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A lovely summer evening stretched before us. I’d finished work, and the kids had already been put to bed and were fast asleep. Now it was just the two of us! We talked for a little bit and caught up on the day’s events. Then my wife looked at me and said, “I’m feeling a little horny tonight. Mind if we masturbate together?”

I let her know that I was feeling the same way and readily agreed. We slipped out of our clothes and just stared at each other. She looked just as beautiful as the first day we met, with the most perfect breasts of any I have ever seen. Not large by any means, but perfectly symmetrical. (I am one of those guys who loves it when breasts are smaller than a C cup.) Her olive-tan skin combined with her brown areolas and nipples excited me every time I saw them.

I started getting hard the moment I saw her, and she slowly reached her hand down between her legs. “Let me see you touch yourself,“ I requested.

Thankfully, she obliged and let me watch as her finger lightly tapped on her clitoris. She knows that always drives me wild! I began stroking in a slow rhythm, attempting to keep from coming all over myself. As she got wetter, she slipped her two middle fingers inside of her pussy and curled them upward, forming a shape like the letter “U.” Instead of going in and out, she began moving her hand up and down. This resulted in her two fingers gently tapping on her G spot every time she pulled up, driving her into sexual ecstasy.

She neared orgasm; her body began to shake as she slowly lost control. A massive wave of orgasmic energy radiated throughout her body as she came. Then she collapsed with a huge smile on her face as she watched the ropes of cum shooting from the end of my cock.

After taking a moment to relax, we decided it was time to clean ourselves up. It had been an amazing and intimate time with powerful orgasms for both of us. Reluctantly, we blew each other a kiss and determined to have another session—but with actual sex—when I got home on Friday.

We said our goodnights and hung up.

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4 replies
  1. Daryl says:

    Traveling during the week was a challenge for me, and ended up often with solo action. Video chat is so great and can be so hot. You are a very lucky couple to share such intimacy.

  2. LovingMan says:

    I loved this story. You got me with that surprise ending! I didn’t see it “cumming!”
    Phone sex has taken on a new meaning with the advances in technology! Many years ago WE (my wife & I) had phone sex the old fashioned way when circumstances put us at opposite sides of the country! Please keep on writing!

  3. Tulsa says:

    Great story, and good for you two!
    Back when I was travelling a lot, and for extended periods, we used to get off together the old fashioned way. By phone! You know, those black plastic things tethered to the wall? 🙂
    We did use some video chat later. So much better!

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