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What is ultimate sex??

This is a hard question to answer, but here are some things that my wife and I are working on: * A willingness on the part of me and my wife to become increasingly better at sharing and communicating our needs and wants. * A willingness to physically share every part of ourselves openly whenever, wherever and however […]

Sensuality and Fitness

My wife and I have been married 34+ years and we have enjoyed a wonderful sexual dimension to our marriage. I would even venture to say that the intimate part of our relationship has been a major contributor to the reason we have managed to weather the hard times that have come our way. Thankfully […]

Love of my Life

First let me say that I am blessed to be married to a woman with a very strong sex drive. I am also fortunate that she was not mixed up with multiple sexual experiences prior to our courtship and marriage.  She did, however, become aware of her sexual appetite fairly early in life and looked […]