Marriage Sex Resolutions

Marriage Sex – Resolutions

Marriage Sex Resolutions – New Years or times of conviction bring us a time of reflection. In these times of reflection, you look honestly at the direction of your life and you make some “resolutions” to bring changes. Most times you know exactly what area in life need refreshing, but sticking to bringing about renewal takes prayer, effort and time.

What can you resolve to do to keep your marriage sex growing?

  1. Marriage sex thrives when you touch more in general. Many people call this “non-sexual” touching. But I believe it is very sexual. We are created by God to be loved, touching each other more in general lays a powerful foundation for more marriage heat touching.
  2. Marriage sex thrives when you take responsibility for your imagination. The Song of Songs in the Bible is a biblical book about marriage sex featuring the marriage sex imagination. Most people intuitively know that imagination and fantasy are involved with sex. Marriage sex needs your imagination to keep to monogamous thoughts and actions.  Pornography is morally wrong and hurts marriage sex imagination. Pornography fills your imagination with sinful and unsustainable thoughts.
  3. Marriage sex thrives when you keep it in balance. Too much reading of will not bring about more marriage heat. This site is to inspire hot marriage monogamy. This is a site for ideas and relaxation to keep you thinking monogamous sexy thoughts for your spouse. Your life in general needs to find balance. Anything too extreme can usually not be sustained.
  4. Marriage sex thrives when it stays healthy. There is an old saying, either “use it our loose it” Exercise and eating right are great common resolutions. How about being committed to exercising your pc muscles more?
  5. Marriage sex thrives on great habits. As much as we love passionate spontaneity, which is good when the moments are there, sustainable marriage sex is usually built on a whole series of habits.
  • Romance habits – Date nights, spending quality time talking and listening to each other, surprises, gifts, love notes, phone calls or texts are all ways to keep romance alive in your marriage.
  • Together habits – Eating together at least once a day, going to bed at the same time, going to church together, these and more habits like this form a fabric of proximity that builds your marriage.
  • Spiritual habits – Reading a Bible passage together and/or doing a marriage devotion together really builds a spiritual oneness. Praying together really makes a difference. Marriage sex in not just at a physical level, marriage sex also is guided by your connection to God.

Marriage Sex Best Resolutions

The best resolutions are realistic and sustainable.  Talk to your spouse about each of these points and talk about where you might want to make some changes, then make a plan that develops your “next step. Realize the resolutions are committed to a direction not some perfection that you have to perform to. If you fail on some of your resolutions, so what, just start again and in the long run, you will have made some positive changes.

So whether your new resolution comes at the beginning of a year or results from a conviction for a preferred future, do a realistic assessment, get a realistic plan, keep at it and find a way to prayerfully enjoy your journey toward more fulfilling marriage sex.

Canadian Living has five suggestions for marriage sex resolutions for the new year you might want to check out.

Marriage Sex Resolutions

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6 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    You wrote, “Marriage sex thrives when you take responsibility for your imagination. The Song of Songs in the Bible is a biblical book about marriage sex featuring the marriage sex imagination. ”

    I am a Christian, but I have to admit my imagination has been filled with many sinful non-marriage sex thoughts. Both my wife and I have read erotica and seen pornography that does not promote exclusive marriage sex. This site is really helping us. I have recommended this site to my son and his wife, who are newly married.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re not alone there…myself included. Looking at all the ideas this site has, and stories of couples keeping that spark in their married love life, it makes me wonder how couples’ ever get bored! This has already helped my wife and I in more ways than I can imagine. Thanks Marriage Heat for really blessing our marriage!!

  2. Bginsd says:

    I am so grateful to have found this site. Making love always starts in the head with me and then to my body – i love that i can go to this site to get my imagination going and then love my husband in the way he loves and deserves.
    This is a real victory against Satan who always takes the sacred and beautiful and tries to make it dirty and sinful. God created us to love our spouses in a physical way –
    Thanks for helping me make love without feeling “bad”
    This may sound weird but reading these stories helps normalize sex – as I am one with ” hang ups” from my past and struggle to feel free in the bedroom.

    • Anonymous says:

      This site has us talking about our dreams for our marriage again. Thanks for making a hot but moral site!

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