One Spoiled Mistress – Ignite Story

This is a true description of my devoted relationship to my mistress wife. I want to encourage other couples, especially wives, to give a second thought to this unique marital arrangement. It is what I call a win-win for both husband and wife. It can be of real benefit to a wife who may be over-stressed at work. Someone who really needs a slave husband to pick up most or all of the slack around the house.

I consider myself to be an “alpha submissive male.” Some might say there is no such kind of person. I disagree. As far as being “alpha,” I can point to the tests I have had to endure over the past few decades to indicate my masculinity. Those tests included arresting criminals as a reserve deputy.

I have also undergone many other hard manhood tests. If I were to describe them, they would reveal too much about me. Let’s just say I carry a .45 1911 with me at all times. This is to protect my beautiful mistress wife and, if need be, our grandchildren. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it if any of their lives were in danger.

That’s the alpha part of me. The submissive part of me has always been there too. That fact did not escape the notice of my bride-to-be from our earliest days of dating and engagement. By the time we got married, she had made it very clear that she owned my cock. I know she loves me, so I didn’t and wouldn’t argue with her right of ownership over my body, especially over my cock and balls. It all belonged to her. Not only did she make that clear, I heartily encouraged it.

So, after many wonderful years of marriage, we are now living in an empty nest. That meant my beloved was free to explore more actively her desire to be my mistress wife. We live on a twenty-acre semi-private hobby ranch. This allows us the freedom to practice our mistress/slave relationship openly on our property. We can make it nearly a 24/7 lifestyle.

Some have argued that this lifestyle is unbiblical. I don’t think it is. I still consider myself the head of the house. I lead us as the spiritual leader of the home, and I provide the spiritual covering over my beloved. But, as any good servant leader knows, it is best to delegate in a marriage those areas where the other excels.

My mistress wife excels in the management of our ranch. In reality, there would be no way for us to keep it up with all the work it entails if I wasn’t her devoted slave. What I mean by that is–well, imagine the opposite.

Imagine that I wasn’t her slave. What if I wanted to play golf with my buddies? Or fly model airplanes? Or spend countless hours watching my favorite sports team on T.V.? Our ranch takes many hours of free time per week to maintain. We would never be able to get all the chores done.

As for men who selfishly pursue their own passions at the expense of their wives who end up doing the lion’s share of household chores and parenting . . . well, shame on them. In so many ways, they are treating their wife as if she is their involuntary slave. Whew! There I said it. I think maybe their wives need to take them out to the barn for a good thrashing and a lesson well taught. But, that’s not us.

Therefore, I delegated to her the right to “call the shots.” Everything that happens on the ranch and in the bedroom is at her command. That ended up including me as her voluntary slave husband. For those who might be squeamish about this relationship status, maybe this helps. We really are husband and wife to everyone who knows us. They think we have the perfect vanilla marriage. Perfect marriage, yes; vanilla, no. So, in public, I wear the hat of Mr. Professional, and she is my adoring wife. But once I drive up the driveway, the hat changes (as does the clothing).

So this is how it looked for me yesterday. I arrived home and, according to my wife’s daily instruction, went to her bedroom and stripped naked. I then put on the leather harness I made from 5mm braided Tandy leather strips. That is attached to my chrome triple ring cock and ball device. Once the harness is on and tightened, it is nearly impossible to lose my erection.

This is how my mistress wife demands to see me inside the house. Naked and very erect. So erect that the veins in my cock stick out and my aching penis begins its nightly bobbing. Am I embarrassed to be seen naked and constantly erect in front of my wife? Yes, I am somewhat embarrassed. My mistress wife remains totally clothed. She does wear yoga pants and a braless tight t-shirt. I guess that might be considered only partially clothed. But it pleases her to see me naked, and so those are the rules of the house.

After getting stripped and in my slave harness, I searched the house to find my mistress wife. I greeted her properly by kissing her toes first and then her sumptuous lips.

After she received her proper greeting, she handed me a list of chores to do that evening before supper. The tasks included spraying the poison oak and other noxious weeds in the south hayfield, which has to be done by hand. The field is visible from the road, so I can’t do that naked. I donned baggy sweatpants and a sleeveless t-shirt.

My mistress wife came out to inspect my progress and reached down inside my pants to grab my cock. She needed to make sure “her” cock was staying as rigid and erect as it could. She found it hard and poking out tent-like in my loose-fitting pants.

