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Forgive me for what may seem to be a strange introduction, but I feel it is necessary to set the story. I’ll also apologize for the length of my writings. While Ann and I have had a great sex life through our marriage, as many other couples have, there are some dry spells. Some we have no control over, and the end of that drought is often amazing sex.  I hope this story will encourage others to not be depressed during these times in your own marriages but, instead, to look forward to the end of the drought.

Back Story

After our second child, Ann and I knew we were finished having kids, hitting the jackpot by having a son first and, almost four years later, a daughter.  Shortly after our daughter’s birth, I scheduled my appointment to keep our family of four from growing. While that would normally have been the last time we would think about birth control, Ann had previously dealt with very irregular, oftentimes heavy, painful periods, and they returned once again.  After visiting her doctor, Ann was prescribed oral birth control to help ease her suffering. Over time, Ann got tired of the daily routine, frequent trips to the pharmacy and asked her doctor what options she had. Together they decided an IUD was the best option.

Fast forward nearly ten years. Ann’s periods were coming back and were again irregular to the point where she would have issues with spotting after sex for several days.  This may have been amplified by the dieting Ann was also doing. It was coming up on the time to have her IUD removed as it was no longer doing its job, and she didn’t think it was truly necessary.  As the date for her doctor’s appointment drew near, our nights of intimacy became less frequent due to the complications that she was having.

Two weeks before her appointment, we made love only to wake up the next morning to discover she was not just spotting but was having her period.  Selfishly, I was looking forward to the week passing so we could have sex again before her appointment. The last time she’d had her IUD replaced, it was painful and caused her period to come back prematurely.  Seven days went by and her period was gone, but she’d gotten a UTI and was still unable to have sex. Another week passed, and she had her appointment. As predicted, it was uncomfortable, and it caused her period to return.  Because of the hormone change in her body, it was awful and lasted well over a week.  Even then, she continued to spot for several more days.

Just as the spotting was subsiding, her period came again.  I was starting to get concerned for her health, but after researching the side effects of having the IUD removed, it was actually fairly common.  It was now four weeks since we’d last had sex, and the forecast for that to change didn’t look good. We had agreed to dog-sit for friends for nearly two weeks, and the dog would be spending the nights in our bedroom, on our bed.  Neither one of us felt like having a set of eyes watching us, so the days continued to add to our drought.

Having company, other than my wife Ann, in bed was not something I wanted to get accustomed to.  But before long, it wasn’t too difficult to sleep with the dog on the foot of the bed. At long last, the job of watching the dog was over, and Ann and I could finally have our bedroom to ourselves again.  It was now six weeks since we’d had sex, and the only times I’d seen Ann’s body was when she would get ready for bed. She would only undress to her bra and panties before sliding on a nightgown, and that was very quick.  As far as touching, apart from holding hands and kissing, I’d not touched another part of her body directly either. The best I’d been able to experience was touching over her clothing, and that was very infrequent. At long last, that was going to change.

Real Story

I came home from work on Friday, happy to not be met at the door with barks and teeth.  The house seemed quiet.  From the bedroom at the back of the house, I heard her call.

“Is that you, honey?”

“Yep.” I started emptying my pockets, keys, wallet, work ID, change. Ann came into the front room, hugged me, and gave me a kiss.  I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight, letting my hands slide down her back and grabbing her butt. Ann broke our kiss and looked at me sheepishly.

“I told the kids that, after eight tonight, our room was off-limits.”

“Why so late,” I joked.

She shrugged her shoulders as she turned and followed me back to our bedroom.

I took off my work clothes, slipping into my comfortable pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Ann was already in her sweatpants, tee, and a zip-up sweatshirt. Together, we headed to the kitchen to get some supper.  Ann had already eaten, so I grabbed some leftovers, and we went back to our room. We propped ourselves against the headboard with all the pillows on the bed and turned on the TV. Ann rolled over, resting her head on my shoulder and rubbed the opposite one.  Even though her hand was on the outside of my shirt, it felt amazing.

I set my empty plate on the bedside table as Ann asked, “Are you going to have a beer?” After only a moment of thought, I got up and walked to the fridge. Then I came back to our room, bottle in hand, and resumed my position.  We watched more TV and snuggled into each other.

I looked over at Ann, her breasts pushing against the t-shirt fabric and pushing the zipper apart on her sweatshirt.  She looked up at me, paused a moment, and closed her eyes. I turned my head, allowing our lips to touch.  Our kiss was so sweet.  We both knew we didn’t have to worry about a dog needing to be let out or barking at anything outside. Plus, the kids were in their own worlds, and we were in ours.  Our kiss continued until we both needed to catch our breath. The angle of our bodies made it difficult to keep it up, so I adjusted my arm and slid down on the bed slightly.

