Full Submission (L) ~ Ignite Story

This is the fourth fantasy story surrounding the issue of control, exploring sexual interests even after 25 years of marriage, and my thoughts moving forward as we prepare to be empty nesters.  It picks up where “After Control” left off.

As Donnie and Mel walked hand-in-hand and talked about ordinary things, she realized that she had often compartmentalized sex. Once the act was over, she didn’t let it out of the box into the rest of their lives.

Sitting down she reached across the table, holding Donnie’s hands across its top, and went into something that she had been thinking about some the past months as they experimented with control, but had just formulated totally in her mind.

“I’ve got to admit something to you right now,” she said ominously, getting a cautious stare from him as she gripped his hands hard.  “Hear me out because I’m not sure exactly what I’m trying to say here. ”

“I’ve always wanted you and have always had the desire for you, and over the past few months you’ve helped me open myself up to pleasure within our marriage that I had thought was either ‘wrong,’ ‘gross,’ or ‘childish’.  I have discovered things about myself that are both separate from you and involve you and would not have happened without you.”  She stopped to think a little, trying to gauge his reaction, but his stare was asking for more information.  “Okay… with that in mind, I want to continue this journey with you, starting tonight. While I have ideas to express, if you’re willing to listen to mine then I want to listen to yours, too.”

There, she said it! And every fiber of her both rejoiced and was screaming, ‘Now you’ve done it! He’ll throw all the kinky shit in your direction, be ready!’

Donnie paused and smiled.  He reviewed in his mind what she just said, trying to get past the journey and focus on the listening to ideas and giving ideas.  Squeezing her hand, he nervously gave her a response.

“The journey we’ve started together…” he mentally patted himself on the back for recognizing her efforts in his response,”…needs those open lines of communication and both of us need to be sensitive to each other’s emotional needs first, physical needs second.  But most importantly we each need to talk truthfully and trust that the other will listen and not judge or get frustrated.”

Mel’s look told him he wasn’t done. She had a soft smile but had her head tilted and didn’t jump in with a comment to his response.  Just then the server stepped in with their drinks, and they ordered.  Light pasta, salad, and complimentary bread were to be the fare that evening.

A New Beginning:

“I’ll start,” he said after they finished ordering, noticing a relaxed Mel as they sipped on wine and had a little bread.  “I guess all I want is our for conversations around sex to be both transparent and include discussions on different ways our bodies react to different approaches to sex.  I want to look past the stigmas of some acts and talk about things to see if there’s enough of a comfort level there for both of us to proceed.”

Donnie believed that was both truthful and heartfelt. He looked at her as he sipped his wine and waited for a response.

“He’s comfortable with a lot of things,” Mel thought, flashing back to the emails and journal she’d discovered, but he’d spoken honestly and considered her feelings and her role as he spoke.  She set her glass down and paused a second.

“I have become more comfortable with some things recently.” Mel didn’t want to divulge her new self-love obsession yet. “And that came from you pushing me out of my comfort zone,” she said, affirming his role in the start of this transformation.  “I will trust you, as long as you listen to me before and after anything we try.”

How do we get to a place where sexual discussion is comfortable? This is our biggest hurdle and always has been.   My role is one of reluctance and not being persistent in my attempts when they happen, often bailing before they even start.  

Mel let Donnie lead the discussion around the last few months and the subject of control, adding her thoughts now and then. Dinner was excellent and after they paid the check, they sat talking while finishing the bottle of dry red wine.  She listened, as the conversation circled back to the survey and to each night of activities after, both giving their impressions and agreeing all were wonderful and exciting.

For a living, Mel directed the conversations for very high-level management executives and often has led Donnie with some of the methods she uses to guide multi-million dollar decisions.  She thought to herself that this conversation had equivalent importance and value to their marriage.

They finished their wine and began their walk back to the Imperial.  She held his hand and leaned into him. We look like a couple in a movie who are just finding love, she thought.  It felt good to give him attention, listen, and divulge her raw feelings.  They stopped in the park and kissed while sitting on a bench.  There were no sexual advances from Donnie, just simple expression of his love for her, and she basked in the sweet connection with the wetness of his mouth and the gentle touch of his hand on her cheek.

Donnie enjoyed the new openness about sex just as they had opened up about most other things in their lives.  When they got back to the room, he sat down at the side table in the suite while Mel stopped in the bathroom. Then she grabbed the bottle of wine Donnie brought and poured them two hotel-room glasses full.

