Payment in Kind

She sat in her windowless office with only her lamps on. The clinic was empty, quiet. A professional journal was in her hands but she wasn’t reading it. She was too distracted, too excited, and too nervous. She’d done it, she’d called her husband, and he’d sent a coded message back that he’d be there soon. Now she was waiting.

When she heard the sound of his key in the back door lock, her heart leaped into her throat and then settled back, beating rapidly. Her breathing had speeded up and her palms tingled. She heard the slow, steady tread of his work boots on the hallway floor; then the door opened. There he was. She could hardly breathe at all.

He stopped and looked at her with his blue eyes burning into hers. He took off his jacket, then his hard hat. He rubbed his hand over the blonde stubble on his head, still steadily looking into her eyes. He walked over and around the desk, stopping to lean against it with his long legs stretched out beside her. She was trapped in the small space behind her desk.

“You called me.”

“Yes, yes I did.” Her voice trembled a bit; his was rock-steady.

“Why did you call me?”

“Well…. Well, I need you.”

“Need me? For what?”

“I need…”she faltered, stopped, and then started again. “I need you. I need your body. I need you to make love to me.” She glanced up, met his eyes fleetingly, and then looked away. His were hot, burning into her, she couldn’t stand it.

“And what do I get in return?”

“What do you want?”

“Payment in kind, honey.”

“All right.”

“Tell me again why you called me.”

“I need you.” It was so hard to breathe.

He didn’t say anything, just waited until she looked up at him again.

“Take your blouse off.” She’d taken her white lab coat off earlier and sat at her desk in her demure, professional blouse and skirt. She sat up in her chair and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands trembled and she fumbled a bit with the buttons, feeling his eyes on her. She got it unbuttoned, then shrugged it off. His eyes gleamed as he took in the black satin bra, with the deep plunge between her breasts. The bra was designed to enhance her cleavage, and it did. The black color contrasted with her white skin in a way calculated to provoke his interest. It did. “I see you thought about me when you dressed this morning.”

“Yes, yes I did,” she confessed.

“Now the skirt. Stand up and take off the skirt.”

She obeyed, sliding the skirt and her slip down over her hips. She wore black panties, satin and lace confections which revealed as much of her bottom as they covered. She also wore thigh-high hose in black, with lace around the top. She heard him take in a sudden deep breath. When she looked at him, how his eyes burned! “You really were thinking about me this morning.”

“Oh yes. All day.” She confessed.

He reached out a hand. One finger traced the top edge of her bra, dipping into the cleavage in front.

“Take the bra off.” She reached behind her to unfasten the bra, and then pulled it off; his hands were there to catch her breasts. She gasped with the sensation.

“They ache. They’re very tender.” He squeezed her gently, bringing another gasp, then another. He massaged her aching nipples with his thumbs. She closed her eyes, giving herself over to the feelings his expert touch produced. When his hands left her, she opened her eyes again. He pulled his tee shirt over his head, so that she could see his muscled chest with its covering of soft blonde hair. He didn’t let her touch him, though.

“Lean over and put your hands on the desk.” She obeyed, then felt his touch. His hands smoothed and gently squeezed her bottom. He pulled the panties up higher into her cleft, exposing even more of her soft skin to his touch. She heard the squeak of her chair- he was sitting down- then jumped and caught her breath when she felt the nip of his teeth on her bottom. He nipped and caressed and then he stood. She felt the rough front of his jeans against her as his hands reached around to once again caress her breasts. Very quickly she was moaning from the wonderful feelings his hands produced. All too soon he stopped.

“Let’s go across the hall.” Unbelievably, her excitement rose a notch. She followed him into the exam room and closed the door. No one would be coming into the clinic, but she wanted the feeling of privacy. He stepped back and gestured and she seated herself on the exam table. He stood in front of her.

“Tell me again what you want.”

“I want you. I want your body. I want your touch. I need you.”

“How much?”

“I want you bad. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Again he caressed her body, her breasts. She held onto the sides of the exam table and her excitement grew. Then he pulled out the stirrups on the end of the table, adjusting them to get her legs as far apart as possible.

“Take your panties off and put your feet up here.” She followed his instructions, eagerly. He helped her position her feet, then slip her bottom down to the edge of the table. He laid her back and pushed her knees down and out to the sides, exposing her to his view. She blushed; she was embarrassed as he looked at that part of her body very closely, but aroused at the same time. Then he reached over and moved the gooseneck floor lamp closer to the table. He turned it on.

“I want to look at you. I want to see how much you want me.” She blushed even redder and wanted to hide, to cover herself, but she did not. She allowed him to look. The more he looked, the more aroused she became. Then she felt his hands, pulling her gently apart, exposing her even more intimately.

She was pink, swollen with desire, and very wet.

“You want me?”

“YES, yes I want you, I need you, I need you so much!”

“I see. You want me to touch you, here?” She felt the tip of his finger, parting her, touching lightly.

“Oh yes, yes, I want you to touch me, I want you inside me.”

“Here?” one finger gently invaded.

“Yes, yes please!”

His hands left her body, and she heard the sound of his belt buckle.

“Oh, can I do that, please? I want to touch you!”

He moved around the table and stood beside her. She reached over, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. He slipped them down and she reached out to caress him. She barely touched him when he moved away; back to stand between her legs. He touched her again. “Oh, please, please! I want you, I want you!” Finally he entered her as she gasped and moaned. She was more than ready and quickly reached an intense climax.

Afterward, he left and she cleaned up the exam room. Immediately she noticed that he had left unfinished business. He had pleasured her but not himself.

”We’ll take care of that. Payment in kind- he’s going to get a bonus!!”

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