Stranger’s Sailboat

At a luxury resort in southern France, Felicia sauntered the open corridors on her way down to the dining room.  This was vacation in the Mediterranean at its finest.  The hotel was extravagant but classy, with traditional design, private paths winding along several wide pools, and gorgeous landscaping.  Plus, it sat right on the sea.  What more could anyone ask for?

Felicia had been out in the spa, enjoying a lazy doze in the hot water.  Typically, she wore swim shorts and a fairly modest top, but she was in a bikini on this occasion.  Thank goodness her family wasn’t here, or they’d be shocked.  Yet, she wasn’t sure why they should be.  She was a woman and gloried in her womanhood.  Maybe she wasn’t Hollywood material, but she was healthy, trim, and feminine, and in this opulent setting, she felt comfortable showing more of her tanned, curvaceous body.  The sensation of sitting there, two little triangles of fabric hardly covering her nipples and her bare butt cheeks flexing against the stone seat, gave her a delightful thrill.  With her brown-black hair piled into a messy bun, her makeup minimal, and her attitude carefree, she lounged for a good forty minutes, not really noticing the other guests.

One of them had noticed her, which was no surprise, considering what an eye-catching picture she made.  With her head resting against a cushion, arms spread along the edge of the hot tub, her cleavage rising and sinking with her slow breaths, a warm color in her tanned cheek, she’d draw anyone’s gaze.  The man, sitting at a table by the pool, tried to control his eyes but found himself glancing over several times.  When she finally stepped out, her wet body shining in the sunny late afternoon glow, he swallowed.  Whew, those were the most beautiful legs he’d ever seen! And the rounded breasts, so neat and yet seductive in their twin hammocks, jiggled enough to send a hot nudge to his shaft.

Now she was dressed in a light pink dress, more in her modest style, but still very pretty.  Her hair was down, flowing wildly in beachy waves over her back and shoulders.  She’d grabbed a flower from a bush as she passed and tucked it behind her ear.

When she entered the big, airy dining room, she paused, waiting for someone to escort her to a table.  A waiter came up and said there was a nice spot at the bar if she liked.  She did.  Once seated, she scanned the dining room carefully.  Her eye caught that of the man from the pool area.  He offered a polite bow with his head and a small smile, his eyebrow twitching somewhat flirtatiously.  Felicia just returned the nod and looked elsewhere in a very coy womanly fashion.  But she saw the man standing up and coming her way in her peripheral vision.

“You’re the only other American I’ve met at this place so far,” he said in greeting, taking the stool beside her and setting down the drink in his hand.

“We haven’t met yet,” Felicia observed archly.

“I think we’re going to,” he rejoined with a confident smile.  His eyes, meantime, were roving over her face and down her clothed breasts and body.  “A beautiful woman can’t come in here and just sit by herself.”

Felicia couldn’t help chuckling a little; he was a bit of a flatterer.  She decided to keep up the repartee.  “How do you know my husband isn’t going to join me any minute?”

Instead of looking defeated, the man leaned in closer.  “I know that no man in his right mind would let you out of his sight for a second,” he declared in a deliberate tone that sounded very sexy to her.

“You’re a lot like him,” she mused once she gathered some words.  “Handsome in a classic way.  Same eyes.  I love blue eyes that pierce into my soul.”

“I’m, uh, not sure it’s your soul I want to pierce right now.”

“Why, you little perverted…” Felicia wanted to both laugh and slap him.  “I guess you have a name?”


“I’m Felicia.”

Rick shook her hand, hesitating to let it go.  She noticed.

“Are you married, Rick?”

He laughed a little ruefully and turned to take a quick swig of his drink.  “Yeah.”

“Your wife with you?”


“Now it’s my turn to wonder what woman lets a man like you out of her sight,” Felicia said with that feminine archness.

“Oh, she told me originally she didn’t want to come to the Mediterranean with me.  She doesn’t like to fly,” he explained, facing her again with those wandering eyes.

“Ah.  So you took the trip alone.  I can’t see how that would be very fun.”

“I do.”  Rick was evidently trying to say something without saying it, but Felicia wouldn’t acknowledge it.  At least, not yet.

“There’s plenty to do, though.  Great sailing.  I love going out at sunset.  It’s so romantic.  How about you? Do any fishing or anything? Or are you a complete landlubber?” she asked.

“I’ve sailed a few times.”

“I bet you have.  You’re tan enough to have spent your life on the water.”  Felicia couldn’t help herself.  Rick’s skin was a weathered bronze that just made her hungry to touch it.

“You like sunbathing on a boat?” he questioned with a smile.

“Well, yes, but it depends on who you get as skipper.  I mean, I like to sunbathe nude, so I can’t go out in a boat with just anybody.”

Rick grabbed his chance.  “Look, Felicia, if you’re interested, I’d be glad to take you sailing one of these days.  I’m renting a boat, and it’s not super fun by myself.  And I’m not the pervert you think me.  If you want to sunbathe nude, you won’t have to worry about me.”

Felicia studied him a second.  The chest hair revealed by the unbuttoned top three buttons of his blue dress shirt aroused her.  She’d like to see him shirtless.  Maybe this was her chance.