The Choice:

Mel was the first to restart the conversation. “We’ve talked a lot tonight about sexual things we’ve recently done and traditionally done in 25 years of marriage,” she began.  “It’s been wonderfully transparent and I feel we’ve both opened up.  You’ve told me you enjoyed controlling me and enjoyed me controlling you.  If you had to choose one role for the rest of your life, what would that be? Submissive or dominant?  Oh, and very explicitly tell me why you’d choose that role.”

Wow. Donnie sat up straight and took a long sip of wine, thinking carefully while letting it sit in his mouth before he swallowed.  He smiled and almost started to answer.

“Think about your answer, Donnie,” she said, cutting him off just when he looked ready to respond.  “Don’t just give me your thoughts. Give me an answer and support it with why you chose that answer.”

“For the rest of my life, I would choose to be your submissive,” he said drawing a look, but not one of total surprise, from Mel.  “I would choose submission because the anticipation of the unknown is very exciting to me; I would be more open to pain-play; with my high pain threshold, you could go as far as you’d like with me. And I would be more than willing to fulfill any role you commanded me to fill.”

He stopped there.

I’ve thought long and hard about my preference and whether I could do total submission during sex. For 30 days, I could definitely enjoy Mel taking charge and I could withstand most, if not all, of her punishments and commands.  I’ve obviously accelerated a process that will probably take years with no guarantee it gets this far. But that’s what fantasy is about, right?

Giving and taking: 

Mel had called this in her head as she asked him the question.  She stood stoic in the face of Donnie’s revelation.  Then, standing up, she looked at him and commanded in a soft voice – “Take off your clothes and sit cross-legged on the bed.”

Donnie got up, thinking, “And it starts, and I’m okay with it.” Stumbling a bit over the chair, he tried to hold her gaze to get a feel for her non-verbals.  She didn’t give him any. He started taking off his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, and stepping out of everything below.  Then he sat on the edge of the bed.

Mel moved toward him. ‘He’s all about this,’ she thought and recalled some research she’d done on her own after he first gave up control.  She saw he didn’t follow her direction completely, and that deserved punishment.

“You’ve disappointed me,” she said.  “Follow the direction this time. Then lean forward and close your eyes.”

‘Follow the direction?’ he thought before recalling he was supposed to sit cross-legged.  He hopped up on the bed and into the prescribed position, leaned forward, and closed his eyes. Mel knelt on the bed and her body pressed closer to him without touching.  She moved toward his head.

“You’re going have to listen to me get off,” her hot breath whispered in Donnie’s ear, sultry and wet.  “Do not look up.”

Mel slid back against the headboard, still in her dress. Slipping it up and off her body then sitting there with her bra on made her feel like his Mistress; she could see a leather corset purchase in her near future.  As she leaned back, she began to pleasure herself, again rolling her fingers in and out over and on her clit and pussy.  She watched him as he struggled with a lack of flexibility sitting cross-legged.

“Don’t uncross and do not look at me,” she said in a normal voice but firmly.

He stopped fidgeting and she felt the heat build as her hands explored, with more purpose now that she’d had a little practice.

“Ooooohhh,” she cooed and kept working.  “Mmmm,” she purred and “AHHhhhHHH!” She mixed volumes.  Her eyes were closed but she opened one for a second to find him peeking around his shoulder.  She hopped up to her knees.

Punishing Donnie:

“Get on all fours!” she said, louder but not screaming or out of control.  He obeyed quickly and saw her half-naked form now moving in like a commander in a war room, staring at him.  Something she’d read about that might hurt him a little but not a lot popped into her head.

“Squeeze your cock between your thighs,” she directed, and he quickly started to fumble with his erect penis.  It stretched down with a little discomfort but he soon had it where she wanted.  “Now lean forward so you’re laying face down.”

‘Holy Shit!’ Donnie thought as he began to lean forward.  At about 130 degrees he really started to feel it, but it wasn’t necessarily pain.  It stretched as he went inch by inch forward until his weight was evenly distributed and his cock was stretched straight back parallel to his legs.  It was a combination of discomfort and excitement.

Mel thought about the toys she had packed just in case, so she dug around in the suitcase for her rabbit while he maneuvered his cock according to her instructions.  When she found it, she rolled a chair to the edge of the bed.

“Wanna know what gets me off every time?” Mel asked, getting his attention. His chin dug into the comforter, one hand back helping keep his cock in place.  “It’s not you.  It’s this!”

She showed him the device.  “Be careful what you wish for. Now I know I can love myself to orgasm both with and without my ‘little friend’ here.”  She started on herself, showing him. His eyes and head turned to see her legs spread wide and her wet pussy lips swell as she played.  Mel shut her eyes and leaned her head back as the toy brought her to a quick orgasm.