After all the chores were done, I served my mistress wife her dinner and washed the dishes when she finished — naked and harnessed, of course. Frequently, she would grab my erect penis and play with it, rubbing her thumb against the extremely sensitive underside. When I started moaning, she knew that an orgasm was building.

She did this all while chatting casually with her girlfriend on the phone. She used the speaker so she could be “hands-free.” She continued her conversation while I served her meal and cleaned up the kitchen. This kind of thing happens often. But I don’t mind at all. I am her willing slave!

I finished cleaning the kitchen. Then I checked my list. She had scheduled a one-hour full body massage for herself on our portable massage table. If my aching and straining cock were complaining before, it was screaming at me now! It stood at attention in a full 90-degree salute during her whole massage.

Using my hands and palms to massage her every naked and sore muscle is a massive turn-on for me. I have learned self-control through many years of slave practice. Good thing. Otherwise, I would have spurted a huge load of cum all over her legs. I was that close to cumming. Fortunately for me, I kept the semen where it all belonged, stored up inside my blue balls. With absolute adoration, I finished her massage by kissing and licking her freshly-painted toenails.

After her massage, she dismissed me to finish a few more household chores. My appointed time to service her orally with my tongue was at 8 pm. We moved up her daily time of oral attention so that fatigue doesn’t enter to spoil the sexual fun or climax.

8 p.m. arrived. I reported to her bedroom and found her totally naked on her bed. She had already started her fun by placing earbuds in her ears, which were connected to her Kindle. She uses them to listen to her favorite stories on Typically, she likes my hands cuffed when I service her. It’s an enormous turn-on for her and me. It also prevents me from touching myself, an act that indicates I am giving more attention to my needs than hers.

So I cuffed my wrists with leather restraints and handed her the small padlock we use to secure them. She snapped the lock connecting my wrists together behind my back. She then pointed to her vagina and clit to indicate it was time for me to get busy.

I positioned myself between her legs and got to work. My tongue is skilled at exploring every crevice of her beautiful vagina. I have also learned where to lick and flick her clitoris to bring out moans from deep within her.

Quickly my face was covered in her juices, and I was transfixed. She played with her breasts and listened to the erotic stories she selected. I thought to myself, “I am exactly where I belong.” I felt so incredibly turned on. I hadn’t had an orgasm in two weeks and was beyond horny. I was nearly mad with godly lust for my gorgeous wife.

My prick was pushed against the mattress and complaining constantly. It could not have been harder or more rigid. If some veins were showing earlier, now every vein in my shaft was pushing out against the skin. Between stories, my mistress wife motioned for me to quit momentarily. She reached down and put on me the penis vibrator she uses to tease my cock. It’s a Colt penis ring vibrator that has four speed settings. Speed setting #1 is the best tease since it is not enough to take me over the edge. But if she were to go from 2 to 3 to 4, I would be begging her to stop. Ten seconds on #4 is all it takes to cause me to explode.

When I warned her I was close, she stopped. A few minutes later, though, the teasing began again. This went on for at least 35–40 minutes. She was in seventh heaven, playing with her slave this way. It also got her ready for her own mind-blowing orgasms.

Eventually, she commanded me to roll over by her feet. Then she reached for her Hitachi Magic Wand (the Queen of all vibrators). She turned it on its slowest setting and within seconds was screaming. The orgasm caused her to arch her back and twist her head up and side to side. She kept the Hitachi on her clit for as long as she could. Finally, her clit shouted in its non-verbal way, “STOP.”

Then my mistress, after enjoying a minute of afterglow, reached for her smaller and less powerful wand vibrator. This brought her to two more wonderful orgasms. As I kissed her feet and watched her pleasure herself, something mystical happened to me. Since we are one flesh, I started having a near-orgasm myself. I can’t explain it, but physically, I was entering into her pleasure. I was overcome with joy in her orgasm, experiencing intense satisfaction in watching her pleasure herself that way. I was flushed with my own tumescent radiance.

When ten minutes had passed, she took her keys and unlocked my wrists from behind my back. She then took off the vibrator from the head of my cock and put both away in her drawer. They would be used again tomorrow night at this same time.

