Like a Flash

Your planning was perfect.  You spent time on yourself, getting the shortest dress from your wardrobe and shaving your delicious pussy.  You knew I would be alone at my office—apart from my receptionist, and she’s very aware of the wild blood that pumped through our veins.  Just before leaving for my office, you use your rabbit-ear vibrator to get your pussy nice and ready for me, and you leave your soaking panty next to our bed.

You shiver spasmodically as the shock waves rush through you, the unmistakable satisfaction of my super-horny wife. For a moment, you lie still, and then you utter an almost inaudible sigh: “Thank you—that was delicious. You fuck like a master.” The next moment, you’re gone. My door closes again automatically.

I think of the sudden passion. Was it seven, or maybe only ten minutes? The knock on the door, a recognizable code. It opens, and you walk to the desk where you sit blatantly on it, spreading your legs. Then, lying down comfortably, you gracefully open your smooth legs even further and command: “Suck my clit until I cum and until my pussy is wet and dripping, and then I want you to fuck me. We do not have time to waste, so do it now!”  The smell of your hot pussy intoxicated me as I go down on you and suck your clit into my mouth. You taste delicious.  I will never grow tired of the taste of your juices.

You are so ready and worked up that you have your first orgasm in less than two minutes and a second one only a minute later.   I stand up, drop my pants to the floor, and then ram my dripping cock into you. My attack on you is like a machine gun: automatic action. And then I lose all control as I fill your pussy with my cum.

You drip on the floor on your way out.

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    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      I would love doing this! We used to own our own business and made use of his office after hours after leaving the kids with a sitter. Those were some fun times! Unfortunately, with a window that looked out on the shop floor, we couldn’t get away with it during the day.

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