A Bad Dream and the End to a Tricky Situation

I had a nightmare last night—this morning, actually, because it disturbed me so much that it woke me up at 6:27 a.m. That’s kind of early for a night owl who is retired from work. I don’t usually get up for at least an hour later than that.

Bad Dream

I dreamed that my wife and I were on a bus tour of the western North American national parks. In my dream, we had gone to Banff, Yoho, Jasper, Glacier, Yellowstone, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. (All are National Parks that we actually HAVE visited.) In my dream, the tour guide kept choosing Melodie (my wife) to be one of the tourists to get a free helicopter or plane tour of the parks because she was a biologist (in the dream) and she could tell all about the animals seen from the air in each park. I was starting to get jealous.

“Why don’t I get to go on an aerial tour?” I asked myself. But the tour guide always chose Melodie, and not me. (In the dream I was a biologist too.) I was beginning to suspect ulterior motives on our tour guide’s part.

Then the dream got much worse. In the next part, we were at the end of our tour and attending a reception at a cafe on the top story of a Las Vegas hotel. They passed out the room keys, and my wife took ours. My wife and I then got separated as we walked around and talked with people from our tour group. I was still feeling grumpy and jealous about all those aerial tours she’d gotten to go on, so I decided to go down to our room. I was so mad I hadn’t considered that I didn’t have a key, nor did I know our room number.

As I entered the elevator, I saw our tour guide there too—just the two of us in the elevator. He had handed out the keys, so he was able to tell me the room number: 65. He got off on the second floor, and I went on to the ground floor. But he had failed to tell me that my room was on the hotel’s second floor, so I ended up wandering around for a while looking for it. I thought to myself, “Well, at least I will be able to get in because, by the time I find the room, Melodie will be there with the keys.”

I finally found the hotel room, and the door wasn’t quite clicked closed. I opened the door and got the shock of my life! There lay my wife, naked in the bed, and our fully clothed tour guide had his head between her legs, licking her where only my tongue is allowed.

The tour guide saw me come in. He got up and walked past me and out the door, but he gave me a self-satisfied smirk first.  I was about to punch him, but I was in shock, so I just stood there.

The dream upset me so much that I woke up. I didn’t view this as some Freudian fantasy; both my dreaming subconscious self and my awake, fully cognizant self were seriously upset. My first wife had been unfaithful, but I had always been able to trust Melodie. That trust is part of the strength of our marriage.

Back to reality

It was 6:27 a.m., and Melodie looked beautiful and peaceful as she slept. I had to remind myself that it had all been a nightmare. But my kind and sexy wife would soon make it up to me. (Although, in reality, she hadn’t done anything wrong.)

After a little while, she opened her eyes, and I told her I was upset with her. (I was kidding, of course.). When one of us has a nightmare, we tell our spouse about it, and that helps the dreamer to clear their head. So I told her the dream as we snuggled while I held her PJ covered breasts in my palm.

Now understand that this was still a tricky situation because she was still getting over a rash on her ladyparts, and we had made love the day before. So, while we had been somewhat careful, the activity made her more sore anyway. Scheduled intercourse wouldn’t happen for one more day. Melodie had an orgasm yesterday; during typical morning sex, she usually has two orgasms, but she sometimes only has one and occasionally three or four! But after a sex session, Melodie prefers to recharge a few days before she goes for the big O again. She can orgasm two days in a row, but nowadays, she doesn’t usually seek to get there that frequently. So she wasn’t feeling like doing anything else this morning, plus she was still irritated down South.

I felt emotionally better (mostly recovered from the dream) and started getting turned on as I began to massage her covered boobs gently. She has beautiful, full breasts with which I am admittedly obsessed. She reminded me that this wasn’t that kind of day, but I told her I needed healing. I know; I’m insistent and a bit of a pest.

You’d think that, after nearly 30 years of marriage, I would have calmed down more—but nope! I still find Melodie absolutely ravishingly. And I wanted to ravish her right then.

