it. It doesn’t slide and glide as easy as some toys so it needs to be well-lubed.

It was a struggle since I didn’t take the time needed to loosen up. I only got it less than halfway in. I had a rather quick clitoral orgasm because of those incredible deep deep vibes. So it wasn’t that satisfying. The Big Boss was very uncomfortable trying to remove it. My pussy was clenching it tightly and, as I said, it doesn’t slide as easy. So it was slightly painful. I should not have tried this when I was in a rush. I should have waited to remove it until my pussy relaxed a bit more. I cleaned the toys and put them away so I could shower and get moving for the day. I knew I would love this toy, but I needed more time to get acquainted with the Boss man.

My second meeting with the Boss was with my husband. He wanted to use it on me. I told him I thought we should make love first then finish off with the Boss. He was really wanting to watch this huge fake cock go inside my pussy. So he went down on me, licking and eating my pussy and using his fingers as well.

He wasn’t hard enough yet so he wanted to start with the toy. He slowly inserted the toy and was kissing me and kissing my nipples. I gradually got the Boss a little more than halfway. That was as far as I could go. He was very turned on by now and just started flicking and kissing my nipples.

Then he turned the vibration up a couple of notches! I began to moan and grabbed his cock and stroked it as I came. It was definitely more intense this time with his participation. Then I slowly pulled the Boss out, being a little more cautious this time. It was still a little uncomfortable. I quickly began to suck his cock and pulled him out of my mouth so I could watch him cum. Mmmm, so hot to watch! We rested and lay in each other’s arms. I was still not satisfied I had gotten everything from this Big Boss. I knew the next time we met I would be ready for all he’s got to give!

In my third meeting with the Big Boss Man I knew we would cum to a good understanding of each other! Who knows, maybe I would show him who’s the Boss!

I had the house to myself for a few hours with no interruptions. I read some MH stories and listened to one Ignite story to get me in the mood. I turned some music on and put the waterproof blanket on the bed (I haven’t purchased the love blanket yet from Liberator but I plan to do that). I got a dildo, a regular g spot vibe and the Big Boss. I then watched a couple of sexy hot videos from my husband. Watching him cum got me really wet and ready. It had been several days since we made love so I was very horny.

I got the coconut oil jar out and put some on both toys and all over my pussy. This time I took my time. I jilled off with my fingers. I love how coconut oil feels when rubbing my fingers all around my clit and plunging my fingers inside my wet pussy. It didn’t take long for my first orgasm to hit. As I came down I inserted the other vibrator and relaxed and enjoyed the feeling.

As I rocked my hips I thrust the vibe in and out of my pussy. It felt so good. Soon, I was cumming again. This time my juices ran down my leg and onto the blanket. I reached for the dildo and started thrusting it in and out of my pussy.

Now I know I’m ready to show this bad boy who’s the Boss! I grab the Big Boss vibe and put more coconut oil on it. Slowly, I began to insert it into my pussy. I started slow. My pussy was contracting tightly around the head of the cock-like vibe. I would rock my hips and my pussy would open up begging for more of this cock. Then I would contract and squeeze again. It was so tight and filling me up.

Oh my God, it felt so good! I kept rocking my hips and continued to push it a little deeper and deeper. I began to moan.

Ooohhhh, it’s feels soooo good! Deeper it went now. My pussy had swallowed the whole thing! Oh OH! Mmmm, ohhh yeah. OH YEAH!

I kept rocking my hips and just held on as my pussy squeezed for dear life! I couldn’t thrust it in and out, it’s much too big. Once it’s in all the way you feel so full. You can feel those deep rumbling vibes everywhere from the G-spot to the clit! There are no words to describe how intense it felt. Seemed like I could feel the vibrations all throughout my body all the way to my toes.

Then it happened. I started to cum–and oh Fuck! Oh shit! Fuuck!! Ohhh, mmmmmm yes yes–ohhhhh FUCK yeah…ohhhh mmmmm!!

The more I moaned and screamed the more I gushed and squirted. Oh oh mmmmm yeah… mmmmm fuuuck!

This orgasm just seemed to go on and on and on! As I started to come down I quickly turned down the vibe. The intensity was uncomfortable now and I was very sensitive. I held it there on low as I enjoyed and savored the moment and as my breathing begin to slow down.

My swollen soaked pussy was still clinging tightly to this bad boy. It still felt so good as my pussy kept contracting and spasming. Even the winding down from this earth-shaking orgasm felt incredible. I didn’t want it to end. I turned the Boss off and laid there in bliss. I felt and heard the sound as my pussy finally released the Boss from its death grip. Then I was able to slowly remove the vibe without pain! Whew!

I’m not sure if I showed him who’s the Boss or not. Mmm, I think I’m gonna need a rematch on that one! 😜

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31 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    This was hot Southernheat! I am definitely going to have to check into getting the Big Boss. This story got me so turned on! I took out my 8 inch non vibrating dildo "Frank" and had a very satisfying self-fuck session (three intense orgasms). Thanks for the info and the hot story. Hope you write about your next meeting with the Big Boss. God Bless and Stay Horny always!

    😘 GG

    • Southernheat says:

      Glad you enjoyed the story to the fullest all 8 inches of that dildo!
      There have been more fun times with the Boss. Yes another story coming about the Boss and a video!

