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It was late. I lay on my back in bed, trying to sleep. My wife, with her head on my shoulder and a hand resting on my chest, slept peacefully; I could tell by the depth and rhythm of her breathing. So when her hand began moving, it pleasantly surprised me. At first, it glided gently over my chest, then slowly slipped down and under the sheet to my groin. Since I was naked (I usually sleep that way), the sheet had been the only barrier between her hand and my package.

I felt myself harden as her fingers slowly closed around my shaft and begin to stroke. She started slowly, then picked up the pace.
I glanced at her face, but she appeared to be still asleep; she must have been subconsciously very horny. Kissing her forehead, I lay my head back and closed my eyes, thoroughly enjoying the handjob.

Shortly thereafter, she shifted slightly so that she could use both hands on my penis. She usually alternates hands to keep one from getting too tired, but this time she went all out. When she shifted, she also placed her top leg over mine and pressed her hips against my thigh. I moved my own leg, gently increasing the pressure on her clitoris. She gasped, pausing her work on my penis as she moaned before dry humping my leg and pumping my dick in earnest.

This was great! I slid my hand under her over-sized t-shirt and ran my hand over the smooth skin of her bare back. Then I leaned over and kissed her. She returned the kiss with another moan, then went back to pumping and humping.

I felt my body tensing as she picked up the pace and I neared climax. I could tell that she was close too from the way she squirmed, moaned, and humped my thigh with ever-increasing intensity. I was but a few strokes from orgasm when the unexpected happened: groaning with longing, she released my throbbing shaft, rolled onto her back, and plunged a hand down her panties. I was so close that I nearly cried out, but I would not begrudge her her own orgasm. Quickly, I grasped my penis with one hand and a tissue with the other. Sure enough, it only took a few hurried strokes before I shot my load, catching most in the tissue.

This was not the time to relax, though, as my wife’s moans and whimpers grew in intensity. Leaning over, I kissed her passionately and slid a hand under her shirt to caress her breasts. The hand attending to her swollen clit increased its tempo, and I felt her body tense as the waves of pleasure crashed over her.

Shuddering as the orgasm subsided, she kissed me again, slid the hand from her undies, and rolled over away from me. Happy, satisfied, and in love, I slid next to her and spooned my lovely wife as I whispered a silent prayer of thanks and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I asked her if she had fun last night, but she did not recall a thing. I guess she really was asleep the whole time.

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  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Very sexy! Donโ€™t think thatโ€™s ever happens to us. However, I have awakened from a dream and started humping his leg until I wake him to give me what I need! Thanks for sharing your story.

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