Midnight Mouths

For reasons that I don’t fully understand, ever since our first year of marriage, there have been several nights – in the middle of the night – where the Mrs. and I get a little… mouthy.

Here’s what I mean.

One night, I woke up next to her. A strong, blue moon sent streaks across the bed through the blinds, and for some reason that I can’t remember, I awoke suddenly. Wide awake. And here’s where it gets interesting. I don’t know if it was because of a dream I had or the urges I was feeling, but the moment I realized I was awake and not dreaming, I rolled over and started to passionately kiss her—as in our-first-Valentine’ s-Day passionately, when we first asked each other if we “wanted to try tongue.” I literally opened my eyes and rolled over to taste her lips, as if that was why I woke up! Not a moment passed between my waking up randomly and me rolling over. It just happened.

Now, I have no idea if she was expecting this, but as soon as I started to put my mouth on hers, she opened hers to receive mine and pulled me into her. It’s like we both had this dreamy, smooth, magnetic pull toward each other that passed beyond whatever energy we thought we’d need while melting together in the sheets. It felt almost as if our bodies took over, and we were merely sleepy spectators of what our flesh required from each other’s mouths.

Our kissing began as a slow and sloppy tasting of each other’s lips. We found an organic rhythm of sucking each other’s top and bottom lip interchangeably. I would suck and tug on her top; she would nibble and suckle on my bottom—back and forth. Mind you, we were still half asleep, so we may have even been drooling a bit on each other while we enjoyed a midnight make-out. Then the tongues began to play, but they came in slowly. I felt her warm, little tongue emerge and caress my top lip, and I returned the favor by flicking it back and then caressing her bottom lip with mine. But this quickly escalated into a competition of who could get their tongue deeper in the other’s mouth. This was probably one of the hottest moments of the night. We opened our mouths as wide as they could go and let what was practically the full length of our tongues enter and explore the wet, warm contours of each other’s space. Tongues swirled, and cheeks blushed as the deep vibrations of our moans buzzed in our faces. But Mrs. Kitty started to get ideas…

I felt my tongue get sucked in as she focused her sucking first on the tip and then engulfed the rest of my wet, long tongue. She bobbed her head up and down, slurping my saliva, the same way she bobs her sweet head when she goes down on me after the gym—same energy and rhythm. I got the idea, so I simply kept my mouth open and held my tongue out for her to enjoy. (I should also mention that we were both butt-naked during our impromptu night-smooching, so I was as hard as a rock by now. She had opened her thighs so that I could place my stiff Husky meat between her smooth legs and hump a bit for some “outer-course.”) After she had her fill of my tongue and after another love bite or two, she spoke.

” Close your mouth.” It came with such a drowsy, dark tone that I couldn’t tell if she was seducing me officially or still tired. I decided on both!

I did as she said and closed my mouth, perking my lips for one last kiss. Then she spoke again.

“You have to be cleaned, puppy.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by this, but then I found out.

She spread her tongue across my lips in one, smooth lick. Then she did it again the other way. She used the tip of her tongue to tease my lips, but when I moved to nibble on hers, she snapped back, “Nope! Keep ’em closed…” Her tongue didn’t stop. Her slow, warm tongue, still fresh with the scent of mint toothpaste, kept petting and lapping against my mouth. And honestly, there was something about it—something about the animal spirit of it (calling to mind how some animals give “tongue baths”) and how she was dominating me a little bit while I was “cleaned” from being “dirty.” It was way hotter than I anticipated, so I just went with it.

Needless to say, my face-licking eventually led me to wet her thighs with quite a bit of pre-cum. That was when I started to hump in between her legs, using my pre-cum as a kind of lubricant. My wife’s thighs are awesome: round and milky, with enough to grab, and she obliged me by squeezing her legs together. My wet, slip-and-slide action, along with my mouth now soaked from her tongue, drove me over the edge.

But it wasn’t enough.

I rolled over on top of her and let my cock and legs open hers so that I could slide on in! My entire man piece hovered over her womanhood as I reached under the bed for a condom. (We kept a stash handy back then.) Once I threw one on, I pushed it into her as she let out what I could only call a cross between a growl and purr—low and feminine, intense and sexy. Once I was inside and my body pressed into hers, my mouth landed right back onto hers, and I gave her my tongue. It prodded and caressed her own as we moaned into each other’s wet throats. I decided to match my thrusting with the thrusts and angles of my tongue, and soon our moans joined, everything paced in time to my humping.

