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Hottest Orgasm in 2016 (L/A)

  "As the year ends, what is your top sex episode memory with your spouse in 2016? Where, how,…

The Corn Maze

Joy and I heard of a corn maze nearby and saw a deal for tickets, so we bought a pair and decided to…
loves first kiss

How We Got Started-Part 1

I, we, decided to do some writing here at MH because I visited here a year or more ago and then again…

Vibrating Panties in Public

My wife (I call her Joy on here) and I have been married for over a decade, and it is only recently that…

Wife Tells Me About Her First Orgasm

Do you know the story behind your spouse's very first orgasm? Joy and I had been married for ten years…

Your Client is Here (L)

After reading stories on MH I felt so horny and in the mood. My little pussy was throbbing. I decided…