The Show (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and involves anal play (A).
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Last night was the most exciting and sensual “disappointment” possible.  You can read about it here.

I was invited to a solo masturbation show by my wife, but we ended up on the kitchen table making passionate love.  She promised me that the show was just postponed and not cancelled.  And now it was “Showtime!!”

I was so eager to receive this very special blessing from my wife.  Watching her masturbate has always been and will always be one of my favorite erotic gifts that she can give me.  As I walked into the living room my blood pressure shot up.  Lucy was clearly dressed to excite me—and she was 100% successful.   Allow me to paint a word-picture for you.

She was dressed as a schoolgirl in a very short, checkered school dress.  Her bum was showing and there was no panty to obstruct my view.  She wore short white socks and high heels.  Her hair was tied in two pigtails on the side of her head.  The buttons could not close because the dress was a few sizes to small and her perky boobs were screaming for attention.  She pretended that she did not know that I was there, and kept on dropping things on the floor and would then bend over to pick them up with her back towards me and without bending her legs.  Every time, I would see her swollen pussy lips.  Sweet torture!!

Lucy turned around very slowly, spread her legs, and lifted her short little dress to reveal her completely bare pussy.  She slipped her finger between her lips and very slowly circled her clit.

“How would you like to see just how many orgasms this little flower can have?” Lucy asked.

My jaw dropped, and I heard myself swallowing.  “I will stand in awe if you can show me more than five.  What must I do to have the privilege?”

“Leave all your clothes here; there is a chair in the bedroom where you can take a seat and close your eyes until I say you may open them!  No peeping!  You will find a bottle of coconut oil on the side-table.  I think you are going to need it.  You can oil-up my friend but no playing—yet!”

A professional stripper could not have beaten me.  I was naked in less than one minute and left the bundle on the kitchen floor. I jumped in the shower for a very quick cleanup and then walked naked to our room. It was a lovely warm evening, but I had goosebumps over my entire body.

The stage was set.  Lucy had very soft light with a number of candles all over the room.  Soft, gentle music was playing, and there was a strong smell of lavender in the room.  I sat down and grabbed the bottle of coconut oil.  After I squirted an ample amount onto my cock, I used my hand to make sure that I was well lubricated.  I had a massive hard-on, and pre-cum was already dripping down my leg onto the seat and floor.  I closed my eyes and waited.

As Lucy walked into the room, I could immediately smell her.  There was a mixture of the Apple Blossom perfume that she loved using when she was in the mood for making love, but there was also an added mixture of the smell of her pussy that was extremely ‘over heated.’  I could hear her moving around in the room, and then her special fragrance suddenly became much stronger.  The next moment, I nearly jumped up from shock as she put her mouth over my dripping cock and just gave it a strong suck and a twirl around the head with her tongue—and then her mouth was gone.  My body was shaking all over.

“Remember, no peeping unless I say you may!”  I sat there dripping and shaking with raw excitement.  She was sitting very close to me, I knew because I could hear her fingers rubbing her pussy.  The next moment, I felt her feet as she put them on the arm-rests of the chair that I was sitting on.  (She was sitting on the bed with her feet on the chair and her legs spread open, and I was not allowed to look!)  The sounds seemed to be extremely amplified because I could not see, but my imagination was going wild and creating images.  There was a very fast ‘flap-flap-flap-flap’ noise, and I could imagine her one hand keeping her pussy-lips open while the other hand went wild over her clit.  Her breathing and the sounds coming from her told me that my wife was very close to reaching her first orgasm for the night.  (Later she told me that she already had had three earlier, just before I arrived home.)

Then Lucy shouted, “Open your eyes Max. Look, Max, looook! I’m cumming!”  As I opened my eyes, she was sitting completely spread open before me, her pussy pulsating and dripping while her hand was a blur as she tortured her clit.  She fell back on the bed and I could see her entire body shaking.  What a woman!  What passion!  What beauty!

My lover just lay there, breathing deeply and trying to recover.  After about a minute, she reached up and put her hand under the pillow, and when she withdrew it, I saw her purple Swan vibrator.

Her legs were still spread wide apart, and it was easy for her to insert her pussy-and-clit vibrator.  She was so wet that it slipped in with no resistance.  It was already buzzing as it slipped in, and her clit was so sensitive that she started cumming within a few seconds.

What happened next was one of my great pleasures.  She went into one of her orgasm rolls.  She was having a stream of orgasms that become impossible to count.  I have experienced this many times, but it still amazes me.  She plunged the vibrator in and out at an extreme speed. As her orgasms rushed through her pussy, she would suddenly push it in as deep as possible and keep it there while the next orgasms crashes through her body.  Then she would start ramming it in-and-out again for the next one.  She continued for five or six, then fell back and let go of her toy.  It slipped out and fell on the floor between her legs.  She was exhausted but not done yet.

By this time my one hand was fondling my balls while the other was moving up and down over the head of my swollen cock as slow as it could.  It was pure torture not to go wild, but The Show was not over.

After a few minutes, she called me closer and told me to get “Whitey” out of the drawer.  (“Whitey” is a very thin and straight vibrator that she loves in her ass.)  As I turned around, she was already standing on her knees, waiting for me.  I took the bottle of coconut oil and used my fingers to get her ass well lubricated before I gently pushed “Whitey” in and turned the switch to full speed.

