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Love Train’s Menu – Part 3


We made love today and we both came. Melodie took a while but she came like a train! I came in her love tunnel first then she came after a lot of tip on nips n lips on nips. She came with my lips on her right nip because I felt inspired to go there. I’ve said it before: God cares about your lovemaking in your marriage and He will give you guidance in the very moment. We really believe that!

In the first story of this series, I mentioned sex menus. In case you did not read those stories let me quickly explain that the sex acts we do in a married lovemaking session can be thought of as a sex menu. Not every item will be on the menu at every meal. Or maybe you or your spouse just aren’t in the mood for a particular item at the time. So instead of being annoyed at your spouse, it’s helpful to be grateful for the other delightfully delicious items that ARE on the sex menu that day. Through love, service to each other inside and outside the bedroom, plus with patience and communication, you may very well get some or all of those specialty items on the menu another time. But getting grumpy about what’s NOT on the sex menu that day or evening won’t do anything but limit the menu (and your number of trips to the sex cafe) even more. Feeling disappointed and dissatisfied because of a limited sex menu is not good for marriage. At least that’s been OUR experience.



Feeling very grateful today.  By the way, we used a wand for the first time. It’s kind of a medium-sized toy and it’s rechargeable. But it’s still bigger than most of our vibes and it’s way bigger than the three vibes we usually use. MHers, more than once, have recommended trying out a wand vibrator so we finally did. This one is the OMG Wand by Pipedream.

When we went to the local lingerie and sex store yesterday my cute, but a little embarrassed wife, came in too. She helped decide after the clerk showed us several types of wands. As usual,  Melodie got a purple model because she always does if the toy is available in her favorite color of purple.

Then in the evening, Melodie was the one who plugged the new wand in to get it charged! That bode well for the next morning! It was quite a loving sex session… a true lovemaking session in part because we were so kind to each other. I understood that we weren’t sure if intercourse would be on today’s breakfast menu or not. (Breakfast menu because we nearly always make love in the morning so my heart can handle it better.) And Melodie had to be patient with me as I was really struggling to do any exercise at all and in our rides on the Love Train, it is always some vigorous sexercise!

Eventually, Melodie went through all 4 of our purple vibes this morning- including having me insert her G Spot vibrator to buzz her internal clitoris as she switched to her Sensuelle vibe on her external clitoris. (Yes there is some evidence that more of the clitoris is located wrapped around parts of the vagina.)

But let me tell you in more detail how it all went down this morning:



As mentioned up top in my introduction, we did a lot of fun things on our sex menu. Melodie wanted to give the wand a try at once. But she often likes to start with the “her lips on my nips” menu item. So she did so as I pumped my engine to make it get up to a full head of steam. After a while, she rolled back over to try out the new wand vibrator. She said the vibrator felt fine but she couldn’t seem to get it in exactly the right place. (She likes putting the tip of her bullet vibes up next to the little protruding part of her clit.) The large head of the wand did not facilitate that but it got her steam engine revved up as she buzzed her pretty much all of her external pussy.

Or I could say: As she tried out the new wand vibe I enjoyed the menu item of orally feasting on her two ripe raspberries (nipples)! She soon wanted me inside! It had been a couple of weeks since we’d shared PIV lovemaking.  That leaves us both keyed up and wanting each other.

“I need the real thing! she demanded, “Right here!” And she pointed at her moist love tunnel.

So I slid down into our X position with my erection facing her very moist and willing pussy… as I laid on my side and she laid on her back. She was definitely ready and it felt heavenly when my bullet train entered her love tunnel! I was so turned on and would have liked to have had sexual intercourse for a long time but I knew that prolonged intercourse would likely make her sore so soon after recovery from her infection… plus my heart was not going to handle prolonged thrusting.  But it felt awesome to pound her pussy with excitement and sensations that I had not experienced for a while.  I felt myself getting close and she knows me well so she started twerking right there on her back.  Her twerking cums with Kegel hugs to my rod so  I came hard and enjoyed every second of my orgasm.  I had cum in about 1-2 minutes and I came a LOT! YES, it felt awesome as if my bullet train had released a blast of hot steam into her love tunnel. Melodie had not come yet but her voluptuous body was packing a full head of steam after I had emptied my milk car into her receptacle.  

So then I suggested that the next sex menu item was using the G spot vibe. (Of course, I asked her too and she agreed.) I inserted the entire vibe deep into her pussy. This worked well because I’d used coconut oil as lube and I had inserted a significant amount of my creamy haploid cells as a natural lubricant. Melodie then asked for her looped handle Doc Johnson bullet vibe. Next the awesome menu item we shared in our special way was tip on nips. I kneeled beside her and pumped my engine as the front of my engine rubbed on her nipple. As I did so her G spot vibe was buzzing her inside as her Sensuelle Plus was buzzing her outside pussy.  After a few pleasant minutes, I switched to keeling on her other side.  Se did both sides of her lovely breasts!  My cock was The Not-So-Little Engine that could because soon I was back to a full head of steam (full erection even though I had just cum a couple of minutes before).  I was climbing the hill to the top.  But I hadn’t reached the summit of Mt. O yet.  We decided to try another activity from our menu.

So I lay on her left and rested the side of my head on the inside of her upper arm. because the next sex menu item was her left raspberry. This is a very comfortable position from which to enjoy her left nipple. Melodie has had many orgasms from vibe on clit and lips on her left nip. Often I’ll masturbate myself as I suck and love on her nip… and that can lead to more intercourse or coming on her sexy tummy in a simultaneous orgasm etc.

Melodie was now getting very close to the summit of HER Mount O. Pass. It had been a long but pleasant climb. She had been using the looped handle vibe but she needed a more powerful engine. So she finally asked for an engine switch over to her Sensuelle Plus vibe. It’s more pointy and more powerful as well. The G spot vibe had slipped out and Melodie wanted to try for her orgasm with just the Sensuelle Plus. Suddenly I knew the menu item I needed to add. Melodie needed me to suck on and tongue tickle her right breast. I did so and she reached the summit of the pass in half a minute. 

She gasped quietly as she hit the summit and then Melodie (my oh-so-sexy wife) emitted several long sighs, not unlike the sounds old steam engines make as they slowed down and stopped. Her back arched off of the bed as she gasped out, in her husky sex voice, my favorite words, “I’m coming!”


We plan on giving the new rechargeable wand more workouts before we go back to the Lingerie and Sex Shop to buy a more powerful plug-in wand, such as “The Magic Wand” or some other type like those that StillLikeNewlyweds and other MHers have recommended. Thanks, by the way, StillLikeNewlyweds. (I hope I remembered the right name.) There’s actually been several posts and discussions in comments that turned Melodie and me on to wanting to try out a wand. I guess I have a question for y’all:  Are the plug-in wand vibrators better than the smaller rechargeable ones?  We noticed that the plug-in wand vibrators are much larger so we wondered – maybe they work better?  What do you think?  

Keep on lovin’… even when it’s a challenge be sure to make time to make love!

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    • LovingMan says:

      Lori D, this is a smaller & less powerful wand. Melodie can’t get to orgasm with it but yes she DOES enjoy the sensations it gives her. It is like a really good warm up act. We really ought to try a more powerful one.

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