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This story contains strong language (L).
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I had been traveling overseas on business for six weeks and was looking forward to getting home to my wife. I was (obviously) horny. We have been married only a couple of years and still feel like we are still on our honeymoon—a feeling we hope to maintain for the rest of our lives. So far so good!

I got off the plane and quickly made my way toward the baggage claim. As I exited the secure area,  I found my wife waiting for me there, wearing a plain, lightweight overcoat buttoned up to her neck. I was hoping for something sexier, especially seeing that it wasn’t that cold outside. But I was so happy just to see her. I put my arms around her, feeling her perfect, firm breasts against my chest and butt cheeks under my hands. We stuck our tongues down each other’s throats. A bulge formed in my crotch, but I didn’t care if anyone saw.

We got my luggage, then walked to the parking structure. She had parked far from the terminal. I thought that was odd. There was plenty of parking closer to the terminal.

There were few cars and no people at the back of the lot. We got in the car, and before I had the chance to start the engine, she asked, “Would you like a preview of your surprise now?”

A week ago she had told me that she had a big, very sexy surprise for me when I got home! My sex-starved brain had forgotten all about it. All I could think about was getting her home in bed and doing her. Now I had an explanation for the overcoat and parking where she did.

When she first told me about the surprise, I asked for a clue, but she said I would have to wait. I figured that it might be a new piece of lingerie. Not really a big surprise for most men I suppose, but we were more of the “get naked and do it” type of couple. She has no body image issues, and quite happy exposes all of herself to me with the bedroom lights on full-bright. She has a few pieces of lingerie from our honeymoon or that I had bought for her to wear. She would wear them once or twice, they would go into a drawer and not see the light of day again for months. Her argument was “Why bother? You just take them off right away.” Truth be told, I wasn’t big on lingerie either. Nothing could improve on my wife’s nude body. But I did enjoy the allure of her dark nipples peeking through sheer fabric, and unwrapping God’s gift to me on occasion. She would wear lingerie when I asked her to, and on very rare occasions, she would surprise me by wearing it without my requesting it. I appreciate the extra effort and wish she would do it more often. If she actually went out and bought some lingerie without me asking, that would be huge for her. I was curious as to what she would choose.

Or maybe she read about a new position or would surprise me with a sexual act that she had been reluctant to do for me. There aren’t many of those, however.

I stammered “Sure. But HERE?”

She said “Just a quick preview. No one is around.” She removed her overcoat. Under it, she was wearing a new, shiny, formal black silk evening gown, with an Oriental-style bamboo-leaf pattern woven into it. If it were possible, my erection quality immediately went up a point or two. It had a neckline that revealed quite a bit of her cleavage. I was especially turned on by the Oriental motif of the dress. My wife is Chinese-American, and that gown added to her exotic allure. I have always been attracted to women of other races from anywhere outside the predominantly-White Midwestern USA where I am from, and I thought women from that part of the world to be especially sexy.

My wife and I met in college. We had Chemistry together. We had a Chemistry class together, I should say. I got to class just before it started, and there was one seat left – in the front, next to her. We introduced ourselves, and I found her friendly and easy to talk to. We became lab partners and got to know each other quite well over the next several weeks. It turned out that we had chemistry too! We discovered we had similar values and goals. Although I have always been attracted to women of other races, it had never dawned on me that I could actually marry one—until now!

She was a year ahead of me in school and drop-dead gorgeous. She is petite, has a great figure, a distinctive face with exotic eyes, and long, black, fine, shiny straight hair with bangs. Objectively speaking, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I figured I didn’t have a chance with her.

But she didn’t have a wedding or engagement ring. I had seen her around campus talking to other guys, but she didn’t seem to have a regular companion, and she hadn’t said anything about a boyfriend. I decided to ask her out. The worst she could do is say no, right? She seemed like the type that it wouldn’t get awkward with if it turned out she wasn’t interested in me in that way or was already spoken for.

So I asked her out. I decided to be up-front about my intentions, not leave her wondering if it was just friends going out to eat or something more. I told her I was interested in pursuing more than just a casual friendship with her and would like to go out on a date. She readily accepted. We agreed on a time and place, and the rest is history.

