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Rock the Boat – Skinny Dipping (L)

Skinning Dipping Date night!!  My husband and I love being outside. We would always choose being outdoors to a fancy restaurant or stuffy bar.  We had access to a private dock on the river and were excited to have such a special place to be alone. We brought a bottle of wine and sat on […]

Something New – Making a Sexy Movie (L)

Making a Sexy Movie Its was one of those nights both my hubby and I were hungry for adventure. We often make sweet, meaningful love, but sometimes we get in moods to just be dirty, to have animalistic sex. I was always the “good” girl and I love to unleash my wild side with my […]

Cooking Show (L)

My husband loves sweets. It has been somewhat of a source of tension in our relationship as I like to eat healthy and stay fit. I have always felt bad because I never bake for him even though I know he loves it. This month has been very hectic and busy for us, and my […]

Rule Breaker

“There are two rules tonight,” I told my husband, “One: I’m in charge. Two: you are going to sit back and relax and thoroughly enjoy yourself.”  My husband loves to break rules, and suddenly a  fire flickered across his face and a bulge emerged in his pants. I have never seen him so quickly put […]