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Fetish Sex In the Club (L) ~ Ignite Story

“Are you sure this is going to be okay?” you ask nervously. “There’s a lot of weird people in this queue!”

“We’ll be fine!” I reassure you, “Look, I really appreciate you making the effort tonight. I used to come to this place all the time before we had kids; I miss it!”

“Don’t they have fetish nights here, though?”

You’d given me free rein to choose what to do on our night out; I’d been working so hard with such little reward lately, and you were determined to make it up to me. My choice of venue, however, made you start to regret your generosity! I chose Machine City, my favourite club. You don’t usually do clubbing anyway, and this one specialises in goth and industrial music, which is several hundred miles away from your comfort zone! I also suggested you should “dress the part” and texted you some pictures of typical industrial clubwear. I’d not been entirely serious when I did this, but you’d gone the whole nine yards and picked out an outfit that you promised would make my jaw hit the floor as soon as I saw it. But for now, however, you stand covered from neck to toe in a long Victorian-style black coat.

“Don’t worry,” I try to reassure you. “Fetish night was yesterday; tonight’s a regular club night. Just weirdos dancing to weird music.”

“Weirdos like us, you mean!” You laugh. “Can’t remember when I last saw you in makeup!”

Never one to not practice what I preach, I’d entered into the swing of things with my appearance too. I’d gone for a military goth style with combat boots, studded black Leather waistcoat, combat pants, and a black leather trench coat. The makeup you referred to was the subtlest touch of black eyeliner around my eyes. In addition, I’d had nearly all my hair shaved down to the scalp; only a small rectangle remained, dyed jet black and slicked over to the side.

Even though I can only see you from the neck up (little tease that you are, you had insisted I stay downstairs while you got ready), I’ve’ never seen you like this. Your short hair is dyed a vivid shade of violet with violet lipstick to match. You’ve’ ringed your eyes with thick black eyeliner and your neck with a black lace choker. But what is under that coat? The thought alone is causing my heart to beat fast while we wait in line to get into the club.

Thankfully, everyone else in the line has dressed in a similar fashion. Freaks and weirdos of all ages, shapes, and sizes form an orderly line to the entrance. We’re in our early forties but are easily not the oldest there. For every twenty-something baby bat, there’s at least one with a few grey roots showing.

Although we blend in well here, we would have stood out a mile at our church or workplaces. If any of our colleagues were to see us, they would talk about it for months; same with our church friends, with some older ones wanting to pray for us! But, thankfully, no one we know seems to be among the revellers. Tonight, we can leave our day-selves behind and play at being creatures of the night.

At long last, we get to the front of the line and enter into the booming vortex that is Machine City. The pulsing bass that we could feel through our feet whilst outside now reverberates through our whole bodies. Within a few steps, we are in another world. The whole place thumps and flashes neon magenta and fluorescent aquamarine. We step out onto a balcony overlooking the heaving dance floor, where scores of freaks in latex and leather seem to be controlled by some kind of subliminal programming as they jerk and writhe in time to the primal rhythm.

Slightly taken aback, you shout in my ear, “I think I’m gonna need a drink! Probably two!”

“Yeah, baby, good idea,” I try to reply, only to be drowned out by the music.

“You go to the bar. I’ll take the coats,” you say.

I strip off my long coat, giving it to you before heading down to the dance floor and over to the bar. A moment later, I am standing alone and awkward at the edge of the dance floor, carrying two double vodka and cokes. And then… I see you.

The vision that confronts me nearly makes me drop the drinks. Striding towards me is just about the sexiest sight I have ever seen. My wife—my Sunday school-teaching, handicraft-loving wife—is completely transformed. Taking you in from the bottom up, I gaze open-mouthed at your leather stiletto-heeled, knee-high boots. The black stockings that emerge from these boots finish with elegant lace halfway up your beautiful thighs, and the suspenders holding up those stockings run up the rest of the way before disappearing under your dress. And oh, what a dress! It clings to your curvy figure from shoulder to waist, violet latex that matches your hair finishing in a short ruffled skirt that shows all of your luscious thighs. I can see some lacy petticoats at the bottom of the skirts, and the seductive, plunging v-shaped neckline shows off your magnificent bosom.

“Hey, gorgeous,” you purr seductively. “Is that drink for me?”

I can’t speak and just carry on staring slack-jawed at you.

“You’re so cute!” You giggle as you see how dumbstruck you’ve made me. Slowly you move toward me until our bodies touch, and then you whisper in my ear, “Wanna dance?”

You slowly back away whilst running your hand over my face. Then finishing your drink with one gulp, you sashay over to the dance floor.