I went to summer school and graduated one semester after she did. Then we got married.

The dress had hardly necessitated the overcoat and parking away from other cars. I guess it would have attracted a lot of attention had she worn it into the terminal, and I did enjoy the reveal. There is something uniquely sexy about a woman in formal attire, and it is a very sexy dress. It has spaghetti straps with an open back, and a low neckline with buttons down the front, with clingy tailoring that showed off her tits. She knelt down on the seat and leaned forward, showing them off. Her nipples were just below the neckline of her dress and showed through the form-fitting stretchy fabric. I reached out to pull it down and get a peek, but she stopped me.

Even though she was facing towards me, I could see that the dress hugged her perfect, round little ass as well as it did her tits. I asked her to turn around so I could see it. She climbed over the console between the bucket seats and into the back seat. I followed her. She knelt down sideways with her boobs on the seat and her ass in the air, right in my face. Very sexy! I noticed a wet spot seeping through the fabric! I licked her there. She emitted a little squeal of delight, then turned around and sat down. I proceeded to lift the dress up to see her sexy ass, but she stopped me, saying, “You’ll have to wait for that.” I guess she wasn’t comfortable being in a parking lot with her nude ass in the air.

“That is a beautiful surprise!” I said. “I can’t wait to get you home and out of it, and then take you out on the town wearing it sometime very soon.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied, “but the dress isn’t the surprise. The surprise is under the dress.”

“Oh really?” I replied. “Do we have a Russian doll thing going on here?!”

She began slowly and seductively unbuttoning her gown. I was expecting to see some lingerie under the gown, but she was wearing nothing under it to cover her breasts. I could see her cleavage and a bit of areola through the slit in the gown. She unbuttoned the last button, then slipped her arms out of the straps, fully revealing her exotic titties—the perfect size for her petite figure with a graceful, slight dip downward. They sit close together and high on her chest, giving her attractive cleavage even though her breasts are not large. Her areolas and nipples are dark, standing out against the backdrop of her light skin, and they were hard and erect. I held a palm over each breast with my thumbs on her nipples, then hugged her bare back as I placed my face between them. She hugged me in return. We kissed.

My swollen penis was getting uncomfortable. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and slipped my pants and briefs down. My cock sprung free. The head was halfway out of my foreskin, and a large drop of pre-ejaculate hung at the opening. She bent down and licked it off.

She handed me a silky black scarf. “Blindfold yourself!” she said in a commanding voice.

“Yes, ma’am!” I replied. I rolled it up and tied it around my eyes. Then I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t see a thing. I felt her nude back come to rest against my chest, and her long hair brushing against me.

“Give me your hand,” she said. She placed it on her right breast, then moved it across the valley between them to the left one, then down her chest to her belly button. She continued downward. “Dick” continued dripping with anticipation as she brought my hand nearer to the heart of her femininity.

I didn’t know if my fingers would reach the fabric of lingerie or her smoothly shaved mound and lips first. I knew her aroused lips would be swollen and wet. Maybe the blindfold and sexy reveal in a parking lot was the surprise. She had done sexy stripteases for me before, but never in a semi-public place, and never with a blindfold. Or maybe she had on some one-piece lingerie under there. Whatever the surprise, I was sure to not be disappointed.

As she moved my hand lower, I felt the fabric of the gown’s waist on the back of my hand. We were getting close!

Then I felt something unexpected. I didn’t know what it was at first, but a split second later, I figured out what the surprise was…


I felt an electric shock run up my arm. I rapidly withdrew my hand. I was stunned and speechless. I ripped off the blindfold.

She looked confused by my reaction. She said, “We talked about this, and it seemed like something you were interested in me doing.”

I recovered my composure and replied “Oh, yes, trust me, I am PLEASANTLY surprised. And what a surprise! I just didn’t expect it! It literally shocked me.” I think I was drooling.

