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Wet Down Under

You know I’m not talking about Australia, but my favorite place to visit “down under”, my wife’s pussy. I just loved going down on my wife, and her responses were amazing. After spending time kissing and touching each other, I loved the trip down to her hot wet pussy—starting with her neck and tasting the […]

No Question About My Love

I’ve spoken in some comments about my late wife and her physical struggles, but I want to give you more details and why she never had to question my love for her. We had a wonderful and adventurous sex life for 25 years, with fun times in our bed, car, traffic, return-home sex after a […]

🔊 BJ in Traffic

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist One day, my late wife and I were going to one of her life-long friend’s home to pick something up. We’d headed out into rush-hour traffic around 4 p.m., and I was driving. Suddenly my wife turned to me and said, “Pull your dick out.” Surprised, I looked at her and […]

Um, hello!

Many years ago my wife and I had been experimenting with sexual positions, and types of sex. We were young and both virgins when we married, so we wanted to try different positions. Oral sex was not new to us, but we had never tried the 69 position. So after a wonderful session of foreplay, […]

Oral sex after giving birth

Okay, I’m a guy, so I’m not giving the ladies advice about giving your man a blow job, but I am giving some advice that my late wife and I learned after our first child. Lots of women are self-conscious of the belly bulge they have after giving birth. Now lots of you women may […]

Sorry neighbor!

I had been gone for a few weeks, doing Security for a short tour drug interdiction mission. My dear sweet, wife met me at the base, she looked amazing, she was always beautiful. I say was, because she’s now with the Lord. As we were driving home, she took my right, free hand, and placed […]

My Wife Loved Masturbation!

Wife Loved Masturbation My late wife loved masturbation totally, either alone, watching me, or having me watch her, it didn’t matter she just loved to masturbate. One of her favorite things to do was having me kneel next to her shoulder and do what I’ve been doing since I was 9, masturbate. But at times, […]