The Hot Springs (L) – Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L)
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Natalie had been working hard and wanted to get some alone time with her husband. From her desk, she called John up and asked him what he thought about playing hooky from work the next day so they could spend it together. He thought that was a great idea; Steve knew how hard she had been working and was happy to get away and help her recharge her batteries.  She told him she thought it would be fun for them to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs together. She had been there a couple of times with her girlfriends in the past and always enjoyed herself. He wasn’t sure about it, but she explained there would be other guys there.  She went on to describe what the place was like: a beautiful peaceful setting with a bunch of different pools. She seemed really excited about the idea, and it did sound like a nice relaxing day, so he agreed.

The next day they woke up early. Each called in to use a sick day, and then they dressed for the spa and headed off to breakfast. They enjoyed a nice light meal together, talking about the various offerings at the hot springs. Natalie told him all about the different pools, the mud club where you rub mud all over each other, and the Grotto.  They were both getting pretty excited for the lovely day they were going to spend together, so they paid the bill and got on the road.

John couldn’t help but notice how sexy his wife looked in her coverup.  A black cotton dress that was pretty form-fitting, it reminded John of those basketball jersey dresses that some women on TV wear. It hugged her curves perfectly. Natalie had been working hard at the gym the last few weeks and it was really paying off.  While they were driving, John kept stealing glances at her strong thick thighs and couldn’t wait to be in the water with her or to rub mud all over her curvy body.

They arrived at the spa and pulled the Jeep up to the valet. The young man came over to open the door for Natalie.  She suddenly realized that her legs were at head height to him since she was in the lifted Jeep. As she turned to get out of the Jeep, she noticed his gaze focused on her thighs. It crossed her mind to open her legs a little as she got out to give him a little tease, but she thought better of it. As she hopped down, he looked up at her face and blushed a little since he realized she had noticed him staring at her. Natalie said thank you, and he responded, “My pleasure,” as he walked around to get the keys from John.

Natalie told John she would go check them in. She turned to go, and both men watched her ass as she walked up the hill. The valet worker turned around with a big smirk on his face and apologized to John.

“No apology needed,” John told him. “She’s a sexy woman!”

“Yes, she is,” the younger man replied.

John caught up to Natalie in line. She turned to John and told him she thought the valet guy might have been staring at her legs.

Smiling, John said, “He was staring at more than your legs, honey.”

That caught Natalie off guard and she asked what he meant, so John recounted the conversation at the Jeep and how the guy had checked out her ass as she walked away. She seemed shocked and said she didn’t believe him, but John assured her that it happened.

They checked in at the front desk, got assigned their lounge chairs for the day, and then headed off to the dressing rooms so they could get changed into their bathing suits. Natalie brought a nice two-piece with a small skirt that covered her bikini bottoms. She was standing in front of the mirror trying to decide if she should just leave the skirt off as her loving husband had suggested. Natalie figured she didn’t know any of these people and was feeling good from the complimentary look from before, so she took the skirt off.

When she walked out of the changing room, John was waiting for her. She hadn’t really seen him without his shirt on lately (at least, not with the lights on.) Now she noticed that the weightlifting he had been doing had already begun to make a difference.  He looked strong, his arms looked bigger, his chest harder, and she noticed a girl off to the side sneaking a peek at him. Natalie smiled and put her arm around him.

“Let’s go to the first spa,” she suggested.

They decided on a crowded sulfur spa with a bunch of people already in it.  They waited until a spot for two opened up the put their flip flops down. John set his towel down, then Natalie took hers off of her waist and John was pleasantly surprised to see she didn’t have her skirt on. She saw him looking at her hard thighs and the thin piece of fabric covering her pussy; it gave her a little tingle knowing she had surprised him.

They got in the spa and sipped their drinks. John whispered in her ear that she looked hot in her bikini bottoms.  She nibbled his ear and said, “Thank you. I thought I would feel self-conscious, but I don’t. I feel sexy.”

As the day went on, they visited the different pools, hugging and gliding their bodies against each other in the crowded pools. It didn’t seem like anyone noticed, and neither of them really cared whether they did. They ended up waiting in a long line at the bar to get a drink when Natalie noticed a young couple in front of them; the girl had on a G-string. John quietly told Natalie her ass would look great in a bathing suit like that. She smiled and kissed him. Then they bought their drinks and went on their way.

John and Natalie finished their drinks, then napped a little in their lounge chairs before heading over to “Club Mud.”  John was pretty excited at the idea of rubbing mud all over his beautiful wife’s body. Little did he know Natalie was just as excited. She couldn’t wait to feel John’s strong hands rub her with cold clay,  knowing he would tease her a little and steal touches here and there if he could.

They took turns applying the clay all over each other’s body. John had to keep hiding his cock as he was semi-hard and his shorts kept rising. John was enjoying rubbing the clay on Natalie, especially with the small bikini bottoms. He could run his hands over her ass and upper thighs and slide them ever so closely to her warm pussy. But there were too many people around for any real play, so they rinsed off and headed over to their Grotto appointment.

Because John had never been there, he didn’t know what to expect. When they arrived and went underground with a small group, a staff member explained that the first step was for one of the workers to use a paintbrush to apply a mixture of natural oils, aloe vera, and essential oils to their bodies. Next, they would go to a very hot sauna and then off to the shower to rinse before heading to the relaxation room.  They put each person into individual cubbies, with Natalie next to John. They couldn’t really see the other people in the group because they were around the corner.

