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Sin, Love, and Sexual Expression

Sin, Love, and Sexual Expression I have to say that this exploration of healthy and healing sexuality that I’ve been on for the last year has made me look at sin in a whole new way. It was HornyHubby in his epic masturbation post that started this, so I’ll blame him, but I have honestly […]

Things Your Mother Never Told You

Ladies (and Gents who are interested), There’s a book that came out a couple years ago called Things Your Mother Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to Sexuality by Kim Gaines Eckert that PassionateForChrist and I are reading right now.  I was wondering if anyone else here at Marriage Heat would be interested in reading […]


I’m thinking about penises today.  Specifically, I’m thinking about the whole circumcising of penises thing.  And I’m wondering if we could talk about it a little bit. I live in a part of the country where the majority of people still circumcise their sons.  And as far as I can tell, people do it, “for […]

A “Single” Memory

When I was in my 20s, I went through a difficult period with my sexuality.  So I thought I’d tell the story in case it is beneficial to any of the single folk who frequent this site. I was single and twenty-five, and I was working in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was dating a sweet and […]

Having Sex vs. Being Sexual

One of the things my husband and I had to learn early in our marriage was that there is a difference between being sexual and having sex. And with all the guys on MH who are frustrated about their wives’ lack of sex drive, I thought this might be a concept to unpack, just in […]

Woman’s Pelvic Health and Pregnancy

Woman’s Pelvic Health and Pregnancy by Eva Pelvic Health and Pregnancy – A friend of mine recently made the comment to me that she needed to start taking care of herself better because she wanted to have a baby soon.  She was concerned that if she didn’t take good care of herself before the baby, that […]

Birds and Bees

We took the plunge a couple weeks ago…we had the sex talk…or at least, we started the sex talk.  I’m certainly hoping it’s going to be ongoing over the next decade or so.  Here’s the story… The kids are in elementary school now.  We are well aware that our son has been masturbating for quite […]

Sex is Play

Sex is Play Sex used to stress me out a lot. I’d feel guilty for my BDSM streak. Or I’d get all weirded out when my husband would ask me to indulge him in one of his fantasies. I’d think, “Is God okay with this?” “Am I allowed to feel this way?” or “Do we […]

Teaching kids about sex

Katie Brown’s recent post has me thinking about how we as parents can raise our kids with a healthy understanding of sexuality. My son is in early elementary school.  Several times over the last couple years I’ve observed him laying on his stomach pulsing his hips ever so slightly.  My husband has told me that […]

It happened one night…

I remember the first time I called him, “Master.”  We were on the bed.  We’d been making out, some clothing may have been missing, but at the moment we were laying there talking. “I want to call you something.” “What?” “Call you something…like a name…there’s something I want to call you when we are together […]

Sex and Church…a Question

So, I want to start a conversation. I love this site. It’s fantastic.  The contributors on here have blown my mind with both their authentic faith and their authentic humanity. But here’s my problem.  I am in a leadership role at a church in which there are a zillion married couples.  And these married couples […]