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Karezza, An Interesting Proposal

So, I found something while doing some research on sex. I can honestly say this has changed my marriage. It’s called “Karezza”. But first, a disclaimer. Perhaps you’re in a perfect marriage where your libidos match and you are knee deep in constant orgasms. Then, this may not be for you. I’ve noticed something here […]

God’s Golf Course

It was 115 degrees on our wedding day and I for one could not stand living in the desert anymore.  I half jokingly told Beloved that we should just pack up the car and move to the Pacific Northwest.  In one of those moments I’ve come to love about her, we laughed, kept watching tv […]

The Happiest of Birthdays

It was my birthday and, as is traditional for birthdays, valentines, and our anniversary, we dropped off the kids at Grandma’s and checked into a hotel room.  I wasn’t at all sure what Beloved had planned, but I knew that it would be something special.  Beloved has always seemed to pride herself on making sure […]

Spouses of Abuse Victims

Before I get “on subject” I want to thank publicly whoever is in charge of Marriage Heat for its existence.  The site has been quite a revelation for my spiritual life and my married life.  In simplest terms, Marriage Heat has confirmed all of the thoughts about how God feels about sex and sexuality in […]