Still staring, mouth agape, I follow like I’m in a trance. Who is this woman? And what has she done with my normally demure wife? I become aware of my cock stiffening more and more with every move you make, and I’m glad I didn’t choose the tight leather trousers to wear tonight! Downing my drink, I move toward you. You’re already captivated by the music, and you dance with wild abandon. Pretty soon, I’m captivated too, the throbbing beat and high energy pulsating synths making us both feel young again.

The music goes on; we dance some more, drink some more. The outside world melts away as we become one with the heaving crowd. I can see little rivulets of sweat form on your neck. I watch a couple of them slowly drip down to between your breasts. I’ve been powerfully lusting for you since I first saw you on the dance floor, and now I’m becoming overwhelmed. I move my body toward yours.

At that moment, the music changes from fast, high-energy techno to a sexy, dirty, mid-tempo industrial groove, “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Our bodies are touching now, latex grinding against leather in time to the beat. I place my hands on your swaying hips as you raise your hands above your head. Stepping closer still, I slide my hands down to your behind and pull you into me, and you put your hands on my shoulders and your thighs around my leg. Even through our clothes, I can tell you can feel my hardness pressing into your waist just as I feel the heat of your pussy on my thigh. Our eyes lock together as the chorus kicks in.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal,” I  sing along, “I wanna feel you from the inside.”

And with a spark in your eyes, you mouth back to me, “Later.”

Still looking deep into my eyes, you take my hand and back away, leading me off the dance floor to a dark corner of the club. As soon we’re by the wall, you spin around and push me up against it. Before I have time to think, your lips are against mine, and your tongue is thrusting into my mouth. You grab both my wrists, force my arms against the wall, and whilst still frenziedly kissing me, you press your body against mine as hard as you can. I can feel the warmth of your soft breasts crushed against my chest, your crotch grinding against my own in time to the music. Your breathing becomes faster as you kiss me even more intensely, letting go of my hands and firmly grasping my backside. My cock has grown to its full hardness and is aching to be free as I put my hands around you and stroke the back of your sexily stockinged thighs.

You break off the kiss. “I want you,” you pant. “I don’t care where or how, but I need you inside me right now!”

I almost drop to the floor and let you ride me then and there, but just at that moment, I catch the eye of a security guard, who looks like he’s waiting for an excuse to ruin someone’s night. But then I spot something else, a dark alcove in the wall covered by a curtain. If we sneak in unnoticed, we may just get away with it!

“Come with me!” I whisper, grabbing your hand and leading you into the alcove. Once we’re behind the curtain, our hearts sink. The nook is only a couple of feet deep, with a heavy door at the end. Nowhere near enough room to get it on! More in hope than expectation, I try the door. And to my surprise, it opens!

We scamper through the door like naughty schoolchildren. Inside it is pitch dark. You search for the light whilst I look for something with which to brace the door. When at last the light comes on, I hear you gasp, “Oh, my!”

“What’s up, babe?” I ask you, still fiddling with the door.

“You know you said fetish night was yesterday?”


“Well, I think this is where they store their toys!”

I finally manage to lock the door. I turn around and almost can’t believe my eyes. In one corner is a metal cage, only a few feet wide but tall enough to stand up in. Attached to the wall is an x-shaped frame with a leather cuff at the end of each arm. Hanging from the ceiling is a swing with foot stirrups and wrist cuffs, and on the shelves beside me are all kinds of floggers, paddles, butt plugs, and other items designed to give someone a sore bum.

It was what was in the middle that had caught your eye, though. It looks most like a vaulting horse used for gymnastics, with some kinky alterations. The top is covered in a soft velvet upholstery, and four leather cuffs are attached to each of the legs. The two at the far end are near the top, and the nearest two are near the floor, at ankle height.

You walk over to it and stroke the velvet. “What do you think this is for, honey?” you purr, looking at me with a sexy fake-innocent smile.

“Well, love,” I reply, my heart racing as ideas form in my mind, “I think the idea is that a willing participant bends over it with their hands secured at this end and their ankles secured at the other.”

“Ooh!” you say, still in the faux-innocent voice that always makes me get so hot under the collar. “What, bend over it like this, you mean?”

You move to the bench’s end and, with one fluid movement, bend all the way over so that your head hangs over the other end. Your short ruffled skirt rides up and presents your beautiful, round bottom like a frame. Underneath it, you’re wearing some incredibly sexy lace crotchless knickers, which are attached to the suspenders holding up your stockings. I almost collapse! Have you been wearing those all night? My erection, which had subsided a little, is now back at full strength again.

“And these cuffs, how did you say they went on?” You purr, smiling sweetly at me over your shoulder.

“Erm, well…” I stutter through my lustful daze. It seems my cock has taken my entire blood supply, leaving none for my brain. “I guess they fit on something like this!”

