The Backyard Surprise (F/A)

This story relates a fantasy (F) and mentions anal play (A).

I walked into our bedroom to grab a change of clothes. It had been a busy afternoon at work, and I needed a shower. I was down to my boxers and about to hop in when an image caught my eye, and I couldn’t turn away. Stretched out on a lounger, tanning, was my best friend… and she was completely nude.

I just stood there, frozen. I wasn’t expecting this. I’d never seen her like this. It was conflicting… and incredibly arousing. Seeing her beautiful ass, I caught myself leaning closer to the window, hoping that if she moved, I could catch a glimpse of her pussy… or even her asshole. I had to stop looking; I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. I would pry my eyes away and go use the basement bathroom to have a *very cold* shower and get as far away as possible. But then she rolled over, revealing her tits. I couldn’t stop staring. I wanted to touch her… I wanted to taste her.

I was so lost in my dirty thoughts and staring that I didn’t hear my wife come in behind me.

“Now what’s going on here, hunny?”

I turned, startled, feeling like I had been caught masturbating by someone you don’t want to catch that.

She was wrapped in a towel; I guess she had been outside sunbathing too. She stepped forward and asked, “Are you spying on your naked best friend?”

I started stammering, trying to apologize, but my wife put her finger to my lips and said “Shhhhh,” a sexy smirk crossing her face. She then slowly turned me back around so I was facing outside again.

“She really is sexy, isn’t she?” my wife asked in a hushed whisper. I stood silently, and she chuckled. “It’s okay to answer, hun. You can say you think she’s sexy. In fact, I know you do.” Her hand dropped down and squeezed my stiff cock, and  I gasped.

“Say it hun…”

I groaned. “She’s so fucking sexy, my love.”

Apparently that’s what my wife wanted to hear because, as I said it, she pulled my cock out and started stroking me!

My mind was blown and couldn’t handle how horny this whole situation was making me. My wife was stroking my cock as I stared at my naked best friend—and she was encouraging it! I was leaking precum like crazy.

“I’ll be honest, my love,” my wife said as she paused and let her towel drop. I felt her hard nipples against my bare back as she resumed stroking me. “I think she’s incredibly sexy, too.”

I groaned.

“In fact, as I was out there, trying not to have dirty thoughts…” She pauses, rubbing my cockhead before smearing a big glob of the precum that had gathered there as lube. Then she resumed jerking me, continuing her thought, “I couldn’t stop staring at her tits and ass. She was making me horny.”

She had to feel how I throbbed in her hand at those words. “She made me wet.” I groaned, and she started stroking me even faster, “I wanted to lick her nipples and rub her pussy. I had to come in, or I might have made a move. I bet you would have loved to see that, you naughty boy.”

A shudder ran through me. Oh, please, keep talking.

She picked up the pace again. “What else would you like to see? You want to see her toes; I’d suck them, if I could.”

I moaned even more. She was getting me close, and she knew it. She gathered more precum and sucked my earlobe between words. “I bet you’d like to taste her pussy, wouldn’t you?”

I start panting.

“I bet you’d love to lick her asshole.”

And I pant even more.

My wife the turned my head and kissed me hard while stroking me, taking me right past the point of no return. She stroked me fast and hard. “That’s it baby! Cum for me!”

I groaned, and she aimed my cock so it was level with our view of my best friend.

“Cum on her for me!”

I started shooting.

“That’s it, my love! Cover her!”

I shot more, rope after rope.

“Cover her tits in your load!” My wife kept stroking me, until the last dribble of cum touched her fingers. She brought them up to my mouth for me to clean off, which I hungrily did.

We both stood there, panting, before my wife started laughing. “Bet you weren’t expecting that when you came home.”

I started laughing as well, telling her that I definitely wasn’t. My wife then asked me to pass her a screen cleaner wipe so she could clean the cum off her tablet.

“You *really* liked that babe. ” she said with a chuckle as she wiped her screen clean.

“I did!” I exclaimed, much to her amusement. “I’ve always wanted to see you nude outdoors… and that dirty talk and role play just took it to a whole other level. I didn’t see that coming.”

“Well, I figured that would really get you going and lead to you cumming,” she chuckled. “Now hurry up in that shower, Paige just texted that she’s almost at the restaurant and her hubby’s joining us after all.” I jumped in the shower, and off we went to a lovely dinner.

Afterword: In case you didn’t guess it before, I’ll make it clear; this story was pure fantasy, and my wife is my/the best friend in the story. I like the idea of roleplaying, and going with the idea of “best friend” made it hotter for me. To be blunt, it also helped me redeem certain thoughts and fantasies that were creeping in so I could actually enjoy it. By focussing on the “best friend” part, it helped me in those moments push thoughts of anyone else out of my mind and keep it purely focused on my amazing wife. It’s been a helpful exercise for me. Anyways, hope you enjoyed, and to quote the awesome GG, stay horny for your spouse!

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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story… you had me worried for a while there. Your wife’s
    double-participation in this fantasy is awesome. I like how this fantasy helped you to focus on your wife. We have some very sexy photos of each other n us together. I think we may give this a try! BTW my wife is my best friend too!

  2. SecondMarge says:

    So hot and sexy. I have nude sunbathed next to a sexy friend and my husband and I had the same thoughts and fantasy. Very well done. Neither of us cared what got us ready to have sex or masturbate. The bigger the turn on the better. We know my husband was watching us get an all over tan. Neither of us minded. We both chuckled. Seeing her sexy body got us both ready. I’ll bet dinner with her and her husband brought back some sexy memories of earlier that day. My fingers are too busy to type any more compliments on your story but it was great.

    • Coderjo says:

      I'm always impressed how you add something extra to an already really great story with your comments SecondMarge. Do you have an account with Similar Worlds? Have a great weekend. 😉

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