“Okay.  I’d enjoy it a lot.”

The next day Felicia met Rick down at the pier.  He’d moored a tidy yacht to one of the landings.  He wore white 1950s’ style swim shorts and a blue short-sleeve button-up shirt; he evidently liked blue.  And he was barefoot, which interested Felicia.  He had a free, unencumbered look about him that attracted her.

He, of course, took a second glance at her as she came down the dock.  She had a coral-colored sundress on which was short enough to reveal plenty of leg, a careless high bun, sunglasses, flip-flops, and a small tote bag.

“Hi!” he welcomed.  “You know I was afraid you might back out at the last second.”

“I wouldn’t do that.  It’s too nice a day,” she flirted.

“You look great,” he noted, taking her bag.

“Thanks.  So do you.  Why no shoes?”

“They get in the way.  It’s easier to maneuver the deck without ’em,” he explained.  “Well, you ready to go?”

She smiled and took his offered hand to climb over the boat rail.

“Just make yourself comfortable.  I’ll get her going and switch to sail once we’re out a ways,” and Rick headed up to the cockpit.

Once she made her way to the bow, Felicia pulled out a beach towel and spread it on the shiny wood deck.  The boat motor powered up and slowly backed away from the dock.  She squinted up at Rick through her sunglasses, and he gave her a thumbs-up.  She grinned.

For a few minutes, she lounged on the towel, just enjoying the sea breeze, the flocks of gulls and other birds, and the salty smell in the air.  How gorgeous it was! And a glance up at the cockpit brought Rick back to her attention.  He’d taken off his shirt and stood in a lazily strong attitude behind the wheel, the wind in his brown hair and the sun on his tanned, hairy chest.  Felicia’s gaze lingered for a few seconds.  Maybe he had an average build, but added to a guy who’s six-foot-one and blest with sexy hairy arms and chest and a keen, kind face with a firm mouth, it did something to Felicia.

Maybe that thought, combined with the lure of the sun on her body, moved her to pull her sundress over her head and tuck it into her bag.  Underneath, she was wearing a white bikini, a fashionable cut and very skimpy.  The bottom was basically a thong, and the top…well, her breasts rolled around lusciously in the brief restraint of the white strings.  Then she began rubbing sun lotion down her legs, enjoying the fact that they’d been waxed just a few days earlier and would remain smooth and silky for several more weeks.  She worked her way up, massaging the lotion into her belly, over her breasts and neck, and along her arms.  Once she did her face, she let down her hair and laid back on the towel.  The heat of the sun, combined with the spray in the wind, was intoxicating her.

Up at the steering wheel, Rick had let his eyes stray down to the bow, watching as Felicia undressed and stretched her seductive body on the towel.  She was desirable enough in that bikini; he didn’t need her to go any further.  In fact, he could imagine her naked quite easily.  The picture, stark and sensual in his brain, aroused him.  He felt his shaft throbbing, struggling to expand itself in the tightness of his shorts.  It took effort to guide the boat out to open water with this distraction.  A few more glances at Felicia’s figure, lying there in the sun in near-nudity, flexing her feet in contented relaxation or drawing one leg up, accentuating its shapeliness, and his desire had built up his erection to a full-blown sheik’s tent.

Since the harbor was far behind and few boats were in the general area, Rick felt comfortable enough with cutting the motor and letting the wind take over.  He had to get closer to Felicia.  Yes, he promised he wouldn’t bother her.  But this was too much for any man to handle.

Felicia stirred, noting that the sails were riffling above her.  Today’s wind speed was perfect for sailing.  She glanced up at the cockpit but didn’t see Rick.  Maybe he went down into the cabin.  This was as good a time as any.  Sitting up, she untied her bikini top, allowing her breasts to breathe free.  They weren’t large enough to sag; she’d always wanted bigger ones, but there were perks to having small mounds.  A little more sunscreen massaged into the soft, squeezable globes, and they were all set for their sunbath.  Then she hooked a finger in her bikini bottom and pulled it down her legs.  It felt a little funny to be completely undressed, every private area exposed to anyone who might sail by, including, of course, Rick, but Felicia’s feminine side conquered again, and she relaxed.  She’d bask in this daring act.

She didn’t see Rick, who had ducked into the cabin for a minute to try to calm himself, reappear and step up on the stanchion.  He was looking down at her.  There was no way he was going to miss this chance.  A beautiful naked woman on his boat, and he wouldn’t at least try something? No way.

Slowly he ambled towards her, thinking he was silent.  A splash from a diving bird nearby made her start up, though, and she turned and found him.  He was caught, and he knew she could see the bulge in his shorts.

“Would you mind rubbing sunscreen onto my back?” she asked with the finest imitation of innocence anyone ever pulled off, rolling onto her belly.

Rick didn’t answer, just stepped down and squatted beside her, taking the bottle from her.  For three seconds, he just gazed at her. Everything was so perfect, so womanly.  The tight, rounded butt; the sexy legs; the bare back and shoulders covered with windblown hair… he wanted to touch her, and now he was basically being invited to do so.  Licking his lips slowly, he squeezed lotion into his palm and proceeded to smooth it over her back.