I walk to the head of the bench and place each of your wrists in the restraints. My hands shake as I buckle them tight, my eyes constantly veering to the way your sumptuous breasts are squashed against the bench and your sexy smile. I try to get into character and give you the best “dominant” stern look I can, but I can’t help cracking a smile. I move back to the other end and crouch down to fasten the ankle restraints. Thankfully, they are big enough to fit all the way around your boots. My hands shake even more as my eyes are drawn upwards to the sight of my wife’s gorgeous, spread legs and to her exposed bum and pussy.

“I bet one of those silk scarves would make a great blindfold.” Your voice betrays a hint of excitement. I waste no time in following your suggestion, quickly tying the scarf tightly over your eyes. “Ooh, you naughty boy!” you coo. “It seems you’ve got me completely at your mercy!”

“Hmm. Yes, you are.”

“I mean, I can’t move or see! You could do whatever you want with me, and I would be powerless to resist.”

“Very true.”

“And with my most intimate parts exposed,” you sway your hips from side to side, “it would be so easy to take advantage!”

“Yes, it would.” My cock now strains against the unyielding fabric of my trousers, dying to be released. I can’t believe how blessed I am right now. Before me is the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen: my wife’s beautiful shapely legs in boots, stockings, and suspenders; her gorgeous plump bottom in lacy crotchless knickers and surrounded by a sexy ruffled skirt; and in the centre of it all, her glistening, inviting pussy.

This is proof to me that God loves his children. Where could this feeling of exhilaration come from if not from the genius design of our amazing Creator, who knows me so intimately that He joined me to my perfect, sexy, adventurous wife? You don’t’ just indulge my deepest fantasies, but eagerly encourage them! I must confess that I just want to take out my manhood right now and shove it inside you! But no, I’m going to savour this.

I gently put the tips of my fingers on the back of your knee and slowly draw them upwards. Your whole body shudders as my fingers climb further and further up. Pausing at the curve under your bum, I move my fingers side to side on your soft skin, then to the space between your legs, giving your love lips the gentlest of touches as I switch to your other leg. You throw your head back and give a loud moan, followed by a whimper of frustration as my fingers trail down the back of that thigh. Then, slowly but more firmly this time, I bring my fingers back upwards.

Your breathing becomes faster, and your body trembles as I get closer and closer to your moistening vagina, where I leisurely stroke your outer lips from top to bottom. Your hips buck, and you bite down hard on your lip. I press your vulva upwards with the flat of my hand, and your muscles begin to tense, straining against the bonds as your orgasm starts to build.

Now, I part your outer lips and move my middle finger between them. The cuffs rattle against the frame as your whole body writhes and jerks while I touch your soaking wet love hole. I knew you were feeling horny but didn’t expect you to get so turned on so quickly! I push my finger deeper into you and find the roughness of your G-spot.

“Oh yes!” you exclaim, your pelvis squirming as you arch your back.

I circle my finger slowly around the spot that is giving you so much pleasure, and your movements become even more frenzied. Then I change the position of my hand to put my thumb where my finger had just been. There, it continues the circular motion on your G-spot while my middle finger searches forward between your inner lips until it finds your already swollen clitoris.

“AAAHHH!” you scream as you throw your head back. You’re getting close now, so close. Usually, you try to resist your orgasm for as long as possible to increase its intensity. This time, however, it’s building too quickly. Being unable to move or see has amplified all your other senses, and I, your husband, am expertly stimulating them. You’ve totally surrendered control, and you are LOVING it. I  make gentle “come hither” type strokes on your clitoris with the tip of my finger, causing you to scream and thrash wildly. Then, taking my hand away, I pause and wait…

“Please…” you stammer in between ragged breaths, “More!… Please!”

And with that, I forcefully shove my thumb deep inside you and squeeze your clitoris hard against your body with my finger. This tips you over the edge; you scream and go stiff as your orgasm tears through your whole body. Your pussy contracts hard around my thumb as you gush forth a flood of your sweet juices. For what seems like an age, your breathing stops, and then, your body gradually relaxes, and you collapse, panting, onto the frame.

“Hmm, you’re a very naughty girl, aren’t you?” I chuckle.

“Oh yeah!” you gasp between heavy breaths, “and your naughty girl desperately needs a spanking!”

This makes my jaw drop to the floor. “What?” I say in amazement.

“Cmon, grab a paddle and give my arse what it deserves!”

Well, how could I refuse, I think as I choose my weapon. Over on the wall hangs a sexy-looking red paddle with a heart-shaped end. That’ll do nicely! “You ready, baby?” I ask,

“Mmm-hmm,” you reply, bottom lip between your teeth.

