Honeymoon Adventures

My wife and I both made decisions to wait until we were married before first having sex. Although it wasn’t easy, we managed to make it! You can imagine how excited we were to finally enjoy each other’s bodies, something we’d looked forward to most of our lives.

We honeymooned on the big Island of Hawaii on the Kona coast. Although we’d spent our first two nights as a married couple on the mainland, we just couldn’t get enough of each other. Our first full day in Hawaii, we never even left our hotel room. We spent hours exploring each other’s bodies, discovering what brought each other the most pleasure. Being that her body wasn’t yet accustomed to sex, intercourse wasn’t the primary activity. I’d try to discover how to bring her to climax without intercourse or clitoral stimulation. It didn’t happen often (we really didn’t know what we were doing then), but it was so much fun.

What seemed to be the most exciting and fun was finding open and exposed places to have intimate contact. During the day when swimming in the ocean, we’d often wade out to where no one was around. I’d pull my trunks down and she’d slide the bottom piece of her bikini to the side to give me access. Due to our inexperience and the saltiness, it wasn’t really a pleasurable experience, but the excitement of privately being connected in this intimate way with the spring sun warming our skin was exhilarating. Eventually we’d get more confident and fully remove our bottoms and experience full contact, exploring each other’s lower bodies in the daylight. We’d be far enough out that if someone began to make their way toward us, we’d have plenty of time to slip our bottoms back on without giving away our secret.

Every night after dinner, we’d take and extended walk in the moonlight. We’d meander through the gardens and eventually make our way to the beach. Our last night in Hawaii, we discovered a fairly remote section of the beach where we could sit on the rocks and take in the view. My wife surprised me after a short conversation by discretely slipping off her panties giving me full access to her under her long but loosely fitting dress. I put her panties in my pocket and we found a larger rock that I could lean my back against. She leaned back onto my chest and we had full view of the beach and anyone who might come our way. She reaches behind her and unzipped my pants and pulled out my erect penis. I’ll admit, we wouldn’t have scored any points for style, but I barely managed to penetrate her without it looking like we were having sex. Within a few minutes, I climaxed. It felt amazing to experience this connection in adventurous ways.

Now that many years have passed, we rarely take these kinds of risks. The sex is certainly better, but on occasion, she’ll tell me at a fancy dinner that she removed her panties while in the ladies room. On those occasions, we’ll skip desert and hurry back to the hotel or our home!

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3 replies
  1. HoneyGirl says:

    I love hearing about couples who have waited & the fun trial & error they have on their honeymoon! We waited too & I smile at our non-honeymoon adventures (I say non because we saw either his family or mine everyday the week between our wedding & having to be back in Texas for the winter college term. Fun side note: my hubby was born & lived in Kona, HI until 5th grade when he moved to Kauai, HI. I moved to Kauai 2 years later but didn’t meet him until we were both at the community college 🙂

  2. FredMan says:

    Great that you waited, but I must ask:
    Were both of you innocent virgins on your wedding night?
    If not, that’s fine as I know many Christian couples engage in heavy foreplay & even penetration before marriage.
    Many also engage in a lot of “everything…but” which includes A LOT of mutual caressing & oral (short of penetration).

  3. Janny Roget says:

    We were very innocent virgins on our wedding night. We had spent a lot of time kissing but no feeling each other was allowed and strictly no hands under clothes. After our wedding it was late and we were very tired when we finally got the chance to consummate our vows. We should have waited but we were so naïve; we believed we were supposed to do it!
    Our only wedding night experience was the performing of a ritual deflowering. Our honeymoon sex wasn’t great; ignorance does not help. But we are so much in love that just being together was enough for us to be happy.
    I wouldn’t recommend starting where we did but we have learned a lot since, mostly be doing everything we can think of, and it does mean that all our intimate experiences are ours alone.

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