I’m thinking about penises today.  Specifically, I’m thinking about the whole circumcising of penises thing.  And I’m wondering if we could talk about it a little bit.

I live in a part of the country where the majority of people still circumcise their sons.  And as far as I can tell, people do it, “for health reasons.”  We circumcised our son…we did it because my husband was circumcised and because when I asked him if we should do it, he said, “Yeah, I guess, I think it prevents infection or something.”

But lately, I’ve read some articles that talk about how much sensitivity is lost in the circumcised penis.  I’ve read about how men who aren’t circumcised actually have sex differently than men who are circumcised.

So I’m wondering if we can talk about this a little bit, because I am sure there are people on this site who are going to be facing this decision sometime in the near future.  Is there actually a benefit to circumcising our sons?  Or is this just an ancient form of genital mutilation that has miraculously survived into the 21st century?

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  1. CMLove
    CMLove says:

    Well, I do know that God commanded the Jewish men to be circumcised, yes for health reasons but mostly because it was a symbol of separation from other nations around them. It wasn’t seen as genital mutilation; it was rather seen as being set apart as a people of God. Now, of course, doctors (like my son’s pediatrician) advise circumcision mostly because of cleanliness and health. But it is interesting to think about, when it comes to sex, how is it different?

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I don’t think it is mutilation as it is for women, as God actually did want the males within His chosen people to be circumcised

  3. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    I heard those reports about a loss in sensitivity. My circumsized penis has quite the “healthy” sex drive. I actually can’t imagine being *more* sexually sensitive down there. Not sure that would be a good thing. Both my sons are circumsized too.

  4. martinez2582
    martinez2582 says:

    Good question here. I’m cut and live the fact that I am. I’m still very sensitive all around and the feeling is amazing. Wifey loves that I’m cut. I feel it looks cleaner and better. Just my thoughts

  5. Paul Hamilton
    Paul Hamilton says:

    I would like to break this down into two related, but different things. These are from a Sex stand point, and a tradition/health standpoint. First the Tradition and Health standpoint. The health standpoint is severely misguided. While circumcision does reduce the risk of certain diseases, the rate of these diseases are already low so I don’t think anyone should base their decision for circumcising on this fact alone. As for tradition (I’m cut so my son should be cut) I think is stupid. It’s similar logic on stating that you should beat your wife and kids because your dad beat you and your mom. Just because something was done to you, does not necessarily make it right, or the best thing for your child.

    As for cleanliness? How hard is it to keep your penis clean? Washing your penis in the shower or bath everyday is not hard. I personally think any guy (and girl for that matter) that can’t wash their genitals and has their areas develop that particular “unwashed” odor is completely lazy. So from this standpoint, circumcision (or lack there off in this case) should not have any bearing on this discussion.

    Now from the Sex perspective here. Men who are circumcised don’t know what it feels like for those that are not circumcised, and vice versa. But here are a couple of insights from the uncircumcised view and some from what I assume is similar to the circumcised view (experimentation/experience with condoms, or things like cock rings that can restrict the foreskin and it’s movement.).

    Masturbation: First off I don’t need any lubrication at all. I can whip it out, get off (with putting pressure on the perineum during ejaculation to prevent any ejaculate from escaping), and put it away without any mess whatsoever. The foreskin slides up and down the shaft just like a sheath and removes any need for a form of lubrication. As for masturbation without a foreskin (such as using a cock ring that prevents foreskin movement) I have found it to be a lot rougher and definitely requires lubrication of somesort.

    Oral Sex: I am going off of what my wife has said. She experienced sex (just like myself) before we got together and before we were both Christians. From what she says, oral sex with a foreskin is easier from a female perspective for pretty much the same reasons as masturbation. The foreskin acts as a buffer/sheath that moves up and down freely and does not require as much lubrication and also the roughness as mentioned before.

    Vaginal Sex:In all honesty I think that the sensations of vaginal sex are probably very similar for circumcised and uncircumcised alike. However again the big difference is Lubrication. My first girlfriend suffered from vaginal dryness, Now we were young and didn’t know or have experience with lube. Sex with a condom on (that restricted my foreskin moving) would be a little rough on me, and really rough on her. In fact one time she was so dry that I broke through the condom during sex. I distinctly remember that it was feeling okay and then after I broke through it was easier and felt great. I thought she just get more lubricated but after I realized that it was a cheap condom that broke. After my girlfriend went on the pill (something I don’t recommend for any Christian for birth control as it doesn’t prevent conception, rather it prevents implantation. and to some (including myself) now see it as potential monthly abortions without realizing it) and we didn’t use condoms, the vaginal dryness was no issue, even though it hadn’t changed, because the foreskin allowed free movement.

    So those are my thoughts. You can agree or disagree but hopefully you can take something from this. Catch you all later.

  6. Eva
    Eva says:

    Paul- thanks so much for sharing all of that! That’s exactly the sort of information I was hunting when I posted this. Like I said in my original post, it’s not really a question I was asking for myself. We already circumcised our son years ago and I regret that, but what is done is done. But I hope others who are facing the decision in the near future will take the time to look into it more so they make a more informed decision.

  7. Wanted Always
    Wanted Always says:

    remember God made a perfect world where man and women were naked. SIN wrecked the whole plan and I believe He had a reason for the foreskin originally and for circumcision of His people later. . I am cut and my wife loves it and so do I. Any more pleasure and I’d go out of my mind. Pray about it do what you feel God tells you to and ask Him when we get to Heaven. I am a child of God but not Jewish, my parents did it cause my dad wasn’t and had troubles thru adolescence..