Dick+tongue+moan. Dick+tongue+moan. Dick+tongue+moan. Dick+tongue+moan. Dick+tongue+moan. Dick+tongue+moan.

Then everything happened at the same time.

We both shared a long, deep moan. I gave her wonderful pussy one last, deep thrust and shoved my tongue so far into her mouth that she could’ve swallowed it. We clenched each other’s bodies tight. And then, we exploded in passion and warmth at the EXACT same time—a rare event, but she later told me that there was something about the angle of my legs that made everything just right. We kept our embrace and tongue-play going until the climax and post-max subsided. When our mouths finally separated, I realized that we had left the heat on, so we were soaked in sweat from head to toe, with our faces covered and our mouths wet with love-drool. What a wet adventure!

Before closing her eyes again, she said, “Are you a messy Husky?”

I replied, “Only ’cause of you, Mrs. Kitty.”

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13 replies
  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Mmmmmmmm, that was Nice! So Hot! The story brings back a few memories of nights like that. It’s been a long time since we woke in the middle of the night for some hot sex! I remember many nights when a storm would wake us up and we would have great sex. Love your stories; keep writing!

    • HuskyKitty says:

      Thanks. SouthernHeat!! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it was arousing. My wife gets spooked just a little by thunder, so storms usually make us snuggly. But we’ve been known to wake up with needs 😉. This particular night awoke other things in us too! Something experimental and animalistic about the licking… Thanks for the encouragement as always! Be blessed and stay horny! We love your stories as well. – Husky

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story! Never underestimate the power of some great kissing. It is easy once married and getting to enjoy ALL the benefits of each other to forget how great kissing is. But I still really love a good make out session with my wife. Don’t ever loose that, y’all. Keep it up!

    • HuskyKitty says:

      Thank you so much!! We definitely like to experiment and add things to make our love-making more spicy. We usually talk and fantasy about all the things we dreamed about doing as teens and use that as fuel to keep the fire going. More often than not, a hot make-out session, with tongue, turns up the heat a lot. We love your stories as well, StillLikeNewlyWeds! Be blessed and horny. 😉

    • HuskyKitty says:

      Oh my wifey usually does, Tulsa! A few days after this story actually took place, the Mrs. woke me up with my morning wood down her throat. The tugging of her mouth and moaning woke me up. It was amazing. The mouths always get creative. 😉 Thanks for reading! More to come in October. Be blessed – Husky

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh, my! So hot! Rez and I have experienced this animalistic urge as well, even calling each other by "pet" names like you guys. Panting, whining, growling, lapping at each other's muzzles—I mean mouths… I've even gone so far as to purchase ears and tails for dress up and photography, though we seldom pull them out. Might have to after reading this, though!

    • HuskyKitty says:

      It’s hard to resist “muzzle” time, CrazyHappyLoved! 😉 Especially since our pet names just so happen to be animals…That sounds CRAZY hot! In fact, our anniversary is approaching and my Mrs. offered herself for a sexy photo shoot with my own personal touches. I just might get her some ears, tail, and a leash! Maybe a new story will come out of it! 👍🏼 More stories coming in October. Be blessed and I hope you and Rez stay horny for each other! – Husky

  4. Lincs17 says:

    This is a fabulously sexy story HuskyKitty. I live in the UK and been happily married to my wife since 2017. One of the things I love about this story is how spontaneous and close you are and it’s full of not only your love for each other but Gods love and blessing too. I did especially enjoy the fact you were at the time happy to use condoms as the use of protection within marriage is not something that is not really discussed by my fellow Christians. (We are Methodists by the way). Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to Seeing your next story. 👍🏻

    • HuskyKitty says:

      Hi Lincs17, thanks so much for reading! There will definitely be more to come soon. You and your Mrs. sound like Mrs. Kitty and myself for sure…glad you were drawn to my account. It was a fun memory to revisit! 😉 Hope it aroused you both. (Also, yay John Wesley! We’re both Methodists ourselves per say, but read a lot of the Wesleys). God bless you and stay horny!

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