She stood on her knees for a while and just enjoyed the vibrations.  Her nipples were so hard that they looked like the erasers on a school pencil.  I put my hand underneath her and started playing with her nipples, and her body started responding immediately.  I could see her ass starting to contract around the vibrator, and I increased the pressure on her nipples.  As I twisted and pulled them, her breathing became deeper and she started making sounds like a little puppy. Then, she exploded.  She growled, and the only word coming from her mouth was, “Fuck, fuck, fu-u-u-ck!”

After waiting for her to start relaxing, I started removing the toy from her little hole, but she immediately said, “No! Keep it in! I am not finished!”

As I pushed it back in, her hand started rubbing her clit.  She was calmer and made slow circles around and around her little love-button that was not little at all.  It was so swollen that it could have been a tiny penis.

“Play with your cock.  I want you to pull the vibrator out the moment I start cumming again, and I want you to cum on my little hole.”

I could hardly wait.  My passion was overflowing; I really needed to cum. My hand grabbed my cock and very slowly opened and closed the foreskin over my extremely sensitive head.  I had to make sure that my timing for the moment of cumming would give Lucy what she wanted.  I stood spread-legged, and my balls were hanging very low.

Lucy put one hand between her legs, stretched back, and touched my balls while her other hand was still making tender love to her clit.  She pulled me closer, and my cock was now only about two inches from her ass.

I was trying my best not to cum because, at this point, I was nothing but a cock!  It felt as if my body had vanished and I had become nothing but one big cock, every nerve in my body screaming for release.  The head was so sensitive that it was like being attached to an electric socket.

Then it all happened.  Lucy started shaking, and through clenched teeth, I heard her. “Now! Give me your cum!  Ohhhh, fuuuuck!”

I pulled the vibrator out, dropped it, and steadied myself while I started cumming on her little ass, over her back, and watched as some landed in her hair.  When my cum hit her, it pushed her over the edge. I think we sounded like two animals as we grunted and screamed.  We were really out of control.  I could not remain standing.  My legs buckled and I dropped on the bed next to my wife and rolled onto my back.

Sperm was still dripping down my cock when Lucy put her mouth over it, started sucking very softly, and swallowed the last bit of cum.  My hand slipped into her pussy, and I started fingering her with four fingers at the same time.  And that brought on her last orgasm.

We fell asleep in one another’s arms and only woke up about two hours later.  I awoke with an erection and, only after a few seconds, realized that my wife had my cock in her mouth.  This is what woke me up: my wife sucking me.  Wow!

She just took me out of her mouth long enough to say, “I had about 10 orgasms, and you only had one.  Just relax and allow me to give you some tender love.  All you have to tell me is do you want to cum quickly, or can I take my time?”

I was such an obedient boy.  How could I argue with my wife? I chose the long road.

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15 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Wow that was so damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥! Watching my wife masturbate is my favorite thing to look at… ever. The whole thing was hot, but especially loved the vibe up the ass with hard nipples like erasers! Mmmmm. I have a massive 🍆🍆🍆 now and need to give myself some relief! I have already added this to my “favorites” list!

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    Wow you’ve done it again, Climaxx!!!!!! I always love your stories; they always get my juices going! So hot, your Lucy. You're a blessed man. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  3. SilverGold says:

    That is marriage heat full blast! The heat kept building and the finale crescendo left me ready to read more! This story guarantees that the reader will experience a warm, soothing and satisfying awakening of clit or cock!

  4. Tulsa says:

    Hot Hot Story!!! I agree with the WOW!
    Who doesn't like a show?

    I remember the first surprise show my wife put on for me. She had been to a toy party with a bunch of friends. A few cocktails, looking at dildos and vibrators, and all the talk about sex, got her wound up and horny. Worked for me when she got home too!
    I always wondered how many of the other husband got a show that night, or at least their brains boinked out!!!

  5. ClimaXX says:

    I think all of us that write for MH have some exhibitionism and some voyeurism in our veins. We just love bringing extra eyes into our bedroom to enjoy our lovemaking. It gives us the feeling that we are being watched and that is a thrill. Maybe we would just love to tell a special friend about last night's fucking and you guys, who read our stories, are THOSE FRIENDS who enjoy listening.

  6. Giants05 says:

    Wow such a hot story. Loved it and so did my wife. First night on here reading the stories before bed. She loved it so much! I went to go to sleep and before I know it, my wife crawls into bed w not a thing on 😉

    • ClimaXX says:

      Hi there Giants05. I think one of the great things about MH is that we can share stories with our spouses. Reading it can be so much fun. Do you want to try something SPECIAL? Ask your wife to read this story to you while you are busy licking her pussy and sucking her clit. You will be surprised to see what it does to her.

    • Giants05 says:

      Even better..we just got done reenacting this. She surprised me w/ a schoolgirl outfit, and I suprised her w/ a new sex toy… Thank you, Maxx.

  7. ClimaXX says:

    Is there anyone out there who would like to try my suggestion as well and then tell us about what happened?
    Ask your wife to read this story ☝️out loud while you suck and lick her clit. We are waiting to hear from you.

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