Glad to be Home

Tonight you are working late. I miss you dreadfully when you cannot be here in the evening to enjoy our family, but I know that it is rare, so I want to make the time you are home relaxing and pleasant. The sky is already dark and the moon is up. The stars twinkle on a spring evening and I am eager to see you.

I have tucked the kids into bed and get ready myself. I decide to take a little pampering time for myself. I use my special facial cream and an iridescent body lotion that has a subtle scent and shimmer. I feel like I am glowing when I wear it. I have been running around barefoot the past few days, so I take a little extra time with the nailbrush and decide to freshen up my pedicure. I feel squeaky clean and my skin feels like silk from the lotion. I cannot decide what color negligee to wear, black, or pink, or red, or purple. Then I spy the T-shirt you wore yesterday. Picking it up, I can still smell you. My mind is made up, forget the fancy stuff, I want to smell my sweetheart.

Coming down the stairs with a magazine in my hand, I see you are coming up the walk to the door. With your jacket draped over one shoulder, and your briefcase in the other, you look weary. I greet you at the door as you are opening it.

“Has my wife been waiting to see me?” you ask as a smile gradually spreads across your face.

“Maybe,” I answer coyly as my body language gives away my elation that you are home. “I didn’t think you’d be home yet.”

“I can leave and come back later, if you’d like,” you answer as you pretend to turn on your heel and go back out the door.

“Oh no you don’t,” I answer as I grab your loosened tie and pull you back towards me. “Gimme a big kiss….” I say as I lean towards you standing on my toes to reach you better.

Lips touching gently, it feels good to be with each other again.

“C’mon in and make yourself at home,” I say, and we walk to the family room. “Have you had a chance to eat or would you like something?”

“I am not really hungry, I just want to sit and relax.” With a smile you tease, “Nice shirt. But did I say you could borrow my clothes?”

I stand up and with a pretend pout say, “Well fine, you can have it back,” as I pull it up over my head, slowly revealing my naked body inch by inch. First the dark triangle of hair, followed by my tight thin stomach. As my arms stretch up you see my ribs, then my full breasts, until the pinkish tan nipples are exposed. You see they are erect as the shirt travels higher, revealing my squared shoulders and my tapered neck. Pulling the last of the shirt over my head, I toss it at you and give you one of my famous winks. I grin widely and you notice my dimple deepening as my nose crinkles in laughter. “Well, now that you have your shirt back, what is your next request?”

We have so much fun together because you have always assured me how much you desire me. So I can be relaxed and playful knowing that in the end, no matter how it starts, it will finish with us making love passionately.

You look back at me lustfully and say, “I think I just got hungry.”

I giggle and say, “Well, I am your favorite type of restaurant, an all you can eat buffet. Every offering is out for you to see. But my restaurant policy is a little unusual, instead of No shirt, No shoes, No service; I insist my patron be nude in order to be served. Allow me to help.”

I grab your necktie again, and pull you towards me. Sticking my finger into the knot, I loosen it and pull it up over your head. Then I look at it and say, “Hmmmm I like this tie a whole lot,” and slip it over my head.

I sit on your lap, wearing nothing but your tie, “You still have far too much on to get served at my restaurant.” I deftly unbutton the front of your shirt. You feel my hot moistness through your trousers and know that I am getting extremely aroused playing like this. Pulling the hem of your shirt out of your pants, I open your shirt completely, so I can look at your bare chest. Bending my head down to kiss you on the shoulder blade, I sink my teeth in just a little bit.

You try to return the kiss and I back off and say, “You have to comply by my rules if you want to dine here.” Then I undo the buttons at your wrist and run my nails up and down your inner arm. Taking your shirt off, you are now almost UN-dressed properly to eat, but not quite.

I bend down to your feet and remove your shoes. I gently remove your socks, running my nails over the tops of your feet. I stand back up and unbutton your pants and unzip the zipper. I cannot help but notice you have a raging erection, but for now I ignore it.

I ask nicely, “Would you please stand for a minute so I can remove your pants?” Oops…. off came your underwear as well as I “accidentally” grabbed both waistbands. You too are now naked, and as I fall to my knees, I find myself eye to eye with your erect penis. Never one to miss an opportunity, I dart my tongue out to the base and trace it up the veins until I reach the head. Swirling my tongue around the top, I taste a little pre-come and smack my lips. I kiss your navel and slowly rise so I am standing face to face with you.

” I have waited long enough for a table, it is time to eat,” you announce as you grab the necktie around my neck. Pulling it over my head, you announce, “You have done enough to whet my appetite and I now am going to get what I came here to have.”

I am in absolute shock as you grab my wrists and swiftly pull the tie over my head to wrap my wrists so I cannot move my hands. I am getting more excited by the minute, because I love to be completely at your mercy, able to trust you implicitly. It thrills me. You pick me up in your arms and carry me to the couch. Grabbing my ankles, one in each hand, you spread my legs apart. You see how wet I am from arousal.

“Oh my little one, you should know better than to torture me like that. I can torture just as well, and now you are going to beg for it.” As you finish saying this, you walk your fingers up my inner leg. You kiss my inner thigh but don’t go any farther. Taking your finger with feather touches, you barely part my lips. Running it along my slit, it glistens with my moisture. Licking your finger, you say, “As good as you taste, I want to savor my meal.”

I whimper to you, “C’mon darling, you know what I need.”

“Not yet, you have to beg for it. Tell me how much you want me. Tell me what you want me to do.”

As you say this, you grab my ankle again so you are holding my feet spread eagle. You just sit there gazing into my love spot, waiting to hear what I say.

“Please look at my eyes,” I ask, and you see the pure love glowing from my dark brown eyes. Lowering them slightly, I begin to speak softly. You hear words from my lips you never imagined would be mine.

“I want you to assault me with your mouth. I want you to lick and suck and kiss my clit until it is so swollen from arousal I am ready to explode. I want you to make me drip with juices. Then I want you to take two fingers and stick them as deep as you can inside me. I want you to touch me as only you know how until I am screaming from pleasure. As my muscles contract and relax again and again as you bring me to the climaxes you know how to do, I want you to I want you to thrust your tongue deep into my mouth and caress my nipples with your hands, and tease every erogenous zone on my body. I want you to mark every inch of me as yours. When you have made me a quivering mass of woman, I want you to bend me over that stool and thrust into me over and over. I want you to hold my breasts as you enter me so my back is pressed close to your chest. I want you to make love to me urgently. I want you to come deep inside of me and then hold me tightly. When I cannot stop shaking from my orgasm, I want to feel your arms holding me still. Please, honey. Love me like only you can.”

The look on your face is one of complete wonder. You never have to convince me of your desires, because mine are the same. Our love is so profound that it is almost as if one only has to wish it and it happens. Your woman wants exactly what you want, the way you want it, as often as you want it. Our wants are one.

Speechless, you just look at me and say, “I am so glad to be home.

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