Oil Fire

One of the great benefits of MarriageHeat is reading about all the creative ways that couples either…

Firelight and More

TorrHead wrote a great sex-by-firelight tale called “Logs On The Fire.”  I commented on his story…

Man of Steel

I recently had the opportunity to watch the movie “The Game Changers” at a local theater.  I believe…
Woman hanging laundry in the nude; MarriageHeat

Clothing and COVID-19 at Home

  With many people being rightly concerned about COVID-19, and not wanting to spread it to those…

Three Things To Keep in Mind

I have been reading MarriageHeat stories for a while. Thanks to all the contributors. I have been…
MarriageHeat AnnouncementMarriageHeat.com 2018

Login Issue Repaired!

We believe the issue some users have been experiencing has been fixed! If you experience any further…

We Found Our People!

My wife and I have been enjoying MarriageHeat together for about a month now (the website, that is; we've…
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Having Trouble With Login?

Several people have reported this issue, so we've contacted a tech person to ask for help. In…

About Vibrators

I wrote a comment on the story by jasonrose.  He told of the first time his wife used a vibrator.  I…

Maybe I’m Small-Minded?

Am I a small-minded person? I am an ordained minister from a conservative background. I know that when…
married Sex Stories - Erectile Dysfunction

Fighting the ED Monster (A)

I believe there are numerous causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED - difficulty in having an erection and…

Lies We Believe

I hate being lied to. There's not much I detest as much as that, especially if believing the lie has…