She kissed my lips and ordered me to cover her naked body with the bed covers and then go to my room. We don’t sleep together much as mistress and slave. She needs a good night’s sleep. And she sleeps better when I am not next to her, squirming and humping with all that pent-up sexual energy. So, she ordered me to sleep in the slave bedroom down the hall. I kissed her lips goodnight and then her feet, and by the time I shut the door, she was nearly asleep.

I went to my bed. My harness was still securely attached very tightly by leather straps around my cock. I couldn’t fall asleep quickly at all. I basked in the pleasure I just gave my wife with my tongue. I knew that it will be repeated again and again several more times before I am allowed an orgasm of my own. That kept my cock at full rigid attention while I did my best to fall asleep.

When I woke in the morning, my sleep had been fitful at best. My cock was still just as engorged as it was the night before. It was so ready to start another day of slavery to my gorgeous, demanding, mistress wife. I am so blessed!

This is Mistress “S,” dominatrix to my slave husband. What he just shared happened Monday. Today is Friday, and he just got done washing my SUV in our backyard. He was naked and harnessed with a massive erection, just like he described above. Then he had to vacuum and detail the vehicle to my satisfaction. I sat and drank my ice water in the shade while watching him toil in the 90-degree sun. I know I’m spoiled, but he loves serving me. I still do the cooking (but nothing else.) I make sure he is fed healthy foods and gets his exercise in. I want to keep him around for a very long time. Until next time. . . from Mistress S and her slave.

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5 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    This lifestyle peaks my curiosity as my profession causes me to be alpha and I enjoy it when my wife takes over in the bedroom. In little ways I enjoy doing the grunt work around the house anyway and prolonging sexual play in the form of the Mistress-Slave relationship has always sparked my interest. Keep writing!

    • tdx30 says:

      Thanks for replying Fiftyfitfidelity. The TD in my username stands for teased and denied (usually for 30 days). Mistress S. knows that this keeps me in a heightened state of sexual arousal 24/7 until I finally get my release. When she grants it (in various ways) it is more than explosive. It is hard to describe how much more powerful and pleasurable an orgasm can be that has been delayed for a period of time, a period of time that was used to increase my sexual hunger for her day by day. I will admit, after release, my sexual energy is depleted for 3 days or so, but that doesn't change my status. I still have to fulfill the slave chores I voluntarily agreed to do when I offered myself to my mistress/wife as her devoted slave. As for the next chapter for MH, I think I will go back in our history to share how our mistress/slave relationship came about and flourished. If enough readers say they want more, by way of voting, I will continue to submit the true stories, many of them are about how Mistress treated me (and not very discreetly) as her slave in front of strangers we would never see again.

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    So if this is how your lives work, I sure hope Miss S. is a good cook. Secondly, I'm sure tdx30 was commanded by his mistress wife to write this story. Very interesting.
    However, Miss S, you say you want him to be healthy for a very long time, I'm not altogether certain that sporting an erection for hours and hours on end is very healthy for a penis. Our bodies are designed to circulate blood. The penis to get hard, then to go soft. It's natural state is soft for majority of it's life. Also, the blood helps remove waste from parts of the body. This "lifestyle" could possibly be very physically damaging for his penis, not allowing it to freshen up so to speak.
    I know of two case where some men were sporting an erection for an abnormal amount of time, and it was not good and extremely painful for them. The first was a guy who "broke" something in his penis while having sex, likely a blood vessel or something. He was having very hard and rough sex and he felt and even heard an audible "pop", he pulled out and his penis had turned nearly black in color and would not go flacid. He spent many days in the hospital in great pain.
    The second case was a fellow who used one of those little blue pills. His erection wouldn't subside and he kept it for nearly two weeks, again in the hospital in pain.
    Anyways, something to think about.

    • tdx30 says:

      Thanks, He Said-She Said, for your wise advice about prolonged erections. Mistress S, requires me to be harnessed and erect almost every day (depending on work schedules) from 4 10 p.m. and then the harness usually stays on overnight after I am sent to the slave bedroom. My guess is that my erection subsides while I sleep but then becomes aroused again in the morning. It gets rest from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day to "recover". This works for us, and we have had no problems physically using this protocol. However, it may not work for others, so your advice is helpful for others who may try to do the same. They too may suffer the same fate as the ones you described above.

    • Tony Conrad says:

      I appreciate your common sense on here. I always believed the husband was the head of the house, not the wife. I know we can have fun in the bedroom in a sexual way but it shouldn't change the relationship of the marriage by any means.

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