Ron and Anne 12.0: A Weekend Off – Part 1

Anne noticed Ron had been acting differently the week after reading a book on marriage recommended by their pastor to the men in their church. For a man typically focused on work, maintenance around the house, and keeping up the yard, he seemed to be unusually attentive to her and her needs. He did a series of little things: ordering pizza in so she needn’t cook, taking the children to the library for a couple of hours so she could have some time to herself, doing the dishes, or helping with some of the other household chores, all of which made life easier for a mother with four small children.

About the middle of the week, Anne phoned one of the older women in the church and mentioned the change in Ron, wondering aloud whether his actions were authentic or just a formula from the book.

“For goodness sakes, child, quit worrying over it,” her friend advised. “He isn’t being manipulative. He is just trying to love you. Stop doubting him and just enjoy his love.” Good advice from someone who ought to know, she thought as she put down the phone.

Whatever Ron’s reason, Anne felt wonderfully loved and wanted to love him back in that unique way God gave for wives to love their husbands. But oddly, he hadn’t made any sexual overtures or responded to any of her “hints.” It was like seducing her was a game, which was all right with Anne; it just made the grand finale more enticing.

Friday morning, she woke to the sound of the front door closing as he left for work. On the nightstand beside her was a fresh cup of coffee. Under the cup was a note that read, “Ask your parents to keep the children this weekend and pack an overnight bag. Be sure to include something nice for dinner.” That really got her interest. A whole weekend without the responsibility of parenting and dinner out with just Ron? YES.

She took kids to her parents, who were delighted to have their grandchildren for the weekend. On her return, she packed some casual clothes, a lovely evening dress, and a travel case with her makeup. She started to put in her nightgown but ended up putting it back in the drawer; she was pretty sure she wouldn’t need it. If he was trying to love her, she would see that love well rewarded. Two can play the seduction game.

After work, Ron pulled in the drive. Anne was more than a little ready for this mysterious weekend and went out to meet the car. Before she could open the car door, he said, “Wait,” and got out of his side. Then he walked around the car and opened the door for her, something he hadn’t done since they were courting. Enjoying the romance of a secret trip, Anne kissed him before getting in. This was going to be fun.

They headed out on a couple of wooded back roads, eventually ending at a little cabin. “It belongs to my boss. He’s loaning it to us for the weekend,” Ron explained. Getting out of the car, he again opened her door before retrieving the overnight bags from the trunk. “We have a supper reservation in an hour,” he said as they went through the front door.

Anne went to the bathroom to change into the evening dress. She decided it was a good time to start her part of the game. As they got in the car, she whispered in Ron’s ear, “By the way, I am not wearing any undies.” She smiled to see the shock on his face. He shifted uncomfortably because of the bulge forming in his pants. It was nice to know he was still subject to her feminine wiles.

Once they reached the restaurant, they waited in the bar until their table was ready. Anne enjoyed how protective Ron had suddenly become. He made sure he was always standing in front of her as she sat on the barstool. When she dropped a spoon, he dived to pick it up rather than taking the chance that something might show if she bent over. At supper, he periodically had to adjust his pants and keep the result of his thoughts hidden by the dinner napkin.

She decided to make it a little more fun. Taking off a shoe, she secretly rubbed Ron’s leg under the table. It was fortunate he had worn a coat; by the time they left, he needed it to disguise his obvious male response. The drive back to the cabin was much faster than it had been to the restaurant, but Anne had no objection. She was as anxious as Ron to take advantage of the arousal she had caused.

Reaching the cabin, they ran up the steps and into the bedroom, giggling and holding hands like children. Dropping his coat, Ron drew her to him and started kissing her neck. His hands reached around behind her to lift her hem and feel the soft bare cheeks beneath. But Anne pushed him away. Ron stopped with a confused look on his face, but it turned to a smile as she reached back and began to unzip her dress slowly.