She gave a quiet moan of appreciation, which didn’t help him get any more level-headed.  On the contrary, both his hands were involved now and feeling powerfully drawn lower, towards that curvaceous bottom.  If she spread her legs at all, he thought he’d lose his control and jump her right there.  Wild thoughts popped up unstoppably in his mind’s eye, flashes of kissing her mouth hard, of her hands on his chest and in his hair, of her pulling down his shorts and placing his shaft on her labia and squeezing it between her thighs, wet and squishy with sweat and her aroused fluid.  He must take a leap.

Nonchalantly, he let his hands slip down along her butt and massage the hot, jiggling cheeks.  It elicited another contented sigh from her lips.  Encouraged, he went farther.  The tips of his fingers edged down her butt crack, hesitantly, then a little more daringly, aiming for her labia.  A wave of heat emanating from her slit bathed his hand, and suddenly, she quivered.  He knew he’d touched a very sensitive place—one more bold move to go.  Caressing the wet folds of her labia, he found her hole and plunged a finger deep inside.

Felicia gasped, her whole vulva going taut with delight.  “Oh Rick… yes… yes…” she moaned.  Her hand hastened down to meet his, even joining his finger in her vagina with one of hers.  A touch to her clitoris sent her on a brief shaking episode.

The sight of her body trembling at his touch overpowered Rick.  “I can’t wait… ” he muttered, suddenly withdrawing his hand.  He flipped her over, jerked down his shorts to release that hungry shaft, positioned himself, and rammed it into her hole, practically falling on her and attacking her mouth with his.

Moans and gasps of luscious, almost aching fullness were all Felicia could muster.  She tried to focus on every aspect of this incredible moment: the slick rubbing of Rick’s naked body against hers, the sound of his cock squelching in and out of her slit, wet with arousal and sweat, his face so close to hers, his pecs crushing down on her tender breasts, his lips devouring hers, interjecting kisses with grunting cries, and wandering lustfully to her cheeks, her jaw, her neck, her breasts… she wanted to scream in pleasure.

Both forgot they were out in public.  They forgot that other vacationers in nearby boats could hear them, maybe even see them having passionate sex so brazenly on the deck.  All that existed was each other and the glorious mad love they were making together.  They were so indescribably one, the heat of the sun melting them further into each other, mingling their sweat and their sexual fluids.

The sensations overtook them, and they orgasmed at the same time, Felicia with uncontrollable quivering and cries, Rick with gasps that sounded painful as he felt his shaft convulse and spurt semen in the tight cushions of her vagina.  It took a few seconds.  Felicia gradually loosened her grip on Rick’s back, knowing she’d left deep marks from her nails; Rick had no strength to even pull his shaft out of her.

As the passion eddied out and their breathing became calmer, Rick raised his head from nestling against her collarbone.

“I love you, Felicia.  I’m so glad you came with me to France,” he said softly, nuzzling her lips.

“Thank you for changing the flight to a cruise just for me,” she whispered, her eyes fixed tenderly on his face.

“For my beautiful wife, I’d do anything,” he returned.

“Oh, I love you so terribly, Rick.  This day was wonderful, just like something a girl daydreams about but never really thinks will happen to her.  You are such a good husband to me.”

“You seemed to enjoy acting like I wasn’t your husband,” was Rick’s humorous observation.  “But I’ll admit, I liked it pretty well myself.  We’ll do this role-playing thing again sometime.”

Felicia just smiled, kissed him, and rested her head in the crook where his shoulder met his torso.  He brushed back the mussed hair from her face and tightened his arms around her.  Their boat sailed on, carried by a soft sea wind.  Maybe they’d be out all day.  Making love at sunset would be really lovely, and the cabin below was cozy.  But that’s another story.

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12 replies
  1. JuicyForMyMan says:

    Loved this! I like to be naked in our boat, as well. There’s just nothing like the feel of the sun, the breeze and the water on bare skin! It’s been too many years since we took it out!

    • LovelyLonelyLady says:

      Thank you! I love writing these marriage stories. Actually this is fictional. The Lord has not yet arranged for my path to cross with a possible future husband!

  2. Tulsa says:

    We have never had sex on a boat, other than a stateroom on a ferry, and, if it counts, a in a little Zodiac on a lake. (Zodiacs are little heavy duty inflatables)
    I was rowing, and she was riding. 'stroke….stroke….stroke…..' 🙂

    • Mr.Lover says:

      I wonder if anyone saw you and the wife. That would have a been a hot view. You must have had a hard time rowing (lol). Ride, baby, ride!

    • Mr.Lover says:

      I think that there is a saying that I have accidently overheard the ladies saying once or twice, especially girls from the rural regions like me, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy". I do come from a rural area of my country, so that would apply to my future wife for sure.

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi LovelyLonelyLady,

    First, as a World War II buff and history student, I enjoyed you're North Africa stories.

    Second, I enjoyed this story as well.

    Third, good luck on you're journey to a future husband. As a single guy, I am looking forward to my future wife.

    Finally, the photo chosen for this story is really hot. I have a weakness for exotic-looking women. There are so many different types of women that I have found to be cuties.

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