My wife had kept herself clean-shaven since puberty. Her mother was a neat-freak and encouraged her to shave. “Your future husband will appreciate it,” she said. Plus, most of the girls in the locker room at her high school were bare or had the smallest of landing strips. I learned all of this when we were still dating. That was one of the many things that attracted me to her – we could talk about anything without embarrassment.

When we had been married a few months, she had gotten busy and neglected to shave down there for a few days. As she prepared to shower one morning, I noticed that her mound had become covered with short, fine black hairs that stood out against her light complexion. I asked her to come and lie in bed with me as I admired her new growth. I said, “You know, you would look sexy with some hair there.”

She said, “Yeah, probably so. Maybe some time,” then went to the shower. When she returned, the hair was gone. I had not thought about it since.

Dick’s head was now fully exposed. A string of pre-cum dripped out of the hole and extended down to the seat. She bent over and licked it off, fully enclosing Dick’s head in her mouth this time. She lifted her head from between my legs. The string of pre-cum now hung from her chin. She made no effort to wipe it off. I kissed her again.

I reached out for another feel. She placed my hand inside the dress again. So soft and curly. I ran my fingers through it, all the while fighting the urge to pull her gown off and fuck her right then and there.

She asked, “Would you like to see?”

Would I ever! The spaghetti straps had found their way back on her shoulders. She scanned the parking lot. Seeing it was still all clear, she turned sideways in the seat, pulled her feet up on the seat, lifted her gown, and spread her legs, pulling her knees up under her chin and lifting her feet in the air as she leaned back against a pillow she had brought.

A perfect, little black silky triangle covered her mountain, and extended down along the outer halves of her outer labia, gently brushing the insides of her thighs. The sun shone through the window onto her vulva, making her shiny black hair sparkle. She ran her fingers through it. The fabric of her snug-fitting gown had compressed it, but now it stood straight up. The silk was two or three inches long, curly and fluffy. She was very wet. A large drop of shiny liquid seeped out of her pee-hole and slowly flowed down towards her vagina.

I considered asking her to go for it then and there. I so wanted to plunge myself deep into her wet silk-encircled abyss. I scanned the parking lot again. We still had it all to ourselves. Even if someone did venture up there, and if we remained lying down in the back seat, they wouldn’t be able to see anything unless they were right beside us. The look in her eyes indicated she was willing. But this treasure was something to be savored. I felt like we were about to do it for the first time all over again. I told her that, and said, “Let’s hurry home and take our time and do this right!”

She said “OK. But you look like you are about to explode, and I have been looking forward to long, slow, gourmet sex when you return. Plus, I want you to be well-rested after your long flight. You won’t be able to sleep if you’re horny.” “Hurrying” home wasn’t really an option. It is an hour -plus drive to get home. I considered getting a room in a nearby hotel, but I had been in a hotel for six weeks. I wanted to get home to my marriage bed—and maybe sleep in past the 11 AM checkout time.

She straddled me, nesting my cock in her hairy pussy. It felt SO good. I instinctively started thrusting. After several seconds she removed herself, took my dick in her mouth, sucked me hard while running her tongue back and forth and side-to-side under my frenulum. After several seconds of this, I exploded. She stopped sucking and moving her tongue, and just held me tightly in her mouth. After my spasms subsided, she released me and gave me a cum-laden kiss, then let the rest of my semen dribble out of the side of her mouth.

“Now get some sleep,” she said. “I have, uh, BIG expectations when we get home.” She picked the pillow up from the floorboard and placed it under my head. She removed my pants which were still around my ankles and covered me with a lightweight blanket. I was soon lulled to sleep by the rhythmic thumping of the joints in the concrete freeway passing rapidly under the tires.

I was awoken by a firm hand encircling my cock, which was fully erect. “Time to come with me,” she said in a soft and seductive voice. Her hand tugged on my penis. I was still in the back seat, which I noticed still had a huge wet spot on it. “Come!” she said. It was dark now, and our house was surrounded by trees. I got out of the car without getting dressed. She held my cock and led me to the front door. She was still wearing the silk dress. And nothing else, I guessed.