I pause. I mustn’t go crazy. Horny as I am and as spankable as my wife’s butt is, I mustn’t hit too hard. We’ve both had a few drinks, and I don’t want to ruin it all by getting carried away. Okay, here goes…


A delicious sting erupts on your buttock, causing you to spasm in ecstasy. You hold your breath as you ride the wave of pleasure coursing through you.


Another sting, this time on your other buttock, takes your breath away. You jerk and writhe as you feel the fire building again.

“Wow! You’ve got some lovely, cute, heart-shaped spank-marks on your butt, honey!” I laugh.

You give a short laugh back. “Oh, babe, I can’t take it anymore. I need you inside me!”

“Oh, yeah?” I tease, still trying to play the calm, in-control dominant. I undo my belt.

“Yes, babe. Fuck me with your big. hard. cock! NOW!”

I undo my trousers, stand right behind your juicy round marked bottom, and lower my trousers and pants, finally freeing my rock-hard member from its tight confines. I place it at your entrance.

“What, you mean this cock?”

“Please! Fuck me! Drive it hard into my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

And I do just that. I penetrate you deep and hard. Moaning in unison, we are overcome with an explosion of pleasure as we finally become one. Placing my hands underneath your curvy hips, I bend slightly back so that my cock is pressing you upwards. This makes you scream again and sends you into a frenzy. While I stay still, you rock back and forth on the frame and simultaneously contract your pelvic floor in time to your rhythm. I press my body hard into you so that the soft flesh of your arse squashes against me; I don’t thrust, though. I just let you rhythmically squeeze my dick with your cunt.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” You cry as you use my dick to bring yourself close to another orgasm. My body is becoming flooded with the ecstasy spreading out from what you’re doing to my cock. “OH YES!” You bellow at the top of your lungs as your knees buckle beneath you. Your orgasm peaks, and I know exactly what to do.

I jackhammer into your body as you ride your orgasm. The slapping sounds of skin on skin and the scraping of the frame on the floor are drowned out by our moaning as I pummel myself into you, causing your whole body to shake like a rag doll. Your cunt contracts uncontrollably, and you again gush a river of pussy juices all over me.

I feel my cock swelling; I’m getting near. I finally give in to the urge, and with a loud shout, I shoot fountains of cum into you. We moan aloud as I fire again and again, and again… and again… and again until finally, I’m empty. I collapse forward onto you, my restrained wife.

“I love so much,” I breathlessly pant.

And when you regain your ability to speak, you reply, “I love you, too.”

When we come back down to Earth, we realise we have quite a cleanup to do! Thankfully someone had the foresight to leave a roll of tissues in the room. After a quick readjustment of our clothes, we sheepishly sneak back out into the club. We’re both spent from our explosive lovemaking, and there’s no way our legs can take any more dancing. So we decide to make our way out into the night and go home.

Once outside, we look at each other and giggle. Did that really just happen? But a voice from behind us snaps us out of these thoughts. “Alright, mate!”

We turn around. It’s’ Derek, one of the young men from our church. He’s’ wearing a security guard’s uniform. “Hi, Derek. Didn’t know you worked here,” I say, trying to sound nonchalant. The truth is that I’m more than a little embarrassed about being seen by someone I know in the clothes I’m wearing.

“Yeah, I do the security cameras for the club. Erm, listen, there’s something I need to talk to you about…”

My embarrassment turns to full-blown mortification. There were cameras in that room? My heart starts racing, and this time, not in a good way.

“Right, you’ve gone white as a sheet, so I think you’ve worked out what I’m talking about,” continues Derek. “Don’t worry, I’ve erased all the footage from that camera tonight. And I promise, after I saw you two go in, I didn’t watch any myself.”

We both exhale. “Derek, I don’t know how to thank you!” you exclaim.

“Wait, I haven’t finished.” Derek continues, “Before I erased it, I downloaded it onto this.” He hands me a USB memory stick. “Enjoy!” he says with a wink.

“Oh my word, Derek, we owe you big time!” I smile.

“No problem, mate! Oh, Sally and I need a babysitter next Saturday, by the way.”

“Consider it done.”

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11 replies
  1. PatientPassion says:

    As someone with a little more than just a slight kinky streak, this was highly enjoyable! I'm still developing my tastes, but I love the idea of putting extra effort into dressing up and going out somewhere. The thought of my future wife in something that almost looks more like a Halloween costume than normal clothes is a huge turn-on, especially if she waits until the right time to reveal it like in this story.

    Great writing, very sexy and entertaining! I'm looking forward to future stories from you bedtiger!

  2. Sarge says:

    Whew! That was amazing BedTiger. Thanks for such an arousing story, and again the narrator is wonderful. My late wife used to loved being swatted on her “arse” when I was fucking her from behind, so that brought back great memories. Some more please!

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