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I am 45 years old and 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I have been married for two years. I was always told I couldn’t have children, so to say that we were shocked when we found out I was pregnant is quite the understatement!

We met three years ago through his sister—my best friend. We felt an immediate and intense connection on all levels: emotional, sexual, and intellectual. And that connection has gotten even stronger, if possible, during my pregnancy.

Jack had been married before and has two boys in their early 20’s. While he’s an incredibly loving and involved father, his first wife didn’t enjoy being pregnant and didn’t share much with him, so this is almost like his first pregnancy too.

I LOVE being pregnant. I love my body’s changes and have never felt as confident and sensual as I do now. This is enhanced by the fact that my husband makes me feel more desirable the more our baby grows and I grow. We have trouble keeping our hands off of each other! Though we normally avoid public displays of affection (other than holding hands), these days it’s sometimes all we can do to stop ourselves from getting carried away in public places. Jack can’t seem to keep his hands off of my ever-changing body, and I can’t get enough of him. My sexual appetite has been so intense that my wonderful husband often pleasures me without coming to climax himself.

Last week, Jack came home at noon on Thursday with a surprise. He had made arrangements for a long weekend at a couples-only resort about 45 minutes down the coast. A colleague at work had recommended it and said it has a “what happens at the resort, stays at the resort” vibe. We didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was almost 15 weeks along, and it has seemed like a whirlwind of life-changing activity since. We hadn’t had a chance to make babymoon travel arrangements earlier in the pregnancy. This was a perfect option as we would get away but still be within easy distance of the birthing center if Baby decided to come early.

We each packed a bag and headed out to beat traffic. It’s starting to get difficult for me to get in and out of Jack’s two-seater convertible, but we put the top down for one last ride before switching to exclusively using my car or his pick-up. We arrived at the resort and checked into our beautiful room facing the ocean. It had a balcony with a spectacular view of the water and a large whirlpool tub. The bathroom had a large shade that you could pull up so you can see the beach from the tub. We would definitely be taking advantage of that this weekend!

The next morning we awoke early to beautiful blue skies. Our day began as has become our routine. As we both start to stir, Jack’s hands explore my ever-changing body. It seems that each day we awake to find a little more of me (and our baby) in our bed. This morning, Jack was spooning me from behind and I felt his arm come around to stroke my belly and breasts. The baby awakened and moved at his touch. I smiled, my eyes still closed, and turned my head back for a deep, lingering kiss. It was tempting to stay in bed to finish what we started, but we got up to enjoy beach time. I put on a bikini with a cover-up and hat, and we left the room with my belly leading the way.

As we walked through the pool area, I felt eyes on us as we made our way to a double chaise lounge. We are both considerably older than most babymooners, but I felt like our mutual desire was rippling off of us like waves. I still carried the baby high and walked with a confident gait. I’ve been doing 300 squats a day since I found out I was pregnant, and my legs have actually never looked so lean.

Jack held my hand to steady me as I lowered myself to the edge of the lounger. Then he knelt in front of me and pulled my cover-up over my head so I wouldn’t need to struggle with it. He leaned in for a kiss before I sat back on the chaise. Coming around to the other side, he settled down beside me. His hand caressed my inner thigh or rested on my belly as we sat comfortably together.

We enjoyed the morning sun as I read, did the crossword and dozed a little. However, as Jack’s caresses continued, we came to wordless agreement that it was time to finish what we had started in bed that morning. Jack made arrangements for one of the private cabanas on the beach, then we gathered our things and made our way to the beach, our arms around each other. Jack leaned over to nibble my ear as we strode towards our cabana and I looked back at him, starting to breathe heavily with eyes heavy-lidded from desire.

The cabana was like a double bed on legs with a canopy and curtains that could close on all sides. Jack helped me onto the lounger and sat next to me. I felt overwhelming love for my man and this wonderful weekend surprise.

“Baby, I love you,” I whispered as I drew his face towards mine.

He kissed me hard and I felt his tongue search for mine. My arms went around his neck as he pulled me as close as my belly would allow. As we began kissing and fondling, it became evident that we needed to close the curtains on the cabana quickly. Once the curtains were all fully closed, I pulled at the strings holding my bikini bottoms on and pulled them away – holding them up provocatively.

Jack grinned and slid out of his swimming trunks and began untying my bikini top. Once my breasts were freed, he leaned down and gently took a nipple in his mouth and sucked.