Sliding the gown off her shoulders, Anne let it drop to the floor. She stood for a moment, enjoying the delighted look Ron always got when he saw her naked, then said to him, “Well, I’m ready.” He almost stumbled in his hurry to take off his shoes, pants, and shirt. As he pushed his Jockeys down, a full erection sprang free.

Ron stepped forward to hug her again, and his hands again grabbed her derrière, pressing her to his erection. Anne wrapped her legs around him as he lifted her by her bottom and carried her the couple of steps to the bed. There, he lay Anne on her back so that her feet touched the floor and her hips barely balanced on the edge.

Then dropping to his knees in front of her, Ron spread Anne’s legs. He hesitated a moment to admire the naked beauty of his wife again and then bent forward to kiss her pussy lips. Anne immediately pulled her knees to her chest and spread them wide as possible. She could feel her lips separate, exposing her vagina, and knew she must be swollen.

Ron’s tongue began slowly stroking her lips from vagina to clitoris, and the tension in her pelvis increased with each stroke. Finally, he stopped with the tip of his tongue on her clit, slowly massaging it as she drew closer to climax. Then an “Oh, yes” was forced out as Anne came with pulsating contraction after contraction.

Ron stood as Anne relaxed, still holding her legs against her chest. Stepping forward, he slid easily into her open vagina, as wet as she was from his tongue and her leaking female lubricant. He began slow, gentle thrusts, but Anne didn’t want it slow and gentle. She tightened her muscles as much as she could. Ron was far too excited to resist her tightness, and with a satisfying groan that Anne knew well, he came. She wrapped her legs around him, delighted in the ejaculation that came with each thrust until he was spent.

Anne let her legs down as Ron withdrew and crawled up beside her to lay down. Once he had settled, she scooted over next to him and drew a blanket over them, then nuzzled into his shoulder. The last thought she had before they drifted off to sleep was that she didn’t know who wrote the book Ron read, but she sure should thank him.

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I loved this story! A husband helping do household chores, giving his wife some breaks from tending kids, being attentive and chivalrous are all part of loving your wife. I would like to know the title of that book! The pastor was awesome to address this issue!

    In our marriage- early on – my wife was very annoyed at how, although we both worked outside the home, I did hardly any of the housework. And I had been a single dad before we married so I knew how to do housework, cook, etc. It took one of my older siblings (who saw what was going on) to talk some sense into me. After all, my wife became an instant mother by marrying me. She’s been great at it too, but that doesn’t mean I should’ve withdrawn my responsibility to help around the house and help care for our kids!

    So I started to focus more on helping around the house and raising our kids. For the last decade, I have done most of the cooking and my wife does most of the kitchen clean-up. I usually put the laundry in the washer and she usually puts it in the dryer. We usually fold it and put it away together.

    The weekend getaway is also very important. We went to a marriage seminar years ago that recommended at least an overnight stay somewhere together with your spouse every month.

    The sexy part of your story was great too! We can really relate to it! We spent part of our honeymoon in a mountain cabin! And my Melodie pulls her knees up to her ample boobies too when she is inviting me into her via missionary position. She also knows how to do the Kegel muscle hug – which is the sexiest hug ever – & it always triggers a great orgasm for me! Being certain that she is fully sexually satisfied is a must! Lastly, my wife often wants it hard and fast, not slow & gentle, especially when she’s very sexually aroused!

    Frankie, thank you so much for the great story! I wondered if it’s based in reality but even if it’s not, it sure reflects a lot of OUR reality!

  2. Frankie says:

    LovingMan – the book is His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage
    by Willard F. Jr. Harley available from Amazon for ~$20. Part of the book is as valuable for Anne as it was for Ron.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Sometimes I didn’t care if I had a climax, I just wanted to feel him cum deep inside me. The sooner the better. Primal, like an animal needed the males seed to accomplish needed procreation.

    • LovingMan says:

      SecondMarge, I can’t comprehend how a woman can sometimes feel that anxious primal urge to feel her husband’s semen inside her yet not always need an orgasm… but my wife gets that way sometimes! I recently submitted a story about that type of experience.

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