Wife’s Surrender Continues (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L), involves anal play and penetration (A), and light bondage.

After she surrendered herself completely to me on my return from work, I left my hot, amazing wife bound to the bed in the submissive posture she had assumed for me. When I walk back into the room, I find her dozing with her arms still stretched out and tied to the headboard. The clothespins have fallen from her huge breasts, nipples, and clit, but her pussy still looks swollen and red, covered in wet and dried cum.  My tie still covers her eyes, and I’d also returned the pantyhose gag to her mouth before I stepped out. I can’t help thinking, “She is always so beautiful, but DAMN, she looks sooo fucking HOT right now!” My cock starts swelling toward erection as I admire her.

I walk over and softly untie the stockings from the headboard but leave them on her wrists, then gingerly lower her arms to her sides so as not to disturb her slumber.  I gently roll her over onto her belly and, lifting her slightly, slide her closer to the end of the bed until her feet touch the footboard. As I push her legs open as wide as they will go, she moans and wiggles. Stretching the stockings on her wrists down to and around her ankles, I attach them to footboard posts.

My wife gasps and awakens as I grab her hips and abruptly yank her backward onto her knees, then snug the stockings to tighten her hands to her knees. My hands come down on her ass in a two-handed slap and squeeze, making her yelp, then caress her buttocks lightly as I kneel on the floor behind her. Softly, I blow against her pussy and asshole before licking up through her labia and over her asshole, followed by a few circles around that tight little pucker.

She moans, grinds, and presses back against me, wanting more. So, I lick again, this time letting the tip of my tongue slide through and into her pussy a little before poking it into her asshole.  Shuddering against me, she moans loudly.

“Mmmmm, you like that, baby.” There’s no question; as I flick and poke at her asshole, she responds by pressing back harder and allowing my tongue to open her and enter. Working my tongue inside, I spank her hard with both hands again.

She screeches and starts bouncing back and forth against my tongue, sliding it all the way out and piercing it back in each time.  As I spank and squeeze several more times, her sweet pussy juice runs out and down my chin and chest. Her movements quicken, and her breathing and moaning pick up too, signaling her orgasm’s approach. I hold on just a little longer, then pull back quickly before she can hit the peak.  I hear a muffled cry of “MORE…PLEASE MORE.”

I reach down and yank the gag off, and she gasps as I lean down to whisper, “I can’t hear you, baby.”

Begging, pleading, almost crying, she says, “More. Please, baby, more! You drive me crazy. All I want to do is cum for you. P-p-please, baby, let me cum.” I slap her ass, and as my fingers hit her asshole, she screams, “PLEASE, baby, take me. Make me cum for you.” Her hands yank at the stocking, and I’m not sure if she wants free to grab my cock or to finish herself off.  “Please, baby, don’t leave me hanging. Fuck me, lick me… fuck anything, just make me fucking cum.”

CRACK! I smack her ass harder.  I grab her hair and pull her head back, and she moans as I whisper, “My, my, what an insatiable wife you’ve become. If I didn’t know better, I might call you my SLUT.”

She gasps and doesn’t move, and I think, “Did I push her too far? Did I send her back into that insecure shell?

After a silence that seems forever, I hear her low voice. “I love being your slut, baby. Your hot, slutty wife—only for you.”

I pull off the blindfold and kiss her passionately. “I Love my hot slutty wife.”

Then I stand and push my fingers into her mouth, getting them good and wet before pulling them out and pressing my cock against her lips. She eagerly sucks it into her mouth, taking about half as I rub her asshole with my slick fingers. Slowly, I insert the middle one into her asshole, making her moan and suck my cock harder and faster. Eventually, I work up to fingering her asshole hard and fast, my palm slapping her ass with each stroke.

“That’s it, suck my cock so I can fuck your tight little asshole.”

She starts sucking me like a wild woman. Moaning and gasping around my cock stuffed in her mouth, she shakes as her pussy juices gush from her pussy. I pull out of her mouth and ass and grab her hips to steady her as her orgasm rocks her. Then I move behind her and slowly work my cock into her still-convulsing asshole, drawing a loud guttural cry from her. She shudders, and I feel her muscles clench tight, then bear down, the engagement easing my passage and her discomfort. I reach down to pinch and pull her nipples toward me from underneath, offering another distraction.

Once I’m seated fully and she’s had a moment to adjust, I retract all the way and slide back in, starting with long slow strokes and slowly building up to slamming into her, making her jump forward and grunt with each thrust. “Mmm, I love your tight little ass, baby… my cock stretching you…”

“Ooooh, baby, fuck me! Yessss.” I feel her hand grab my balls, rubbing them and pulling them with each thrust. Her body shakes as she screams out again, and I feel juices gush out of her pussy, soaking my balls, which she releases to slap against her wet pussy.  “Ooooh, yes, baby. Now you cum for me.”

My fingers squeeze and dig into her hips as I pull her back hard with each thrust of my cock. “OOOhhhh, fuck yesss. Here it comes, baby. I’m gonna fill your tight little ass UP!”  My cock spasms. I continue to thrust into her as it shoots several loads of hot cum deep into her ass. Then, with one last thrust, I hold deep inside her.

After a few moments, I reach down to untie her ankles and wrists, and she collapses to the bed with me still inside and on top of her.  She is shaking hard again and mumbling. I pull out of her ass and roll beside her, waiting for her eyes to flutter open again as I smile and look at her.

With a long sigh and moan, she closes her eyes, and a big smile crosses her lips. All she says is, “Hold me.”

I wrap her in my arms and pull the covers up.

“Never let me go. I am yours forever.”

I kiss her forehead and soft lips. “You are mine forever.” I close my eyes with visions of what will happen when one of us wakes up.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Wow! This story is enough to make a woman's pussy hot and wet! Definitely did mine 🥵 Thank you so much for sharing and God bless you. Stay horny for your spouse always!

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