We entered the house. The fragrance of simmering lasagna made me forget about my throbbing dick. I realized I was hungry. I was anxious to head to the bedroom and get to loving her again, but I still felt satisfied from the blowjob and hungry enough to enjoy a leisurely meal. The dining room was lit with candlelight and the dimmed chandelier.

I thanked her for what she had done for me. I told her I had forgotten about the surprise until she mentioned it. I was expecting lingerie. Or sex in the car. Or both. But THIS far exceeded my expectations. She related how she remembered our conversation after she had neglected to shave, and decided to give it a go. She quit shaving the day before I left.

This explained her strange behavior while I was gone. She usually texts me an X-rated picture of herself every day while we were apart. She had continued to do so but had not sent any pictures of her pussy. I told her I missed seeing her pussy, please send me a picture of it. She did, but this was unusual for me to have to ask. She liked her vulva, and normally delighted in sending me pictures of it with her lips together, parted, aroused or not, with her finger in her vagina or rubbing her clit, from behind, etc. Now I realized that all the pussy pictures she sent I had seen before.

I asked her if she had shaved to achieve that perfect triangle. She assured me what I saw was 100% au naturel. She related how she had debated whether to go with a generous landing strip, leaving most of the hair above her labia and shaving everything below, or just going for it and let everything grow. She decided to just go for it. She figured I would appreciate seeing her natural state. She could then get a wax job or shave in whatever pattern I wanted.

I said, “Uh, I think the way you are will be just fine!”

She said, “You don’t have to decide now. You might change your mind after you eat me.” She loves receiving oral sex almost as much as I love giving it!

We were sitting next to each other at the corner of the table. I pulled the long gown up and placed my hand between her legs. My cock again got that about-to-burst-it-is-so-big feeling. I felt pre-cum dripping on my leg. She reached under the table and grabbed my hard, dripping dick. We both lost our appetites.

She got up, said, “I am going to shower and get ready. See you in the bedroom in five minutes.” She went into the bedroom and locked the door behind her.

I rushed into the guest bathroom, showered and brushed my teeth, halfway dried off, and knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in!” she said in a sexy and seductive voice. I opened the door. The room was lit with candlelight and the dimmed overhead light. The bed was made up in red satin sheets. She had placed the cheval mirror at the foot of the bed, and our video camera sat on its little tripod on top of our dresser, trained on the bed.

She was lying on top of the sheets, wearing the black dress. One strap was off of her shoulder, but her long hair covered her exposed breast. I jumped in bed, lay down beside her, and moved her hair so I could feel her breast touching my chest. We hugged and kissed for several minutes. I told her I wanted to see her totally naked. She got out of bed and proceeded to slowly remove the dress. I grabbed the hem, lifted it over her head, and threw it on the floor.

She looked incredible: her long hair with her perfect titties peeking through; those beautiful, narrow eyes; her voluptuous round hips; and her long thin legs, now with a perfect triangle of frizzy back hair between them. It was the perfect complement and contrast to the long black straight hair on her head.

I pushed her backward onto the bed and spread her legs to resume admiring her hairy pussy. I had always considered myself a lucky man to be married to someone with so perfect a vulva. When she wasn’t aroused, her clit and inner labia just peeked out from between the outer labia. Her lips were perfectly symmetrical and her skin was darker there, accenting its beauty.

And now it was even sexier. I ran my fingers through the black bush on her mound. Her inner lips were swollen and open wide, forming a funnel into her vaginal opening, all surrounded by her black silk.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to put on some lingerie?” she teased.

“You now have lingerie on all the time, my dear,” I replied.

We hugged and kissed for the longest time. I then rubbed her breasts as she held my penis. As I sucked on her hard nipples, they just got harder. She seductively kissed and firmly sucked my nipples. They immediately became erect.

I asked her to lie on her stomach, then rubbed her back and butt. She likes that. When my fingers and tongue found their way down between her crack, I felt a little hair between her asshole and vagina.

I asked her to kneel down so I could enjoy the view of her from behind. She did so, placing her boobs on the mattress and her ass high in the air, legs wide apart. Her lips were swollen and separated wide. The entrance to her vagina was open, and I could see past the vestibule to the accordion-like folds inside. I traced the rows of hair that began at her vagina down under her to the triangle. Her anus was wet with her natural lube and looked incredibly sexy.

