My wife and I had just finished a workout and were stepping into the shower. Something about getting that blood flowing and watching her take her clothes off turns me on. Well, I guess that should come as no surprise.

I stepped in first and turned on the water. We shower together often, and I am always the one to turn the shower on and adjust the temperature. If there is an initial burst of cold water, I get to take that for the team.

I watched as my wife stepped in, arms crossed over her breasts to protect them from any cold spray. She looked particularly fetching today. She asked if the water was a good temperature and reached out to feel for herself. This revealed a perky bosom, which I promptly squeezed.

“Hey,” she said, jerking her arm back at my unexpected, though not unwelcome, caress. I responded by reaching around and groping her firm backside. “What do you think you’re doing, mister?” She asked, a mock annoyed look on her face. I watched as she took a deliberate look down at my rapidly hardening manhood.

“I think you know,” I said, giving her a wink. Quick as a snake, she grabbed my member and gave it a couple of strokes. Now it was my turn to be surprised.

“Well you had better wash quickly.” And with that motivation, we did. We flirted and groped each other the whole time.

“What’s the matter?” she asked as she reached around to stroke my rod while I was rinsing shampoo from my hair. I returned the favor by making sure her breasts were particularly clean.

Finally, we were washed, rinsed, and ready. We kissed with all the passion of newlyweds. She placed a leg on the side of the tub, and I guided myself into her waiting pussy. We have found that while water makes a poor lube, entering her is easy if we take it slow and if she is sufficiently aroused. And today, she was aroused.

She gasped and shivered as I slid in; then she began humping me. I moved my hips in time with hers and a short time later she moaned through her first orgasm of the day.

When she recovered,  we started again. She put her leg down, tightening her vagina’s grip on my shaft. We kissed, letting the warm water course over our bodies as we held each other close, copulating with abandon. I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her back, squeezing her ass one moment then reaching up to her shoulders the next. She moaned with desire and began to slam her hips against me, making wet slapping noises. Breaking our kiss, she threw her head back and screamed as another orgasm struck with the force of lightning.

As she caught her breath, she slipped off of me and turned around. She bent over, bracing off of the side of the tub. I love the way my wife looks from behind: the smooth skin of her naked back, how the triangular shape of her torso narrows at her waist then flairs out at her hips, the roundness of her buttocks. I marveled at her beauty as the water formed beadlets on her olive skin then coursed down her lovely form.

I entered her from behind, but did not immediately start pounding her. Instead, I ran my hands over her, lightly tracing a line up from the small of her back, making her arch and squirm.

She straightened up as best she could with her ass still thrust back at me, and reached back to hold my hips. I reached forward, grasping her breasts. My lips caressed her neck as my fingers found her nipples, eliciting a purr of pleasure from her lips.

I began to gently so as not to pop out in this position. The purr became a moan as she braced herself off the side of the tub again with one hand. I started really going for it, grabbing her hips and thrusting away, the water making slapping noises as we fucked.

My wife was now bent over, bracing with both hands and screaming almost loud enough to drown out the slapping noises. Between the rhythmic slapping and her wild screaming, I felt certain the neighbors would hear us. Oh well.

“Ohhh! Give it to me! OHHH!!!” And with that her back arched and she came hard, writhing and squirming as the waves of pleasure washed over her like the stream of water from the shower.

Still breathing heavily, she slid off and stood up, turning to face me again. I entered her and we started off slow, kissing gently. I knew I was close, but wanted to prolong it for her to come one or two more times—which in all honesty, might not take long.

My wife broke our kiss and gave me a sly grin.”Want to come in my mouth?” she asked, her voice sultry from our passions.

I was taken aback. Normally, she will not let me come in her mouth while doing oral, instead making me come on her tits or in her pussy. But this was a chance I was not going to pass up.

“Yes!” I said, pulling out. She knelt down, sitting on the edge of the tub and taking my penis in her hands. She rinsed me off in the stream of the shower (she does not care for her own taste) and took me in her mouth. At that point she paused, looking up at me with her deep, beautiful eyes and smiled around my manhood. She slowly pulled her mouth off the tip and grinned up at me.

“What?” she asked, stoking my shaft. “What’s the matter?”

“You know what the matter is,” I  told her.

“Oh?” She said, sucking on the tip, then pulling off. “Do I?” She did this a couple more times, then took my whole shaft in my mouth. I gasped, and she giggled.

“What?” She said, grinning. I mock glared at her, and with another giggle, she stuck my dick back into her mouth.

Now she started to pick up the pace, bobbing her head up and down along my member. The sensation was intoxicating. She held the base of my shaft with one hand and worked her mouth up and down that shaft, closing her eyes with concentration.

She pulled off and stroked me rapidly with with her hand, smiling up at me. She loves seeing what her blowjobs do to me. After a few more strokes, she placed me back into her mouth. For several minutes, she continued this pattern, bobbing her head back and forth along the length of my manhood then pulling off and stroking me with her hands.

“Are you close?” She asked, looking up at me and stroking my dick.

“Almost,” I managed to get out. She then put both hands on my dick and started giving me a great handjob. Faster and faster she stroked, watching my face intently as she pulled me closer and closer to climax. Then she slowed down, took my hand and placed it on my dick. I began stroking myself as she got down on her knees in front of me and looked up. Her hands were on my hips and she stared up at me with those eyes.

I felt myself at the threshold of a climax. With a groan, I placed a hand on the side of her head, and before I could say a word, she took me all the way into her mouth.

Shortly after her lips closed around my penis, I exploded, shooting ropes of come into her mouth. She took several spurts of my semen, then pulled off and the rest of my load shot onto her chest. She spit it out, then I helped her up.

“Does it bother you that I don’t swallow?” she asked.

“I love you,” I said. “And that was amazing, even if you didn’t swallow.”

And so I will leave you with this, dear reader. My wife and I love to try new things, but we respect each other’s boundaries about those things with which we aren’t comfortable. And this has helped our sex life to develop into the beautiful condition that it is in today.

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