Donnie was uncomfortable as he watched his wife do something he never thought possible.  He massaged himself as his cock lay pinned between his legs, rubbing the top of his shaft with his butt raised a little.

Let’s Get Physical:

Mel hopped up. “Get on all fours again,” she commanded, putting her toy on the dresser and moving behind him.  She smiled as she swung around him because she knew this would test his self-proclaimed high pain tolerance.  “Move your knees about three feet apart.”

She grinned and admired the results of her plan: his cock dangling at a downward angle but quite erect. Mel imagined it would explode in orgasm if she just touched it with her hand.  She was going to touch it, or at least the bottom side of his balls, but not in a way he saw coming.

Donnie’s cock pulsed and he thought he might cum dangling there, pre-cum evaporating off the tip and his balls hanging down.  He felt her move to his side, catching her out of the corner of his eye enough to notice she was still wearing her pink lace bra.  Then her hand swung back; he expected a spanking. Instead..’


“SHIT!” he yelled as the palm of her hand and bottom of the fingers landed on the back side of his balls. The sound wasn’t loud but hard flesh on soft sent a shockwave through Donnie.  He almost collapsed forward but righted himself.

She felt a sense of power that she often got in the boardroom when she knew she controlled powerful men with her mind, the way she held herself, and her appearance.  “Now sit on the edge of the bed.”

Donnie did as he was told, his balls aching from the contact of her hand, but his cock never more erect.

“Masturbate for me,” she commanded and Donnie held his cock and stroked it up and down.  “You’re not good enough to get me again tonight faster.”

He saw the command that his wife had, felt the power in her that they used to share and the intense look in her eyes.  His touch almost immediately started his climax and just a minute in, he shot what he had left into the air,  a few drops onto his hand and the rest on the floor.

She wanted to keep him guessing so Mel spun away and headed for the shower.  She played with herself as the water cascaded over her body, she felt relaxed and she felt on top of the world.  She dried herself off, wrapped the towel around her head and headed back naked.  She smiled at Donnie who was still sitting in the edge of the bed, waiting for the next command.

“As you were,” she said as a control-breaking phrase.  “Can we use that to say when I give up dominance?”

“Um, yes?” He said unsure of himself now. He admired her naked body as they curled up together to sleep.

Contract Negotiations:

Donnie woke and showered as Mel stayed asleep, a little extra tired he thought from what he concluded was a record amount of sex in one day and a number of “firsts” that he was both amazed and excited about, but held a little resentment from what she put him through.  He never imagined feeling both amazingly turned on but then when he had to finish the night getting off himself, it sort of spoiled it, and didn’t all at the same time.

He walked down to the nearest Starbucks to get them coffee.

Mel heard the door shut and woke up, slipped on her running clothes and headed for the workout room.

“Running,” the note said when Donnie returned. So he got on his phone and started looking at Mistress-Slave protocol and contract information.  He had a good website to refer to when she returned.  He hopped up and kissed her as she entered the room, not surprising her in the act but the quickness of his approach.

“Been researching Mistress-Slave protocol, eh?” Mel quipped, having looked some of that over while running.  They discovered they’d hit on the same site, the first in the search results.  “Ah, you got me coffee, Good slave,” she said with a grin.

Mel in running spandex and a running top always looked good.  This negotiation was not going to go his way. Donnie’s desire to please her was high, in hopes that he could get what he didn’t get at the end of last night.  He was more than surprised by his drive this morning, considering he came twice yesterday.

“Do you see us doing a full Slave-Mistress situation, Mel?” he asked, part of him wanting it to be so, part of him not so much.

“I see a modified approach being best,” she said.  “If I say ‘as you were’ I think that’s a totally different situation.”

Donnie asked her to set the ground rules, surprisingly. Mel thought maybe he didn’t trust himself not to go too far.  She thought about phrasing and situations that they were reviewing on the website BDSMCONTRACTS.

“Slave rules come into effect the minute I say ‘you’re mine’ and are turned off when I say ‘As you were'” She said.  “So we need to outline rules for both situations.”

Donnie repeated this back to her, again admiring Mel’s body and noticing the same confidence she’d had last night.  She sipped hard on her coffee and stood up as if she were leading a board room discussion.

“As you were should be simple, because we go back to our relationship as it was,” she said, Donnie nodding in affirmation.  “Except you can not question anything I ask you to do or initiate sex.  Write that down,” she said smiling.


Donnie hand-gestured on his phone and opened a doc on it, and summarized the thought completely.  “What if I don’t obey?”

