Fresh from the Store

It all started two days before. She said she was going to their local fresh vegetable store to get a special treat for Maxx. He didn’t really take notice, but he saw a change in her attitude when she returned. There was an attitude of sexiness combined with a strange naughtiness. Also a large dose of flirtatiousness. Maxx knew that Lucy was up to something, and it seemed that it was all coming together now!

She had it all planned and he was just a willing participant of the game that she was playing. Lucy was in control. Maxx was the obedient one. He was told to undress and make himself comfortable in the chair that she had put at the foot of the bed. On her instruction, he had covered his penis with warm coconut oil from the bottle that she had placed on the small table next to his chair. The chair had soft covers over the armrests. Per her instruction, he had his legs spread wide and hanging over the soft armrests.

Lucy was always one for lots of foreplay, but tonight there was an abnormal urgency about her. He was surprised at the way she was taking the lead and rushing through all the preliminaries.

She came and sat down in front of him. She poured some of the coconut oil on her boobs and pussy and then started playing with her nipples. As Maxx watched, he saw her nipples becoming hard instantly. They looked like the little rubber erasers on a school pencil. The next moment, she took out her trusted Lelo Swan Vibrator. With no warning at all, she plunged it into herself and started having an orgasm within seconds. Something had her over excited and he could not wait to see what she was planning. Whatever it was, it was having a marvelous effect on her!

His mind was racing. He was trying to imagine what she had in store for him. His hand was wrapped around his hard cock and the sensations going through him were magnificent.

Lucy spread her legs very wide and said, “What else would you like to see in your wife’s little pussy? What would blow my husband’s mind? What have you been dreaming about? Are you ready for my special treat? Close your eyes, but don’t stop playing with your cock! And don’t peep before I say you may……and don’t you dare cum before you see my surprise.”

He heard her moving to her side of the bed and opening the bedside table drawer. He heard her moving stuff around inside the drawer. Then she took out something that she had planned a long time ago. He heard her soft footsteps on the carpet as she returned to the foot-end of the bed, and then heard her sitting down. Maxx still had his eyes closed, but it felt as if he was trying to see through his eyelids. His hand continued to lovingly stroke his cock. His excitement about the unknown surprise was making him so hot. He was scared that he would cum before opening his eyes.

There was the sound of her gasping for breath. She was talking to herself, but it was clearly done in a way to excite him.

“Come now! Stretch nicely for Mommy. Yes! Open wide and take it all!”

He suddenly heard her pussy making very wet sounds. Then she she said in a stuttering voice, “Open your eyes. Look Maxx, look! Oh fuck, this is so bad, but it feels so fucking good.”

He opened his eyes to see a massive cucumber stuck very deep into Lucy’s sweet spot. Her legs were pulled up. Her knees spread as far as they could go. Her eyes were staring at his cock. Her mouth was open wide. She was using both her hands to fuck her pussy with total abandon. Her entire body was shaking. She was cumming again and cumming hard.

She did all that she could to keep her eyes open because she wanted to see the cum shooting out of his cock. The skin on her face was pulled tight and saliva was running down her chin. This was not a small cucumber. It must have been twice as thick as his cock. It was so long that only about a third could fit inside her.

Her body was shaking and her mouth was hanging open. The sounds coming out were as raw as could be. Her own juices were flowing from her pussy, over her hand, down her crack and onto the sheets. The cucumber was white with a foamy mixture of coconut oil mixed with her orgasmic juices.

There was no way that he could hold back. It was the most sensual thing that he had ever seen. He was beyond the point of no return. He stopped moving his hand. The visual experience before him was enough. He just held his cock with the foreskin pulled all the way back, the head exposed.

Then she saw it happening! This was what she was waiting for. This was why she bought the cucumber. This was what she wanted now. He was starting to cum and she was the reason for it.

Streams of cum were shooting out of his cock. His entire body was shaking violently. She had never seen so much cum coming from that cock that she loved and enjoyed so much. It was flying so far that some landed on her hands that were ramming the cucumber into her pussy. Some landed on his legs and hands, and the carpet was going to need some serious cleaning. It was as if they were both attached to electric wires. Their orgasms continued for the longest time ever.

And then there was only heavy breathing from both of them. Lucy was shaking, and then for some reason she started crying. It was all just too emotional for her. Slowly the green monster slipped out and fell where Maxx’s juices were soaking into the carpet. Maxx got up, walked over to his wife and folded her into his arms. She fell asleep like that while he was softly kissing her face. The carpet could wait until morning.

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23 replies
    • possibility says:

      What a lovely graphic story and the picture accompaning it was very appropriate.
      She looks so wanton and abandon as she is licking the cucumber – the same as how Lucy was looking and feeling, I expect!
      Needless to say, my release left me with a tremendous sense of well being.

  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Wow , this has always been one of my hottest fantasies .. I would love for my wife to be so bold to take charge and thrill me, by watching her playing with herself with a large cucumber or banana.. Mmm so 🔥 .

    • ClimaXX says:

      Lucy has treated me to both. Bananas are also very cool, but a cucumber is very special. And there are so-called Big Boys for the daring. Quite a stretch to watch. 😜

  2. JuicyForMyMan says:

    We had neighbors who shared produce from their garden one time. There was an absolutely HUGE cucumber or zucchini (i think it was a cucumber, but one that large probably wouldn’t have been any good to eat, so I’m not sure). I used it to masturbate with and it was the most incredible stretching I’ve ever had! I might need to reenact it with my man present this time.

    • ClimaXX says:

      JuicyForMyMan…. I think you will blow his mind. It is really a very sexy thing to behold. I did not know if MH would publish my story, but I am so glad they did. It seems as if there are more ladies out there who are prepared to do it for their husbands and some who have had some practice.

  3. The Rose says:

    Climaxx, You have done it again! Wow! Super sensuality and mind-blowing visuals. I must say that I have had the pleasure of seeing Mrs Rose doing the Veggy "Rock-and-Roll" for me. What was interesting is that she started off with a small, thin cucumber and had two more hidden underneath her pillow. After her first orgasm she pulled out #2 and my eye stretched at what I was treated to, and with it she had another mind-blowing orgasm…. Then she pulled out #3 – and this was a whopper! This time it was not just my eyes that stretched, she was putting one large, thick, cucumber with little nobs in her pussy and THAT was a super stretch. Enough said. I blew my load without either of us touching my cock!

  4. The Rose says:

    Who would like to guess where my wife has just been? She read this story (or should I rather be very honest and say "I read this story to her"); and she decided that we needed some fresh veggies in our house. So she has just returned with two awesome weapons. I have the feeling that we are not going to make cucumber sandwiches for dinner. Any suggestion for the menu?

  5. natural_gardener says:

    This is one of my kinks – I love a woman who pleasures herself creatively and shares it with her man! I also have heard sometimes of women when they first started masturbating having to find creative ways to do it, and using that to spice up their marriage is incredibly sexy. Always love hearing what the ladies use and do to heighten pleasure and put on a show!

    It could be a fun game to see how many household items or objects in a given room you could use for pleasure.

  6. Salcpl says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the visual of cucumbers entering a wet pussy. I’ve also been pretty creative with other items; police flash lights, candles, brush handles, zucchini, bananas and Conecuh sausage. I’m always looking for something new to try.

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