We each leaned in to continue our kiss. Our mouths met, this time opening slightly to allow our tongues to touch. It had been six long weeks since we’d kissed like this, and it was evident that it had been too long.  We hungrily kissed each other, and our arms pulled our bodies tighter. The show we’d been watching was over, but neither one of us cared. Our kisses grew stronger and stronger. I moved my hand from her back to her right breast and squeezed it softly. Ann responded immediately by pushing her body into my hand. I could feel the fabric of her bra through the t-shirt, and I explored the globe that had eluded me for a month and a half.

My fingers searched until they found their prize, Ann’s nipple.  I rubbed across the bump, and Ann’s body surged forward, begging for more. I took her nipple between my finger and thumb and pinched, causing Ann to gasp and sigh. She dropped her hand from my shoulder and slid it down my chest until it was on my crotch.

By now, my cock was hard. Because of how we were sitting and where it was pointing when we started, my dick was caught in the fabric of my underwear, pointing down my leg, and felt very uncomfortable.  I broke from our embrace and quickly adjusted myself, allowing my erection to point up, albeit still inside my pajama pants. I then returned my hand to Ann’s breast. Ann’s palm found my cock and slowly stroked it through the fabric as my hand pulled and twisted her nipple. I wanted to reach her other breast, but there was no room to get to it.

Our tongues continued to touch as our hands worked each other’s bodies. Ann’s stroking of my cock became more intense and forceful. If she had kept going, I know I would have exploded.  I released her tit and plunged my hand between her legs. The heat coming off of her mound was incredible. My fingers pressed into her, finding her lips and slit. Although there were two layers of clothes between my fingers and Ann, I could still feel my way to her clit. I rubbed it through her clothes, and she moaned softly.

Ann pulled away from me, taking a deep breath. “If we keep this up, we’re going to need to close and lock the door,” she said.  She rolled over to the edge of the bed, stood up and walked to the door, closed, and locked it.  Then she pulled a black nighty off the clothing hooks next to the door. She walked back to the bed, trying to straighten out the nighty.  I couldn’t stand it and felt that I needed to help her change. I sprang from the bed and walked behind her as she untwisted the sexy covering.  Wrapping my hands around her, I slid them up under her shirt, finally getting to touch both of her tits through her bra. I squeezed them and pulled her body to me, my hard cock pushing against her ass.

Ann sighed as I closed my hands, finding both of her nipples and pinching them. I slid my hands down to her stomach and back up, finding the bottom of her bra and pulling it over her tits. We both rejoiced in the feeling of my hands finally on her bare breasts.  Ann leaned back into me, and her head fell back, resting on my shoulder as my hand squeezed and fondled.

I was enjoying the feeling of her flesh in my hands, but I wanted more. I lowered my hands to find the bottom of her shirt. I’m not sure how I contained myself, but I slowly and gently raised her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor.  Next, I attacked the hooks on her bra. My hands were shaking; I was so excited and trying to control the animal lust that was surging in me.

Soon enough, the bra was next to her shirt on the floor. I took another chance to reach around and hold her tits before kneeling behind her and lowering my hands to the waistband of her sweatpants. Grabbing the sides, I slowly slid them over her hips and down to her ankles, holding them there long enough for her to step out of them.  Taking my time, I slid my hands up her legs and grabbed the sides of her panties, and repeated the process. I kissed her ass and slowly stood up, again gliding my hands up her body and cupping her breasts. Ann responded, reaching behind her and pulling on the waist of my pajama bottoms. She struggled but pulled them down and did the same with my underwear.

Now, both naked, we pressed our bodies together and let our hands explore. Ann’s hand reached behind her, finding my shaft, grabbing and squeezing it. I responded by twisting her nipples.  She raised her leg, rested her knee on the bed, and pulled on my cock, sliding it between her legs and pressing it against her wetness.  Pushing my hips forward, I slid easily into her.  The feel of her heat on the head of my prick gave me the urge to fuck her quickly, but it had been too long.  I wanted to make this last and enjoy it. Ann leaned forward, putting her hands on the bed to support herself. She moaned as I pushed deep into her. I leaned forward, reached around Ann, and fondled her breasts.  Ann groaned with approval and rocked on her knees, meeting my thrusts.