We lay down and hugged and kissed some more. My penis ended up inside her, but we didn’t thrust. We just enjoyed being one. Then she rolled me over on my back and knelt over me, her tits dangling in my face. I cupped them in my hands and kissed her nipples as she lowered her pussy onto my penis and lay on top of me. We still refrained from thrusting, continuing to just enjoy being together. I looked over her shoulder into the mirror. Her labia stretched around my penis, her black silk surrounding me.

She got off of me, grabbed Dick, and licked off the salty pre-ejaculate. Then she lay on her back, placing her butt on a pillow and spreading her legs. I knew what she wanted.

“I am SO horny. I need to have one NOW!” she said.

I got into position and proceeded to eat her. As my face neared her pussy, I was immediately turned on like never before. She smelled SO GOOD. I always enjoyed her natural scent, but it was much stronger now. I placed my mouth and tongue deep in her crack, my lips between hers. The light, indescribable flavor was more delicious than ever, and the sensation of her soft hair touching my face was heavenly.

I proceeded to work my magic on her with my mouth. I licked her labia, tongue-fucked her vagina, and sucked on her hard, engorged clit and massaged it with my lips and tongue. The naturally-hairless area was more than large enough that I could eat her without getting any hair in my mouth—not that I would have considered that a problem! I couldn’t get over the wonderful scent. I moved my mouth up a few inches, closed my lips over some of the hair on her mound, and tasted it as I withdrew my face, feeling her hair slide between my lips.

I had been consciously avoiding the urge to rub my penis against anything so as not to stimulate it further. But my dick and pelvic area spasmed a couple of times anyway. “Oh no,” I groaned. “I think I’m coming.”

She said “Go ahead. We can do you first. Again.” It was all I could do to keep from plunging myself deep inside that wonderfully wet and hairy pussy and pumping away, hard and fast, getting the relief I so needed. But I wanted to repay her generosity and fulfill her every desire. I wanted her first experience as a natural woman to be her best ever. I took my mouth away from her, waited a half-minute, and control returned.

I went back to sucking her clit and began fingering her G-spot. She got sweaty from head to toe, then quickly came, shooting a teaspoon or so of her natural lube into my mouth. I swallowed it with joy. I moved up to suck her titties and continued rubbing her clit, G-spot, and all around inside her. Her vagina was tight, not just at the entrance, but all the way in. It was pulsating, squeezing my finger. I felt another gush of liquid come out of her. I kept at it, figuring she might have a third orgasm. “Please baby, fuck me now. I need you inside me now!” she moaned.

I got into position on top of her. She placed my dick at the entrance to her vagina and thrust upwards, forcing me into her. She was so tight. To keep from coming, I had to remove myself.

“Slow down, baby,” I panted. I concentrated on her pleasure and was able to maintain control. Slowly, I entered, pushed past the entrance, and continued inward. Dick’s super-sensitized head felt the end of her vagina. She moved her pelvis and moaned with pleasure. I still had a ways further to go to get my penis fully in her. I slowly continued deeper into her, her vagina stretching to accommodate all of me. As I lay still and acclimated to her tight, warm wetness, I was overwhelmed at the gift of sex that God has given us and that I got to experience that—to be with in so intimate a way— with, of all women on earth, my precious and uniquely beautiful wife.

I slowly moved in and out in time with the gentle rocking of her pelvis. Almost all the way out, then all the way back in again. Her vagina clamped down even tighter on me. I had to use quite a bit of force to thrust into her.

Though I couldn’t see her pussy with my eyes, my mind’s eye saw her labia stretched tightly around my dick as it moved in and out. I could picture her hair surrounding me and my brown hair rubbing the black hair on her mound. I thought I felt her soft hair on the sides and top of my dick.