I began nibbling at Jack’s ear. I consider that his “on” button and I could tell it was working.

“I want you to cum with me today, baby,” I murmured in his ear as I ran my hands through his hair. “Let’s make it last forever.”

Jack answered by pressing his mouth hard against mine and thrusting his tongue between my teeth. I was leaning against the angled back of the chaise and he moved around to kneel in front of me. Resting his weight on his forearms, he leaned down and licked at the opening of my vagina. I touched the sides of his face and he looked up at me.

“I want to feel you inside me, baby,” I moaned.

He came up and positioned himself between my legs. With one hand on my thigh and one hand resting on my taut belly, he rubbed the tip his throbbing erection at my opening.

I ached for him and felt desperate to feel him inside of me. “Please,” I gasped desperately, without any regard to if I could be heard outside the cabana or not.

He entered me, searching my face for any signs of discomfort, but as I smiled at him, he pumped in and out slowly.

Suddenly, we heard a cry of passion from a neighboring cabana. Knowing total strangers could hear us turned me on, and I gripped at his back harder, my legs spread wide.

“Oh baby, yes, yes,” I moaned.

“God, you’re so sexy, Mags,” Jack murmured as his pace increased.

I felt the throes of an orgasm starting, so I signaled Jack to slow up a minute. He pulled out of me, and I stroked the underside and tip of his penis. Then I pushed him back against the chaise and rolled over to straddle him. Leaning over to kiss him, I guided him inside me once again and began moving on top of him. I undulated my big belly over him as I rode. Since he was in a partially seated position, I could actually lean over and kiss him despite the watermelon-sized belly between us.

He held my face between his hands as I continued to move, and we kept eye contact as I rode him with increasing intensity. I reached up and held my tender, bouncing breasts in my hands as I leaned back. Riding up and down even harder, I writhed on top of him and increased the speed of my movements like a very pregnant belly dancer.

Jack covered my hands and breasts with his own, and I pulled my hands away so I could feel him stroke and gently squeeze them. He leaned forward and trailed kisses from my mouth, down my neck, between my breasts, and over the top of my belly as it moved towards and away from him with steady movement.

I gasped and panted, moaning a bit louder as we thrust our hips together. The cabana creaked on its legs as Jack gyrated harder. Rocking us both, he drove himself deeper and deeper inside me as I moved to meet him. Every time we got too close to orgasm, we’d slow down for a minute. We managed to keep going and going and going until finally I started to hear his trademark, guttural moan signaling that he was about to cum.

As I felt his warm seed burst free and pump into me, the baby moved sharply. I laughed in ecstasy as my dam broke, and the orgasm washed over me like the ocean waves crashing just beyond us.

Jack’s hands moved to my belly as I panted and twitched from the release while still seated on top of him. “God, Mags, I thought we were going to send you into labor there for a minute,” he panted.

I laughed and carefully lifted myself up off of Jack. I was soaking wet from our joint orgasms, and I laid on my side next to him.

His eyes never left mine as his hands roamed the mound of my belly while our baby moved underneath in response to Mama’s joy. He thrummed his finger across my protruding belly button and pulled me closer to him.

We kissed again – more gently this time but with a deep, simmering passion. I ran my fingers through his close-cropped, salt & pepper hair and we continued to caress, kiss, lick, nibble, and whisper words of love and desire.

It became stuffy in the cabana with the curtains closed, so we finally began to make moves to put our suits back on and take a dip in the ocean. Jack helped me re-tie my bikini and grabbed his bathing trunks from where they had been discarded at the base of the chaise.

As we opened the side curtain, there was a couple in lounge chairs nearby who hadn’t been there when we arrived. They gave knowing smiles as we came out that widened in surprise when they saw me, eyes fixed to my huge belly and breasts barely covered by my bikini. By the looks on both of their faces, I have a feeling that they weren’t aware pregnant sex could be as fulfilling as it clearly had been for Jack and me. We smiled as we walked toward the ocean, leaving our things in the cabana so we could come back for round 2… and 3… and 4.

I could write so many stories about that amazing weekend and hope to capture them all while the details are fresh in my mind to remember this magical time in our lives. In the meantime, I’m waiting for Jack to come home from work so we can celebrate his 50th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Tonight I have surprises in store for him!

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    What a sweet story. Maybe I should have done 299 more squats. What is it about hearing another couple having sex, or knowing they hear you that adds just a bit extra to sex? Never heard of a Babymoon, but glad I have now.

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