A Good Idea After All!

Ben and I hadn’t long been married when I turned 20. I felt, with the wedding and everything, I’d had enough of parties and things so my parents kindly paid for us to go for a meal in town followed by a hotel overnight as my birthday present. When we were eating the meal we reminisced about birthdays past and I told Ben of my one experience of birthday spankings.
When I was 15, I had a sleepover with three of my friends. When we were all ready for bed in my bedroom, my friend, Marie, said, “You know what a good birthday needs, Cindy? A good birthday needs a good birthday spanking!”

With that and the help of my two other friends, she put me over her knee, pulled down my panties, and gave me 15 spanks on my butt. Then my other two friends did the same! It really stung and I went to bed with a red hot bottom! They laughed as I rubbed myself but I told them to wait till it was their birthdays. I think we all got birthday spankings that year.
Well, my telling my husband this story turned out to be somewhat unwise, especially as I had a short skirt on that evening which gave him plenty of ideas. So when we got back to the hotel room, he took me on his knee and we kissed passionately. He then said to me, “You know, Cindy, what a good birthday needs?” Forgetting what I had told him, I said innocently, “No, show me!”
“Well,” he said, “you told me a good birthday needs a good birthday spanking!”
“What, here and now?” I gasped.

“Why not?” he said.

Why not, indeed! I must confess I always wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a hunky man, so here was my chance! I just told Ben not to spank too hard as he bent me over his knee and pulled my skirt back. My underwear then disappeared off my butt and I squealed as my husband’s hand made contact twenty times with my buns. It stung a bit but not as much as my last birthday spanking, apart from when he gave me the one to grow on which a bit harder and made me yell. By the time it was over, my bottom was feeling very warm and I was feeling highly aroused. By the bulge in my husband’s pants he was feeling the same!

The sex we had after was hot! The spanking appeared to have given us another edge and we celebrated together as Ben’s male organ went into me and we kissed and stimulated each other to orgasm. I decided birthday spankings were a good idea after all. In fact, why wait another year?

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