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Sex Closet at the Christmas Party

Sex Closet Last Saturday night, my husband had the Christmas party at our country club for the company we own. In three decades of marriage, he has been a great provider and protector. We are very different! He does one task at a time. I multitask. He is the big picture guy. I notice details. […]

My Tits Are Alive – Horny Pregnant Woman

The morning sickness went away, and I found myself the horny pregnant woman day and night. I was not busy with other little children.  I worked part-time at a travel agency, and I had an early morning sales associate meeting. Larry left that morning at 6:30 am, I was supposed to get up when he […]

Pregnancy Masturbating – Horny Pregnancy Stories (1)

My husband, Larry, found out that I secretly masturbated when I was pregnant with our three children. Larry encouraged me to masturbate thirty years ago. I thought that masturbating was perverted. When I was pregnant, I was “perverted”.  Recently, I confessed my “perverted” pregnancy practices to my husband. He loved it. Click here to read […]