Loving Husband

I had been happily married to my wonderful husband for nine years before I experienced one of the most satisfying sexual experiences ever. Matt is a good father to our 3 children and helps me with all he can. I have always been pleased “in the bedroom” so to speak, and I always assumed Matt was too. Little did I know that the one thing he still desired but had been too embarrassed to share would give me such pleasure!! Let me explain.

It had been a long day for both of us. Work seemed to go on forever, and by the time I finally got home my feet were aching. Of course, there were still three kids to feed, bathe, and put to bed. Matt and I did the usual routine, with Matt cleaning the kitchen after a dinner of Hamburger Helper. After several hours of some quality time with the kids, I finally had an opportunity to take care of myself. After bedtime stories and brushing the kids’ teeth, I finally set off to take a relaxing hot shower. Matt was watching baseball on ESPN. Or at least I thought he was.

Suddenly I heard the shower door open, and I was pleased to see my husband come to join me. He insisted that I stand in the shower stream while he cleaned me from head to toe. He took his hands lathered with soap and proceeded to rub my shoulders, massaging me. I closed my eyes to enjoy some special attention, appreciating the opportunity to fully relax after a tiring day. He pulled me back close to him, hugging me as his hands wrapped around over my stomach. As he pulled me close, I could feel his hard penis poking my back, and was somewhat surprised but excited. Kissing my neck as he stood behind me, he began to softly caress my breasts with his soft soapy hands. His penis felt like a rock against my back now, making me wonder what might come next. I closed my eyes with pleasure and hope.

Matt’s hand softly slid down from my breast, down my stomach, and began to massage my inner thigh. I could feel my labia swelling with pleasure, wanting Matt’s hand. I turned around and our lips met with a long soft passionate kiss. I opened my mouth for him and Matt’s tongue met mine, as our bodies pressed together. I reached down and squeezed him, causing him to kiss me even deeper. I pulled his hard penis toward my own swollen sex, and he slowly began to enter me. But then he pulled out, and said “Not yet Sweety.”

Matt dropped to his knees and began to kiss my stomach as his hands cupped my bottom. The shower was raining on my back. Matt moved farther and farther down with his kisses and licks, as I felt his finger part my soft vagina from behind. I could feel his hot breath blowing across my vagina. I looked down at my adoring husband and closed my eyes. Before I knew what happened, I felt something new and marvelous…Matt was actually kissing me down there!! And it felt GREAT! He was doing wonderful naughty things to me…taking my lower lips in his, licking me softly, sometimes his fingers would tease me, other times his tongue…it was the most intense feeling there ever. I mean sex has always been great for us, but this just felt different!

His licking and kissing went on for several wonderful minutes. It caused such excitement that I found myself involuntarily thrusting myself towards his mouth. I finally felt his tongue on my clitoris, and as I held his head gently in my hands, my entire body began to contract with waves of pleasure. I couldn’t believe what we had just done. Matt stood up and said he had been wanting to please me like that for years, and that he wanted to give me all of his love in every way. I had thought about oral sex before, but had been to shy to bring it up. I sure am glad Matt did!

Of course, Matt was still very aroused. I wanted to show him my appreciation, and offered to return the favor. I kissed and caressed his penis, and then we made love right there in the shower. Ever since, we have added oral sex to our love life upon occasion.

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  1. Deane says:

    Beautiful erotic story. I just LOVE my wife's pussy and can't get enough of its wetness, its taste, its texture … I'm glad to know your husband loves yours as much as I love my wife's!

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