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Clothing and COVID-19 at Home


With many people being rightly concerned about COVID-19, and not wanting to spread it to those who are most vulnerable, I suggest we take the preventive measure of wearing little to no clothing while at home. Obviously this isn’t for out in public, but we aren’t supposed to be out there much anyway.

Clothing has been known for quite some time to be one vector for infection. A review from the University of Washington referenced two studies that showed surgeons who are nude shed fewer bacteria in the operating room than those with clothing.

Yes, those studies dealt with bacteria, and COVID is a virus spread by droplets, not bacteria. Still, when those who are infected breathe or sneeze, those droplets get onto their clothing. Coronaviruses can remain viable for “a few hours or up to several days” (depending on the type of surface and other factors), according to the World Health Organization. So anyone contacting the fabric and touching their face could be infected. Soap and water have been shown to remove those droplets from hands, so the rest of the body would benefit as well.

What I am doing is this: whenever temperatures and circumstances permit (like at home and indoors), we set aside cultural conditioning and go without clothing for the sake of others. Love for our neighbor carries more weight than our feelings of embarrassment. Promoting the wellbeing of others who may be most vulnerable takes priority over the urge to cover what God created in His image and likeness! 

Another benefit is the savings in laundry costs and the lower risk of contact with others who may not realize they are infected. Those who are required to use communal laundry or a laundromat will be less likely to acquire the disease from others because going without clothing greatly reduces the amount of dirty (and possibly contagious) clothing we will need to handle. And there is less likelihood of running out of laundry detergent and having to battle panicky people who want to hoard it!

And being nude at home is a great motivator for many for social distancing! Stay home, stay safe, and stay naked!

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23 replies
    • Waiting Hardly says:

      I know if that were the case with my daughter, it might inspire her to take better care of herself so she wouldn’t end up with a body like mine!

  1. hornyGG says:

    Go nude! My husband Ben and I have been living the nude life for sometime now and really enjoy it. I agree with what you said in this post. Thank you so much for sharing!

    ❤❤ GG

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      HornyGG you inspire me to keep the faith on my journey of body freedom that Christ, the Second Adam, restored for us on the cross when He renewed our relationship with God and bore our shame. Thank you for the encouraging words!

    • Been blessed says:

      I sure hope I am misreading your comment. Surely you are not saying that public nudity would be worth all the thousands of deaths and sickness that has come from this dreaded disease. Are you?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I think what he is saying is that we can improve the sanitation at home by discarding our clothing and that there are other benefits to doing so, too. I don't think the OP is making light of the loss of health and life that COVID-19 has brought to many, nor the flu or any other disease or illness that can be spread by droplets on surfaces or bacteria from our shed skin cells. Yes, we must "hunker down" as much as possible, but we can also enjoy each other at home while doing so, right?

    • Been blessed says:

      @CHL, I'm sorry I wasn't clear. The OP was fine, I was questioning ILoveMarriage's comment where he seems to be saying that public nudity would make COVID-19 worth it.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We didn't think the commenter meant his statement to be taken seriously, though the situation certainly is for many people. For those of us trapped at home and going a bit stir crazy, a little levity can be a blessing. No one thinks public nudity is even helpful in preventing the spread. But taking off your clothes when you get home can't hurt.

    • Alicia G. M. says:

      I love being naked, especially sleeping naked. I guess I get that from my parents who are practicing nudist. I think that is so cool! Nudity was widely accepted while growing up. Skinny dipping in our pool was permitted and if you wanted to sleep naked you could. Everyone had seen everyone else naked before and never gave any thought about it.
      My husband Trey is a little more conservative. He was raised in a household where you just didn't "flaunt" your nudity. The only time he sleeps naked is after we have sex. Other than that, he wears his boxers. Thanks for sharing!

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      I wish there was someplace online where Christians who embrace this lifestyle to varying degrees could fellowship and share stories. He died naked for me; I will live naked for him.

  2. Annewin says:

    We have always liked the idea of being naked when we can but it is mostly in our bedroom. When our children were little we could be naked when they were asleep. We found it very beneficial to our relationship in that it seemed to encourage greater openness.
    It does result in more cuddling, which is lovely. It always makes me wet and gives him an erection and we find it fun to put it in even if we don't always orgasm. It always feels nice and loving.

  3. Beachlover Guy says:

    Wife and I are nudists and we are very comfortable being nude indoors and outdoors. We usually visit a nude beach or resort in the summer and dress only when the weather turns cold. I hadn't heard any health recommendations about clothing and the current virus scare, but it's another great reason to go nude. It's comfortable and fun!

  4. ILoveSex says:

    Hi Beachlover Guy,
    I would love to hear more about your nudist life. I'm intrigued. How long have you and your wife been nudists? And whose idea was it to go nude? Was your wife always comfortable being naked? Do you guys get dressed when family or friends visit or don't you care? Or are other family members nudists as well? Do you have kids at home still or are you empty nesters? Is it true that no one cares about weight or body type at nude resorts or beaches? I've read that a nude resort is the perfect place for a woman (or man) to gain confidence and acceptance of her body, rolls and all. Because no one truly cares! And all bodies are viewed as beautiful (no body shaming which is SOOO prevalent today).

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      We're both in our 50s now and have been married just a few years. It's the second (and hopefully final) marriage for both of us. Early in our dating, we mentioned our interest and experiences in nudism to each other. I'd been to nude beaches and she liked the idea of it, being a home nudist up to that point. We went to a nude beach together for a date and both of us loved it. Going nude at home together is natural for us, and we don't have children or relatives living with us, so we can go nude whenever we want, which is what we do. We don't hate clothes but enjoy the feeling of air and sun on our skin whenever possible. Nudist resorts are a great way to test the waters because everyone there is naked, so there's no worry about being ogled or photographed by voyeurs. Most nudist resorts don't tolerate sexual acts or displays, so it's a safe and fun environment for all. We recommend trying it if you're at all curious about it. Caution: going nude is addictive!

  5. AimToPleaseHer says:

    Great opening post and comments. My dear wife is not much of a going around naked in the home sort of woman, I guess it is a combination of her upbringing and a natural sense of modesty. However, she does enjoy seeing me going around naked in our home. So, I am happy to oblige her. We started this well before the current stay at home situation. Our children are grown, so it is just the two of us. When we are at home alone, I am naked and she enjoys watching "Willy" flop around as I walk or move about the house. Our house is two stories and she quite often will stand at the bottom of the stairs and watch Willy and the Boys bounce around as I come down the stairs. She enjoys watching Willy become erect and then she applies either her manual or oral talents to help him "calm down".

    I don't mind being on display for her and I certainly enjoy receiving her manual and oral love, and she receives a nice reward for a job well done.

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