The Car Ride

It had been a long and frustrating two months.  The summer months had flown by and my wife and I had very little time for each other.  Our businesses were growing and I found myself traveling and speaking to our team.  We hadn’t even had much time to talk on the phone (phone sex can be a lot of fun).  Even when I was home our children, who aren’t used to me being away as much, wanted lots of attention.  So Karen and I found ourselves tired and sexually frustrated.  I decided it was time to do something about the whole situation.

I made arrangements to drop our kids off at my parents for a few days and we headed to a resort in the Pennsylvania Mountains.  My wife was thrilled that I had taken care of almost everything except packing her suitcase!  It was a beautiful late summer day and Karen had been holding my hand and playfully touching my arms and thigh all day.  I had set our gps system to take the scenic route so we weren’t seeing a lot of other people on the roads.  Karen was wearing a very loose button up summer dress that hugged her in all the right places, a pair of sandal type heels and she had painted her finger and toe nails a bright red, which I like very much.  Her blonde hair and hazel colored eyes were both flashing with love, desire and anticipation.

We decided that to make the trip more interesting that every time we stopped for any reason we had to make.  Each time we stopped our kisses became more and more demanding and she began running her hands over my aching bulge.  Karen lay back in her seat and closed her eyes with a contented, lustful groan.  So I did what any considerate husband would do, I reached over and began to caress my wife’s beautiful sexy body.  I started at her head, gently caressing and touching.  Next I worked my way down her body to her thighs, but not before sliding my hand down the front of her dress and gently caressing her breast and soft yet quickly hardening nipples.  She groaned when I pinched them and started to slowly writhing her crotch around.
When I touched her thigh she immediately opened her legs as my hand slid up and caressed her stomach and legs.  My fingers darted in and touched her moistness.  To my surprise and joy she was wearing a thong.  Now my hand began to thoroughly explore and touch and finally I just moved the small piece of material to the side and slid my fingers up her slick opening causing her to moan and thrust her hips against my hand.  I continued to touch and tease her while she kept writhing under my fingers until suddenly with a load moan she grabbed my wrist and bucked against my hand and came gasping for air.  I of course lifted my dripping fingers to my mouth and sucked all of her juices from them.

Thankfully I hadn’t had an accident yet or even really seen anyone else.  Paul, she said huskily I need more, hesitantly she asked me do you mind if do it again?  Of course not said I.  Karen leaned back and adjusted herself so that I could see what was going on and spread her legs and pulled her top down exposing those beautiful breast and long nipples that I love so much.  She started to touch and caress her breast with one hand while the other strayed down to her dripping honey spot and began fingering herself with abandon.  She raised her dripping love juice covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.  Once more she touched herself while pinching her nipple and within a few moments with a load guttural moan she came and I mean she came.  Her juices squirted out and flooded the car seat (good thing it was Leather).  Some of it actually land on my hand which was touching her thigh.

Thanks for letting me do that she said breathlessly.  My shorts were tenting themselves because of my manhood trying to bust free.  That looks painful, she said eyeing my crotch.  Let me help before I really knew what was happening she had unzipped my pants and released my grateful member from its prison.  She leaned over and began using her hand and mouth to give me unbelievable pleasure.  The sight of those red nails wrapped around my manhood sent me over the top and I exploded all over her hand and face and in her mouth until I thought I would pass out.  Karen then proceeded to lick every last drop off of her hand, face and then me!
And we haven’t even arrived at the Resort yet!!!  I do love my wife.

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