Sherry(not her real name) and I had been married for almost 15 years.  Like many other marriages, our sex life had it’s good times and then there were the other times.  At that point in our life, we had two time demanding kids, and time alone was very had to come by, much less being in the mood for sex.  We visited our relatives in Ft. Worth one weekend.  A couple we had spent many years with lived  close by and wanted us to come over for the evening.  This was one of those couples that you get close to.

They were married shortly before Sherry and I…and had two kids about the same time as ours.  The four of us had spent many wonderful evenings playing cards and dancing before the kids were born.  They had moved away several years ago, and we didn’t get much of a chance to see them.  My wife’s mother insisted that we go visit them for the evening and leave the kids with her.

It took about 45 minutes to drive across Ft. Worth to get to their house.  Their kids would be there probably.  Sherry and I began to go down memory lane with Deb and Glenn, talking about all the good times we had.

Upon arriving, we were all glad to see each other, and began to get caught up on everything that had happened.  While remembering all these goods times, it also made me remember that our sex life had changed so much over the last 10 years.  Deb and Glenn remembered the number of hours we used to play cards on Saturday evenings, eating dip and drinking pop.

In memory of these times, Deb had the dip ready and had gone into the kitchen to get things ready.  Glenn went in to help her.  Sherry and I were alone on the couch.  I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Maybe we can stop off on the way home and go parking?”
Sherry simply replied ‘Okay” without any interest.
I thought to myself that she really wasn’t interested….and all this made me realize how much our sex lives had changed.  I began to wonder if Deb and Glenn’s had changed also.

We played cards and talked about the old times, along with the problems we had today raising kids.    We decided that since we had quite a drive back that we should start back around 11:30.

We said our good-byes and gave the usual hugs.  As Sherry and I got into our van, we said only a couple of words to each other, just light talk and listened to the radio.
After about 10 minutes, Sherry quietly asked, “Do you still want to go parking?”

I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Sherry was never one to be a chance taker.
“I wouldn’t mind”, I replied calmly.
“Then maybe we should find a place.”

I had noticed on the way over a new housing addition that was now about 10 minutes up the road, but we would have to cross a interstate that was always busy.

“There may be a place just past the interstate up here.”  My heart began to race with excitement.

The van was almost totally dark since we were still outside the city, but the soft lights of the dash board lights gave a bit of light.  I could tell Sherry was moving around, but I was trying to keep my mind on driving.    I could hear the sound of clothes moving.

Suddenly I realized that Sherry had removed her slacks.  I could see her white panties in the soft light.  Sherry continued to move around.  I kept glancing over realiziing that she was still taking clothes off.  Her blouse was completely unbuttoned.  She made sure I saw the panties come off.  The captain chairs in our van lean back slightly.  She placed her left leg on the motor cover and reclined her seat a bit.

“You better make sure we don’t have an accident….as I don’t have any panties on” she said softly.  “As a matter of fact, I only have on a blouse, and it’s open”.

I glanced over and reallized she had taken her bra off and her blouse was open wide.  Looking down, I could see the dark mound that covered her womanhood.

“I’m so wet, I can hardly stand it”. She whispered.
Her I was, trying to hurry, and hoping to find a place to go parking.

“Let me have your hand.” whispered Sherry.
I gave her my right hand, and she moved it down to between her legs.  She was almost dripping with anticipation.  I began to caress her clitoris, and when I looked over, she was gently tugging at her own nipples.  Sherry is one that can come 5 – 6 times, each one more intense than the previous, until she comes with a gush.

Her I was, trying to drive our van to find a parking place, my fingers inside my passionate wife, while she tugged and played with her hard nipples.

I couldn’t believe how hard I was.  I’m not sure how we made it across the interstate without someone seeing what was going on.  Just past the interstate was the new housing addition and I couldn’t find the first road quick enough.  Just as we turned in, Sherry moaned as she had her first climax.  Driving quickly to the end of the road, I found a secluded place and parked the van.  Sherry quickly got up and moved to the back of the van.

Don’t take too long”. she whispered as she moved between the chairs to the back . Our van had 4 caption chairs with a  bend seat in the back.  I couldn’t get my clothes off quick enough.  I glanced back and saw Sherry sitting in the middle of the bench seat, each let resting on the arm rest of the chair in front.  Even in the dim light, I could see her glistening womanhood.

“Better hurry”, she teased.
I got my clothes off and moved to the floor between her legs.  Sherry pulled me passionately to her mouth, her tongue  finding mind.  Sherry didn’t normally like to French kiss, but her passion was above normal now.

She guided my head down to her hard right nipple.  Sherry is large breasted and I love to suck her nipples.  I began to gently suck and tug at her right nipple.  I could feel here hot breath in my ear. “Finger me”, she whispered.

My fingers quickly slipped into her wet womanhood.  I could hear her moan as my fingers became engulfed in her.  Sherry began to gently thrust against my hand, while I continued to suck and tug as her nipple.

“Don’t stop”, she whispered.

Sherry came with a jerk, my hand feeling the surge of love juice when she came.  I rested my head on her breast, letting her enjoy the time.

“Let me up,” she said gently.  “You sit down now.”
As I sat down on the bench seat, I could feel the wettness Sherry had left behind.

Sherry turned her back to me, straddled my legs and lowered herself onto my manhood.  She was so wet, I slipped in without any hesitation.   Sherry sat there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of me deep inside her.  I reached around and began to fondle her clitoris very slowly.  It didn’t take long before Sherry began thrusting against me.  She was tiring to get me as deep inside her as possible.  She reached down and began to caress my balls.

Sherry began to thrust harding, and I knew she was close to coming for the last time.  I was hoping that I could last, as I was about to explode into her.

Suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer.  As I came with a gush, Sherry came right after she felt my hot juice in her.  We both came with such a passion.  Sherry leaned back against me.  She pulled my arms around her and placed my hands cupping her breasts.  My heart was still pounding from the passion.
After several minutes, Sherry turned to me and said.

“That was even better than I had dreamed.”

As we drove home in silence, and looking at all the other cars and couples on the road, I wondered if other couples had such a wonderful wife, and one that God had picked out just for them.

We haven’t been parking since that evening…and that was over 10 years ago.  Sometimes it’s those one time love sessions that make marriage so special.

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