    • Southernheat says:

      I failed to mention the Boss has two motors one in the tip and one in the shaft so the rumbles are throughout. The shaft can hit the clit while tip hits the G-spot

    • hornyGG says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the additional information Southernheat! Plan to order one next week along with the squirting dildo. Figure the squirting one will be fun. Will let ya know how it goes! Stay Horny darlin!

  2. PacMan says:

    Wow! So much to love! The photo is 🔥! The trial runs were 🔥! That third encounter with Big Boss is 🔥😳😍! Wow! This was so wonderfully descriptive and authentic…. now I need to 🍆💦!! 🤣

  3. Beachlover Guy says:

    Thank you for the GREAT review and play-by-play of your sessions with your new toy! Terrific descriptions got me aroused and made me feel as though I was there. Only thing better would be video…lol. Have fun this weekend with your pussy's new friend!

  4. SecondMarge says:

    My husband loves to watch a big cock plunge deep into my pussy.

    It’s great that you orgasm so easily and often.

    You mentioned a thrusting vibrator. I’m tempted. Which one do you own and do you recommend it?

    Keep testing and writing sexy reviews.

  5. New Wife says:

    Thanks so much for the story and the awesome review of the Big Boss G5. I currently use the JimmyJane Form 6 to get that completely full feeling when my husband isn't there but you've now given me another source for that sensation. And besides the size and shape, I love that it has a loop in the handle for a better grip and control. The Form 6 doesn't have that. And it looks as if there is some flexibility in the shaft. Is that correct?

    Thanks Southernheat! 😍

    • Southernheat says:

      The circular opening in the handle makes it so much easier to grip. Yes I like that there is some flexibility makes it more comfortable. I like the G5 even more now that I’ve gotten used to it. Money well spent .

  6. SecondMarge says:

    Interesting that the product reviews have gotten so many more comments than the stories usually have.

    I wondered how many of the wives here regularly use a toy. And if they usually use it alone or as part of sex with their husband. I would appreciate a survey. Including how often during sex with your spouse a toy is involved.

    I am concerned having it become a stunt cock because of my husbands ED issues. I can’t deny toys can give me pleasure but not the intimacy feeling my husband inside me filling me with his seed.

  7. A Better Pastime says:

    The narrator of this story is a cock whisperer! Her voice and acting of this story had me stroking in my jeans! At one point I almost thought that she was stroking her own pussy her audio sounded so real.

  8. A Better Pastime says:

    A phone sex Ignite story sounds like it would be ultra hot. Was thinking about how that would play out where both the male and female narrators where re-enacting a phone sex exchange, together, at the same time. Also, and only because this Ignite story has re-enactment of a female masturbating, are there plans to post audio of "live" (real) masturbating?

  9. SecondMarge says:

    Does color matter to any of you? Wife using or husband watching? They make many models in different colors. Physically they can’t feel different but many people find same race or other race coloring to help getting turned on.

  10. hornyGG says:

    Secondmarge, never really thought about the color of them much. You are correct there are many different colors and shapes. I could see where it might be a turn on. Ben purchased some " Glo in the dark " condoms once. Quite interesting and hilarious. Nothing like getting screwed by a lime green dick! 😂 Kind of neat watching it slip in and out of my pussy however. Not sure if they even sell the things anymore.
    Anyway, Stay Horny!

    😘 GG

  11. sensualcouple says:

    We love this story. Sometimes my wife alternates between riding my cock and her dildo that’s very similar to this. We have one that suctions to the shower wall, and she’ll ride that while I kiss her or she sucks my cock. Sometimes I lick her clit while she’s riding it. We’ve been looking into liberator wedges with the mount for dildo’s. Any one have any experience with those?

  12. Horny_boy says:

    So fucking hot!! I don't know why but for some reason I get hard by stories by women ! I guess it's because I'm a man and that's how it should be… And I had to masturbate thinking about how much pleasure you had with the big boss!🙌🍆💦💦💦💦 I'm not into sex toys but I would like to try the fleshlight; they say that it is like a real pussy but I'm still skeptical…

  13. 1blessedman says:

    Awesome review above! This story is a year old but it is good to travel back through the archives. One note for the guys who find this story: i have the Super Head Honcho sleeve. It is a jelly like sleeve. It is awesome! Not like a hot wet pussy, but it has its own attributes! I am a bit above the published penis size for males but this sleeve works well for me. I have not experienced tearing or splitting as some users have reported. But, I don’t j/o with it like trying to kill a water buffalo with a noodle, either…lol. Another great toy we have is “Create-a-mate”. With this toy, I actually get to watch her fuck herself with my cock. Or bang her with it like a strap-on. That was a hot tryst!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      What a cool idea! My hubby has a harness with two holes in it, one above and one below. With it, he can simulate being double-hung. If we had a Create-a-Mate, I bet that be an even more amazing experience!

  14. Alicia G. M. says:

    Wow Southernheat! This was so hot! I am definitely going to have to check out shevibe and get me the " Big Boss".
    Been playing with my pussy and I am so wet. Time to take out my vibrator!
    Thanks for sharing and the great toy review.

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