Backyard Facial (L)


It was early afternoon one Wednesday. I had finished folding and putting away what laundry was left in the dryer, then poured a glass of freshly made sweet iced tea and walked out onto our back patio.

I have always loved being outdoors, especially now that we are both nudists. Being naked outdoors is so freeing and relaxing to me. I don’t know, it just feels natural. I guess that’s why a nudist is also referred to as a “naturalist.”

On this particular day, there was a slight brisk breeze. It wasn’t unbearably cold, but cool enough to make my nipples take notice and become erect. I smiled as I playfully tweaked them with my fingers. Naturally, the sensation of my nipple play had quite the effect between my legs.

I slipped my hand down and began to slowly enjoy the wetness and pleasure of my pussy. Closing my eyes, I thought of the last time my husband Ben and I had sex. I was lost in my masturbation pleasure when I heard Ben walk out and clear his throat. I opened my eyes and smiled as I glanced up at him, my hand still between my legs.

“Nice day today! Don’t ya think?” He said with a wink and a slight smirky smile as he dropped the shorts he was wearing and sat in the patio chair across from me in only his t-shirt.

“Yes, it is. Very nice!” I replied as my gaze fell upon his large limp cock and meaty balls. I began to rub my pussy again as I looked at him. God, I was horny and so wanted him.

Ben smiled as he sat there and watched me continue to jill off. He then began to fondle and play with his cock causing it to become beautifully erect.

The slight cool breeze didn’t feel so cool anymore as my body heated with passion. I continued jilling as I watched my sexy husband spit into his hand and begin to slowly stroke his hard cock.

“Wanna fuck?” He said as he smiled that sexy smile.

“Yes! Please!” I replied as my hand moved rapidly over my clit and pussy.

“I wanna watch you cum first,” Ben said as he briefly stopped his stroking to take a sip of my tea.

“Ben, please! Fuck me! I want your dick inside me! I need you,” I replied breathlessly as I masturbated furiously.

“Let me see you cum, then you can have some dick,” Ben teased as he held his hard shaft in his hand.

“Baby, please! Baby! You fucking cunt-tease! I’m gonna cum you, son of a bitch! Ohhhhhhh, yeeessss, fuck!” I panted as my orgasm washed over me, my body trembling in a wonderful release.

Ben smiled as he rose from his chair and walked over to me. With his hard cock only a few inches from my face, I took him into my mouth and proceeded to suck his dick.

“Get down on your hands and knees,” Ben commanded only a couple of minutes into my blow job.

I did as he requested and got down on the cool patio floor, glancing back at Ben as he got down behind me. He gave my ass a playful smack on both cheeks, then pushed only the head of his dick into my dripping cunt.

“Yes! Give me more! Fill me!” I panted as I pushed back against him.

“You do want some dick, don’t ya, bitch?” Ben replied, then buried himself balls deep into my horny pussy with one hard thrust.

I squealed and gasped as he began to fuck me, his hands pulling my hips as he pounded my pussy. It felt so fucking good, and I could feel another orgasm swelling deep inside me.

” Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmm—fuck, I’m cumming!” I groaned rather loudly. At that moment, the fact that our neighbors may have heard me didn’t matter.

Ben continued fucking me, his occasional smacks to my ass cheeks causing me to squeal in pleasure as I came once more. He was relentless.

Suddenly Ben pulled out and said, ” Turn around! I wanna cum on your beautiful face!”

As I turned to face Ben, he moved to where his hard-on pointed at my face and began to jack off in quick strokes. I looked up at his intensely hungry eyes, at his lips bitten together in eager desire. I loved it!

“Yes, baby! I wanna feel your warm cum on my skin! Cum for me! That’s it, beat your meat and cum on your little slut’s face! Mark me. I’m your horny little cumslut!” I panted, then reached and fondled his balls.

“Gonna cum—shit!” Ben groaned.

I closed my eyes and soon felt Ben’s warm seed against my face. It coated my eyes and nose and dripped to my mouth. A couple of drops got into my hair.