A young lady came over and painted every inch of Natalie with the lotion. As John watched, she covered Natalie’s arms, around her top, her stomach, and then down the front of her legs. John thought it was pretty hot watching Natalie be painted with the lotion. The young lady had Natalie turn around, and she started on her back. Then she squatted down and applied the lotion to the backs of Natalie’s thighs and legs. Afterward, she did the same to John. Natalie looked over and smiled at him, knowing he was enjoying the treatment.

After they were painted, they went into the sauna where the lotion soaked into their bodies. When no one was looking, they stole a kiss or two and rubbed the lotion into each other further. Natalie noticed John had some of the lotion on the front of his shorts and joked that the worker must have tried to cop a feel by brushing against him on her way down. He laughed her off.

The time in the sauna came to an end so they worked their way into the shower room with the rest of the group. It was a good size room with individual stalls made from rock and each alcove had multiple showerheads. John was hoping they would have curtains on them so when he was rinsing Natalie off, he could make out with her and rub her a little, but no such luck.

The rest of the group settled in to rinse off, and John and Natalie took turns washing the lotion off of each other.  They were really enjoying themselves, but John was getting extremely turned on.  He kissed Natalie and she looked around to make sure no one was looking—they weren’t. They stood under the water, and Natalie kissed John back, sliding her tongue against his as they ran their hands over each other’s smooth slick bodies.  Natalie could feel John’s hard cock push against her; he pulled her in tighter and she moaned quietly into his mouth.

John turned her around so that his big cock was pushing up against her juicy ass. Then he reached around and played with her nipples through the bathing suit material.  They both knew they better stop or soon they wouldn’t be able to.  Instead, they continued to wash the rest of the lotion off while the rest of the group left for the relaxation room.

Natalie knew that once you went out that door you couldn’t come back in. And because appointments were scheduled 20 minutes apart, no one should be coming through the entrance for a while either. She turned to John and started kissing him again.

John was surprised but excited.  His cock started to respond again and Natalie reached down to stroke it a couple times.

She whispered in his ear, “I need you so bad. I don’t care if someone sees.” And with that, she knelt down and pulled John’s cock out. Natalie stared up at John, and as he looked down at her in shock, she shifted her gaze from his eyes to his cock.

She stared at it for a moment and then said, “I love your cock, it’s so hard and big. When you get really excited—like right now—it swells even bigger.” She lowered her mouth onto John swollen cock and started sucking him, slowly at first but then building up speed. She was really enjoying herself, moaning while giving John a wet BJ. John noticed she was rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. That was almost enough to make him cum right then and there, but he held back.

Natalie stood back up, leaving John’s big cock waving in the air. She leaned back against the wall and kept teasing her pussy. Sliding her suit to the side, she slowly slipped two fingers into her beautiful pussy which John suddenly realized she had shaved bald. Natalie took her fingers out and put them to John’s lips. But before he could capture them in his mouth, she pulled them away and sucked them clean, the entire time staring right into John’s eyes.

That was all John could handle, He dropped to his knees and started hungrily licking her shaven pussy. Natalie was so wet that her juices were covering John’s beard. After teasing her for a few minutes, John stood up and kissed Natalie, letting her taste her beautiful nectar one more time.

John grabbed her wrist and spun her around, kissing her neck while her ass pushed against his dripping cock.  He then stopped and bent her over so that her hands were on the bench below them. This was a great view for John, as the bench sat low, making Natalie’s back arch and her ass stick up in the air. It seemed to be begging for him to take her. John slid his thick cock into Natalie’s wet folds. It felt like her pussy was made for his cock; John could feel it grab hold of him as he slid in.

Natalie looked over her shoulder at John and said, “I need to be fucked and fucked hard. I’m going to cum really fast.”  John didn’t need a second invitation; he started pounding Natalie, and she began to moan and make a lot of noise. Normally they would be nervous that someone would hear, but neither of them cared at this point. They just needed to make each other cum.

John glanced around and saw a couple standing across the room watching them while kissing and stroking each other. It startled John, but he kept going. But Natalie felt his flinch and looked over, seeing the couple as well.

Before she could say anything or decide if she cared, the wife looked at them and quietly said, “Don’t stop.”

John slid into Natalie one more time. She let out a scream (since there was no reason to worry about being quiet now) and had a huge, leg-shaking orgasm. She came so hard that her legs gave out and she slid off of John.

Not wanting to ruin her husband’s orgasm, she spun around on her knees and pulled down her bikini top, telling him to cum on her tits. Natalie was holding her beautiful tits, playing with her nipples, and gazing at John while he stroked his cock. It only took a few strokes before John announced he was cumming. Natalie stared at his cock and watched a stream of John’s hot cum fly out onto her tits.

At the same time, they could hear the couple start to moan. John and Natalie looked over and saw the husband’s fingers rubbing his wife’s clit while she stroked his cock and made him cum.

John and Natalie rinsed off and got straightened up, heading back out with only a smile to the other couple. They heard a soft “Thank you” as they left the room.

Back at their lounge chairs they could not believe what had just happened, unable to restrain an elated laugh about the whole thing.  They continued to talk about it on the way home, which got them hot and horny again. But that is a story for another day.

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  1. MaxLoving says:

    Good job getting me horny. Great visuals there, especially of them having sex in the shower stall with the other couple watching, that was unexpected but I should have known by the tag. Hot one.

  2. TexasCpl says:

    This was an exciting story. We have fantasized about similar situations. We are going to Colorado in a few weeks and plan on visiting a few of the remote rural hot springs where nudity is the norm. They typically aren't crowded and it seems like a good first step for my wife in getting naked in a semipublic setting.

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