But we followed the rules of our schedule. We had bought a Big Man masturbator, and it hadn’t worked the first time, so we decided to give it another try. I was so hard by then that we thought maybe the masturbator would work. It did! First, I lubed it up with both KY Jelly and liquified coconut oil. Then Melodie stripped for me and lay back down next to me. I loved watching her beautiful naked body move as she slid onto the bed. She sucked and licked my nipple as I used the Big Man masturbator on my hard erection—and I came very nicely.

Afterward, we cuddled, but I just couldn’t resist massaging her beautiful boobs. She thought we were done and that, due to still recovering from an allergic reaction to fabric softener, she probably should wait another day before we had sexual intercourse. But my persuasive touches soon became my lips on her nips, and her protestations ended. I focused mostly on her closer right nipple.

I could see her cross the line into “I want it!” territory. Her face flushed, and she took on a beautiful, youthful appearance that is so identifiable. I KNEW she was going to go for an orgasm, no matter what we finally did.

I applied coconut oil and aloe lube to her ladyparts and stroked her gently there, but she said it felt too irritated for that. So I returned to her lovely breasts with our tip on nip trick. My hard glans rubbing on her nipple drives us both wild. She was also using her bullet vibrator as I masturbated with my head rubbing her closest nipple.

I knew she and I could soon come from doing tip on nip and her using the vibe, but I asked if she wanted intercourse, and she agreed to give it a try. I carefully slid inside her, and the thrusting began. She was obviously enjoying it, but I was aware that she was still somewhat sore, so I came quickly and coated the inside of her pussy with my love cream. Then I slid out of her and up beside her and focused on her left nipple for a while.

Although some people don’t believe we can receive inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I feel we can. And case in point, I suddenly KNEW to switch my oral attentions to Melodie’s right breast and nipple, which resulted in an explosive orgasm for her. She arched her back and looked soooooo beautiful as her body went through the electrical storm of orgasm! I think all kind and loving husbands love to watch their wife’s orgasm show!

Melodie thanked me for our fun time in bed together this morning. And I profusely thanked her for being willing to make love and help me get that awful dream out of my mind. Now, it seems silly that I was so upset; but when the nightmare woke me, I really was disturbed. Thankfully, Melodie let me experience the incredible healing power in the passion between Man and Wife. And she had fun too.

I told her today, as we lay together in the afterglow, “There are worse things in life than having a husband that is crazy about you and having him find your body beautiful and sexy beyond belief!” She rewarded this comment by her lips returning to my nips as I masturbated to my third orgasm of the morning.

The day after tomorrow should be a scheduled quickie day. I will need to judge whether Melodie wants to go for her own orgasm. Our definition of a quickie is sexual intercourse when only I go for a climax. Of course, I can sometimes help her change her mind. I admit that it is fun to persuade her, but I do have to respect our schedule. And for two senior citizens with health challenges, I can’t complain because we have had full lovemaking sessions (with us both coming) three of the last four days. I think that we are doing pretty well in our shared sex life! God willing, we can last a few more years together.

One final note: I know that my wife is utterly faithful to me. The nightmare does not resemble our reality. We both reverence the Lord and his commandments for fidelity in marriage.


We look forward to Melodie’s ladyparts being fully healthy again so that sex is not such a tricky situation. I miss my tastes of strawberry cream pie direct from her pussy.  (Our aloe lube is strawberry flavored, and I provide the cream.)

Update: Now, a few days later, my cute wife is 99% healed up. Before making love this morning, she called the doctor to cancel her follow-up appointment.

We just made love and had a lovely time, although we were dumb enough to answer a call from a lady from our church. (Still, it was an important call about helping someone.) But that call came after our first round of licking, flicking, sucking, and coming. After it, we enjoyed a very pleasant round two, but we had to re-focus on each other again. Of course, I love focusing on Melodie and her gorgeous curvy body, made all the nicer because the sexy body is attached to a kind and loving wife.

So, I guess this is our last “Tricky Situation” story. Thanks for reading. I hope you see that although sometimes you have to adjust for circumstances, married sex is still the best by far! Praise the Lord, and keep on loving your spouse in glorious passion, the way God intended. And may single readers find hope for their future from our stories of marital love—or may they remember the good times they shared with their beloved.

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