After a few more gentle thrusts, she screamed and her vagina began pulsating as she came again. “Oh my God! I LOVE YOU!” she screamed. She began thrusting with abandon. I joined her in the hard, fast in-and-out movement. We were going at a furious pace, but I experienced it in slow-motion. Our bodies were perfectly synchronized. Her strong contractions tried to squeeze me out, but I countered by thrusting inwards. When her muscles relaxed before the next contraction, I pulled almost all the way out, then forced myself deep inside her each time she squeezed. Then I came. And came. And came some more.

After a minute or two, my penis went soft, and her still-tight vagina squeezed it out. I enjoyed feeling it lying in the pool of wetness between her legs. I held her tight, savoring the joy of her hard tits drilling into my chest and her breath on my face. Our mouths were joined, our tongues in each other’s mouth. Her slow, regular breathing let me know she had fallen asleep, and I fought the urge to do likewise. There was one more thing I had to do.

I got off of her, spread her legs, and looked at her pussy again. The hair inside her thighs was soaked with our fluids. Her labia had shrunk back to normal size and were now together. I spread them with my fingers to see all of her. My white cum was seeping out of her totally-filled vagina and running down over her sexy little asshole. The sheets were soaked. I ate her until she was clean, silky hair and all. Then I fell off into my own deep, blissful sleep with my face between her legs, my cheek resting on the soaked sheet, dreaming that I was totally covered from head to toe with her natural lube, drowning in—yet able to breathe under—the sweet, fragrant, and bountiful wetness of the lady I love so much.

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5 replies
  1. Prince of Denmark says:

    This is my favorite MH story. Thank you for writing about the joy you have found in your wife's hairy pussy. I wish that we could all talk more about pubic hair, as there is nothing in the world that I find more beautiful. When my wife and I were dating, all I could think about was seeing her bush one day. I told her this and she helped me through the many years of our courtship by sometimes not shaving under her arms and letting me lick and suck there. It was the best substitute that we could come up with. A week before our wedding, she showed me her breasts for the first time and as I kissed and sucked them, I ran my hands up under her dress and for the first time started feeling her through her underwear. As her panties wedged into her crack, I felt a slight brush of her pubic hair. To this day, this remains the greatest moment of my life. I love my wife's cunt and I love that she does different things with her hair down there. Most of all, I love it when she allows it to grow out. I love the hair in her ass crack and I'm thankful that it gets hairier with age. I hope that all women are proud of what they have down there and take the time to play with it and let it grow out. I'm glad that your wife took the plunge and I'm happy for you both!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I had to comment. ILoveMarriage you wrote an excellent and a very relatable story. We too have had some amazing married sexual experiences after a time apart. Your story is so full of gratitude and erotic joy! It got me thinking about how often much of the media portrays great erotic sex as only happening outside of marriage. What a lie that is! Your story (& MH stories in general) are evidence that marriage sex can be absolutely amazing!
    I think it’s amazing how different things can be a turn on to different people. The way your wife’s “hair down there” was a turn on for you was rather cute. But really, everything about your story radiated unselfish love for each other. And your gratitude to God for giving you such a wonderful wife was nice too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. ILoveMarriage says:

    Thanks all for reading my story! I didn't know what kind of response I would get seeing how popular bare-down-there is. But I thought I would share some of the joy I receive from it and find some brothers-in-arms or perhaps encourage someone to experiment.

    "I love the hair in her ass crack and I'm thankful that it gets hairier with age." Uh wow, I didn't realize that women could grow hair there. That is hot! The sexiest thing I have ever seen at a nude beach is a gal who was 100% au-natural, not only on her pussy, but under her arms! I really believe that the way God designed women is the sexiest. My wife let her underarms grow for a couple months and had only a few hairs to show for it — not really attractive at all. Maybe she will try again some winter and give it more time.

    Prince, I assume you are Danish? And that you have seen the Little Mermaid statue? The artist's wife modeled for it. Her breasts resemble my wife's. I wanted to get a replica of it, but found out that the family still holds rights to it. A town with a lot of Danes in Michigan installed a replica of it, and the family tried to collect a $3800 royalty. Fortunately, it wasn't an exact copy. Part of their defense was "ours has bigger boobs!"

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