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Not Our Wedding (L)

It was a humid summer afternoon, when we made our heading to this place on the waterfront, overlooking the beach. It has been a while since we’ve both met the couple, but since we were part of their social ring, and the fact that they both had little family – most of the wedding guests […]

Standing Ovations

It has been a while since we touched each other, with life’s flow pulling us towards everyday chores and tasks, and away from each other. That is why that weekend, alone and undisturbed, was aimed at us and nothing else. And by nothing I mostly mean clothes: the moment I stepped through the door, after […]

Wedding Night Heat (L)

This, unlike other pieces I’ve written, is fiction – though I really wish it wasn’t…(long story) It was our wedding night, and the party after the ceremony was in full bloom. The guests were dancing, eating, drinking – and mostly celebrating our union. We each moved through the crowd, sharing hugs and kisses, receiving praises […]

Pain and Relief

It was the beginning of the week, after a long and rough weekend, when our daughter went through one of the normal infant virus attacks – those things do get around. At the time, I was suffering from repeated back pain, which limited my mobility – and of course, slowed down our sex life. We […]

Quiet Surprise

We were staying the night at her grandparents’ place, a tiny 2 bedroom with really this walls. It was summer, and the windows were open, allowing for what little wind that was to breeze in – to aid the little ventilator in the corner to ease the humid and hot night. We were a young […]


Perineum – the part of the female body separating the vagina from the anus. Is sometimes under the risk of rupturing during childbirth. The act of lubricating it and then rubbing and flexing the tissue, is supposed to assist in preventing such an occurrence, or in the case of perineum cuts – to hasten recovery. […]