She reached a hand behind her and grabbed my hip, stopping my movements, then turned her head and gave me a sultry look.  Carefully, she raised her other knee and crawled forward on the bed, letting my dick slide out of her. I knew the look and followed her onto the bed, going to my knees behind her.  As I came close, she reached for my cock and guided it into her.

“Oh yes,” she cried. Again, our movements complemented each other, her hips coming back to meet mine with increased speed and force.  Our bodies slapped together as Ann encouraged me. “God! Yes! Harder!” I upped my pace, driving into her while I grabbed her hips and pulled. Soon, we were both gasping for air, and our pace slowed.

Her arms getting tired from supporting herself, Ann rolled over on her back and spread her knees apart.  I shifted forward, my shaft leading the way and finding its goal on its own. I stopped and looked down at Ann. Her large breasts with their wide areolas rose and fell with each breath. Her long blond hair flowed across the comforter.

She looked up at me and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I replied, “It’s been a while, and there is less of you to fuck now.”

She smiled, blushed, and said, “Oh, thanks.” She felt proud of what she’d accomplished, and I did too, but right now, I needed to fuck her.  I slammed my cock deep into her without warning.  She closed her eyes quickly and moaned, then smiled and cried out, “Ohh, Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh, god, yes!”

Ann’s tits bounced in rhythm with my pounding. She put her hand on her clit and rubbed furiously. Her breathing quickened, and her eyes clamped shut.  Suddenly, her body shook, and she let out a long moan. I stopped moving and watched as six weeks of frustration crashed across her body. The waves of contractions splashed across her like waves on a beach. It lasted longer than most of her orgasms and was obviously more powerful than the norm.

As the pulses grew farther apart and less powerful, she was able to catch her breath.  Looking up at me, she grinned and said, “Your turn.”

I smiled back, grabbed her leg, and raised her hip, twisting her slightly.  I began to fuck her with slow, long, and hard strokes. She moaned her approval. Her pussy was flowing with her wetness and began making sloppy wet noises with every stroke.  I picked up my pace and pounded harder.

“Oh, it’s so deep! Yes! Fuck my pussy!” she cried out. Her encouragement, along with the wet sounds and the view of her tits bouncing on her chest, drove me over the edge.  My body shook as my cock shot into her over and over.

Ann’s eyes opened with surprise. “Wow! You filled me good!” she said between gasps.

We sat motionless until we had both recovered and were breathing normally.  I couldn’t help but grab Ann’s tits with both hands one last time before I pulled my softening dick from her soaked hole.  We both staggered around while the blood in our bodies flowed back to all the usual areas. I pulled my underwear and pajama bottoms back on, and Ann finally slipped into the black nighty she’d taken out earlier but never had a chance to put on. The thin straps were even more tangled than when she first got it off the hooks.  I helped her straighten them and slid it over her head.

“This didn’t fit me this well before,” she told me.

I looked. A smile grew across my face, and I nodded in agreement. I walked over and unlocked the bedroom door, opening it slightly, and then returned to my side of the bed.  Ann slid into her side and restacked all the pillows. She straightened the sheets and comforter, covering the wet spots we made on the bed. We both nuzzled into each other and relaxed. I reached for the remote to find something else to watch. The clock in the room read 7:24 PM. We hadn’t come close to the 8 o’clock time that she’d set, and neither of us cared.  Both of us were basking in the afterglow of our incredible lovemaking. We held each other the rest of the night while we watched our shows, both hoping that it wouldn’t be six weeks before we did this again. And it wasn’t.

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3 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    If there were awards for stories posted to MH then you would get one for this story! This is such a beautiful story! All marriages have times when sex isn’t possible and the coming back together is glorious… just like your story. This was a story of passionate mutual seduction. Your story testified to how wonderful married sex can be!

    I also want to say that you handled your wife’s weight loss beautifully. It’s clear that you loved her and found her sexy before the weight loss, but you were also proud of her for losing the weight. My wife and I both have lost some weight over the last year. We loved each other before, but we are proud of each other too.

    I think that God is happy to have His married children sharing loving passion (like your story describes). I even think we glorify Him by loving our spouse in this kind of passionate way. May He continue to bless you both.

  2. bedtiger says:

    Really loved this story. Loved the way you were honest about your struggles, my wife and I have great sex but we’ve had our problems and dry spells from time to time.

    Also love the picture, it’s nice to have, shall we say, “realistically proportioned” men and women depicted as being sexy! (Because we are!)

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this story, it’s so honest and loving. All marriages have those dry spells at times. Your story shows how you love and support each other during these times. Also shows the joys of coming back together in intimacy—how wonderful it can be!

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