  8. Upcomingauthor
    Upcomingauthor says:

    Look if it was a problem God wouldn’t have commanded his people to do it.

    So its still the parents choice, but seeing as our HEAVENLY father didn’t have a problem with it, neither should we.

    Now from personal, I never thought much of it but, without ruffling any feathers, I think uncircumcised penises look gross. And it just so happened that my wife thinks they look gross too so I’m glad there my parents made the decision.

    And we made it for our son.

    But to me, I go back to the original thing, God said do it. God doesn’t tell us to do anything that is bad for us. So, there it is.

  9. Loved by my Wife
    Loved by my Wife says:

    I have a foreskin & I cannot imagine not having one. I cannot think of any disadvantages, because you can always just pull back the foreskin. The hygiene question is moot – just pull back your foreskin in the shower at least once a week & you are fine.

  10. Laura Young
    Laura Young says:

    I have been with both pre-salvation. My husband is and I prefer it. But I was also very ashamed of that early experience, so I may have a bias.

  11. FindingLight
    FindingLight says:

    I think it needs to said that the law that commanded men to be circumcised has been fulfilled. It was instigated and then fulfilled. So though it my not harm most, it is still a procedure with risks. It is possible to develop a strangulation issue with the boys penis post surgically. Bleeding is a common side effect that can be severe enough to cause death. I’ve also seen evidence that circumcised boys experience a much higher pain response than their uncircumcised counterparts. Now if it had been a current commandment, fine. But as a law no longer active for a procedure with risks. It would take a good deal of prayer for me to schedule it. It has been difficult for my husband and I to bring our children into this world. A risk without clear benefits is difficult to accept especially when the boy could choose to do it anytime later.

  12. trieste450
    trieste450 says:

    I think the facts outlined by ‘Paul Hamilton’ and ‘Finding Light’ are substantially correct but there are many reasons why so many people are incapable of making a decision on this issue based on facts. (Who amongst us can be cool and rational when it comes to sex and penises?)

  13. HV450
    HV450 says:

    Interesting ‘PacMan’s comment ‘can’t imagine being *more* sexually sensitive down there. Not sure that would be a good thing.’
    A lot of circumcised males would agree with him. They seem to assume the sensations that they experience are the same as those that are generated by the erogenous nerve tissue that is cut off the penis during circumcision.

  14. Don Bryson
    Don Bryson says:

    I agree with PacMan. I'm circumcised, and if I was more sensitive I'd go crazy. I'm now 58 and still have not experience any loss of sensitivity. Also, my late wife enjoyed giving oral sex and we discussed this issue, she stated that from what she and I had read while deciding on what to do about our newborn sons, she was glad I was circumcised, Hygiene was important to her, and we both felt it was more sanitary. Now I'm a celibate, so yeah, no more sensitivity please. I do my "laundry" by hand now though, and he still works just fine circumcised.

  15. Eva
    Eva says:

    I've done a bit more reading on this subject and have talked to some friends with uncircumcised partners since I originally posted this. Here are a couple more things I've learned that I thought some of you might find interesting.

    1. In his book Passionista, Ian Kerner calls the foreskin "the best sex toy money can't buy. He explains that the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis bunches up during intercourse and rubs against the woman's gspot, which increases her pleasure and contributes to her orgasm.

    2. I read that the circumcision we practice today was not the circumcision practiced by Abraham. Apparently the ancient Jews only cut off the very tip of the foreskin, exposing only the very tip of the penis and allowing the majority of the glans to remain covered. Later in Jewish history, in an effort or make sure that Jews would not be mistaken for uncircumcised Gentiles, they started removing the entire foreskin.

    3. Men who are uncircumcised find less of a need for added lubrication during sex and masturbation, when the foreskin is intact, it keeps the glans lubricated. One of my friends told me she's been married a decade and they've never used lube once and her husband has never had to use it for masturbation either.

  16. Rab Keth
    Rab Keth says:

    I'm a serious trivia freak and when it comes to the penis…it is more that a little interesting.
    As it turns out, the Christian "tradition" of circumcision was over before it began back in the first century with Paul nearly coming to blows with Peter over the issue.
    Circumcision doesn't come up as a "thing" until the late 1800s early 1900s when Doctor John Kellog (yes…of the same Corn Flakes) waged a national campaign against the terrible scourge of "vile masturbators". Back then masturbation was seen as a social ill and believed to lead to mental illness and (you can thank him for this as well, fellas) blindness.
    " Doctor" Kellogg's most widely encouraged method of making sure your son didnt become a vile, horrid, blemish on society of a masturbator was to make sure he was circumcised. For girls he recommended the administration of carbolic acid to the young woman's clitoris.
    If you go to his Wikipedia page you can discover for yourself the many other torturous recommendations he made, but the circumcision bit was the most palatable and took off throughout the united States.
    Well…I should say it was the second most palatable…after his popular Corn Flakes which he created in a effort to also combat "self abuse" in children.
    Since then it has been a generational cascade of "well…I got cut so…I guess my son should look like me."
    Something for you to think on the next time you cruise down the cereal aisle.
    I thank God that we live in an age where this site can exist and thrive. It really is such a blessing.

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