Wiping his cum from my eyes, I looked up at him and ran my tongue over my lips, tasting his nectar, then smiled.

“I love you!” I said softly.

“I love you too, baby! You are so beautiful!” Ben replied as he nook my hand and gently kissed it.

I am truly one blessed woman to be married to my loving man! Thank you, Lord, for bringing him into my life.

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18 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Wow! This story packs in so much hotness! 🔥🔥🔥 Naked sunbathing, masturbation, getting caught, hot sex, multiple orgasms, and a facial… Wow! And a sexy AF photo too! 🍆

    • Loving Guy says:

      I agree. So much hotness. All of those lovely details about naked sunbathing, masturbating, a facial, and that sexy, sexy photo. What makes it even hotter is all of that dirty talk.

      Did I mention that I love the dirty talk and that sexy photo?

      It is time for some fun. I hope that my future wife is as cool as you, GG!

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    First of all to MH: a story from GG AND ClimaXX on the same day?! Some of us have weak hearts, ya know😉. Productivity for the day amongst the MH community just took a hit. Probably a lot of “I’m going home for lunch today” happening.
    Now to GG: awesome story as always. I love the “give-it-to-me-now” passion the two of you have. My wife and I are that way so much in our sex life, and your stories always makes me think of all our great times. Thanks for sharing. I’d say stay horny, but we all know you don’t need to be told that.
    God bless

    • LovingMan says:

      StillLikeNewlyweds I gotta agree about these two great erotic authors on the same day! If a story had also been posted by SouthernHeat on the same day my poor heart would have given out if I had read all three!

      And to hornyGG… you are one of my favorite authors on MH. Your story here testifies that you can be a good married Christian and your sex life with your spouse can be vibrant and sizzling! Thanks for sharing again!

    • Loving Guy says:

      They have awesome passion. Who says marriage can't be fun sexually? I hope my future wife looks forward to having some passionate sex with me!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      I love it how we know we are turned on and how we just know we are all masturbating, women and men as we read this hot story. You know it's true

  3. RockyGapMan says:

    As always, electric “wall-socket” sex from an uninhibited sexually free & confident couple!

    Reading this story, I sense two individuals who not only love and respect one another, but who also deeply understand each other’s primal urges and the importance of cultivating those fiery passions between them to heighten their sexual experience and connection between them to the MAX!

    That cultivation includes what some might consider “questionable” or derogatory language. But I’m sure Horny GG would affirm the terms she used to describe not only herself, but of their interaction were only used to express the deep passion she feels towards Ben, and he towards her. How can any word used in that context be labeled “derogatory?”

    Keep pumping out those hot stories GG! My prayer is that all Christian marriages rise to such erotic and blissful heights. Infidelity & unhappy unions would no doubt be virtually eliminated.

    • Loving Guy says:

      I agree with RockyGapMan. I personally pray that all marriages (Christian and non-Christian) in this world reach such erotic and blissful heights. Who needs infidelity and unhappy unions anyway? I am sure with Ben and GG, there will be alot more pumping going one! Now, please excuse me! This hot story and hot photo have me naked and running my hands all over my body! I am going to use this hot story and hot photo to treat myself to a nice slow edging. I'm going to give myself a good fucking!

  4. Bootylicious says:

    More more more! So happy to see a story from you GG! Say, would you be willing to tell us all about your erotic photo shoot that you did for Ben once upon a time? You said a good female friend of yours took the photos. I would love to hear all about it! Pwetty Pwease. lol

    And please write more about your life as a nudist! Once we're empty nesters, my hubby REALLY wants me to be a nudist!

  5. Loving Guy says:

    I hope that my future wife enjoys being naked or topless around the house. I would love to be a nudists, and to masturbate with her too. If this picture and story are anything to go by, it sounds really hot. I have seen women at a topless beach, and I once saw a buddy's mom masturbating. Both were very hot and sexy memories that this story reminds me of. That's why it's on my favourites. Now I am going to enjoy this story and photo. It is time to play with myself. Thank God for the gift of masturbation.

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