Mel was surprised at how good it felt to physically punish Donnie, but she also read while running that withholding sex was the #1 tool a mistress had.  “I will withhold sex, but no physical punishments for ‘as you were’ time issues.”

The burden of sexual initiation, she thought, might be the biggest hurdle she had to deal with. So withholding sex could be the easiest of punishments and a natural control action.  She had thought about the level of slave role-playing and liked a lot of it, just not all.

“When ‘you’re mine,’ any disobedience will be met with a physical punishment,” she said pulling her hand back and moving slowly forward.  “Starting with what you experienced last night and spanking.  You will trust me to expand my punishment methods and, if at any time any of them become too painful, raise your left hand.”

Donnie put that on the document and looked up when finished.  She further clarified when she could declare ‘you’re mine,’ listing the following:  They must be alone; Donnie could declare ‘work’ immediately or later in the session but if later, would be physically punished for absentmindedness and must stay in role for another 15 minutes, even if it made him late; If someone unexpectedly showed up, he must hide and be quiet.

Mel watched him pecking at his phone, documenting the parameters of the situations she would now control.  The next steps were what she was eager to dive into, having reviewed this and thought long and hard about what to push for when he was “hers”.

“Donnie, do you agree to kneel and bow when asking to do anything?” He nodded yes to her question and entered it via his phone.

“Do you agree to submit to all sexual acts I command you to do AND not come on to me or engage me unless directed to do so?”  Again a nod.

“If I say ‘clothes,’ will you strip naked until I say ‘dressed’?” A nod and a smile.

“Will you purchase some sort of jewelry to wear visibly around your neck to signify my ownership of you?” A nod and a thoughtful look from Donnie.

“Will you signal with your left hand if things become too painful AND/OR ask me for an ‘audience’ to discuss terms if you have questions? Once I hear you out, will you live with my decision on whether to press on stop even if you do not agree?” A nod followed, and he asked her to pause so he could catch up.

“Will you address me as ‘Mistress’ and wait for me to eat before eating?” He nodded.

“Put down that it will be binding for 30 days and we will revisit the terms then,” she finished, and he nodded yes as he continued to type into his phone.

“Under the terms of this contract, if it doesn’t say you can do it, you can not do it.” She finished and looked at him. “Print your name and that will represent your signature.”  She did the same.

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    I enjoyed this post. Since we are now empty nesters, we have made a lot of changes. Becoming nudist for one and exploring the kinky side of sex. I love for Ben to take control and sometimes get a little rough and manhandle me. We have gotten into BDSM and really have fun with it. I don't do it very often, but Ben enjoys when I kinda take control as well. I just enjoy being the submissive one.
    Surprised no one has commented! Really good story. Keep writing!
    God bless and stay horny!
    😘 GG

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thanks for the reply. I sorta checked out after this one went 0-for on comments. Glad to see you read and posted one. This is obviously the extreme side of where I want this to go but the conversation "seeds" have been planted and hopefully a non-fantasy post or two will show up this fall :D.

  2. tdx30 says:

    My mistress-wife and I share the same lifestyle as do Mel and Donnie. We practice a tease and denial routine that keeps me extremely horny and willing to submit to her sexually. I am totally happy with our arrangement and will share soon how all this looks and works in our home. But just for starters, my mistress demands that I be naked at all times in the house and aroused for her pleasure (this is possible since we are empty nesters). As for orgasms, the ratio is close to 30 to 1, 30 of hers to 1 of mine and I absolutely do not feel cheated in the least. Keep it up Mel. Your sexual confidence is a huge turn-on for your slave husband.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Unfortunately for me this is a fantasy piece based on conversations we have just started to have. I hope to move in this direction this Fall and your arrangement brought immediate excitement on my end. I'll have to include your set up as an example moving forward :D.

  3. tdx30 says:

    Hi fiftyfitfidelity. I just posted how this lifestyle looks in our home at https://marriageheat.com/2019/08/09/one-spoiled-mistress-ignite/. If you or others want to know more about our mistress/slave lifestyle and adventures, feel free to comment on that post. As you and your wife explore this as a possible lifestyle, please share with your wife the many benefits this brings to her. Feel free to ask me or Mistress S any questions you may have. Have a great day.

  4. Tony Conrad says:

    I don't mind this stuff in the bedroom but don't think it should rule the marriage with things like eat when I tell you to. It can be good fun in the bedroom, but shouldn't affect the relationship in the marriage. It can be almost like a femdom marriage which is not right in my view. It being part of sex is fine, if the couples want that.

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