Cum for Dinner ~ the Eating Out Series

We had such a super build-up for our special dinner.  I called Macy’s and booked a table for two for 22h00 and said we wanted a private table at the back. We made sure to dress for the occasion.  Lucy wore a loose skirt and a thin blouse with no underwear.  I had on very loose pants, a Hawaiian shirt, and also went without underwear.  My pants were dark to make sure that wet spots would not show, and I had a handkerchief in my pocket to try and handle it when I reached the point of cumming under the table.

In the car, on the way down to the village, Lucy wanted to make sure that we were ready. She opened my pants, grabbed my cock, and fondled it during the five-minute drive.  Her other hand was under her dress and very busy with her clit.

“I cannot believe how wet I am,” Lucy said.  “Put your hand here and feel my clit.  It is so big that it feels like a little cock.  I am already so very close to cumming, but I want to hold back, so be gentle when you touch me.”

It was such a precious feeling to experience my wife’s wetness.  Her clit was massive. As I touched it, she groaned with passion.

I’d circled her clit three or four times with my index finger when she shouted, “Stop!  Stop! I am going to cum!”  But it was too late; she was already going over the edge and had her first orgasm of the night.  She clamped her legs around my hand so tightly that I could not get it out.  I had to stop my car to give her time to regain her composure before we could enter Macy’s.  She could not, however, hide her erect nipples that begged for attention.

Our waiter escorted us to the perfect table; we could not have asked for better.  It sat against the wall furthest from the live music.  It was so dark that we needed the candle on the table to read the menu.  I ordered two glasses of wine and the “Finger Platter 4 Two.”  We did not want to use knives and forks.  I asked them to serve the food only after 30 – 45 minutes.  By the time the wine arrived at our table, Lucy already had her hand under her dress and two fingers in her pussy.

I had moved my chair next to hers as if it was to watch the musicians.  My hand slipped under her dress, and I could distinctly feel the movements as she fingered herself.  She came on a mission, and she was going to make it happen.  Although we felt quite secluded, the idea of playing in public was incredibly erotic.  Smiling, Lucy lifted her glass as if to make a toast and said, “Open your pants and take out your cock.  I want to play with you while I finger my pussy.”

I loosened the top button of my pants, pulled down the zipper all the way, and released my cock. It was standing at full attention.  The sensation as her hand folded around it was so awesome.  She cupped my balls in her hand and used the thumb and forefinger of the same hand to put it around the base of my cock and then squeezed my cock like a cock-ring.  She guided my hand to my cock and started moving my hand up and down along its length.  She controlled everything, and I was a very willing participant.  The next moment, she took just my two fingers and used them to play with the ridge of my cock head.  Extreme sensations were going through my cock.

While all this was happening, the waiter visited our table twice to check and fill our glasses.  It greatly heightened our erotic feelings.  Lucy opened her handbag on the chair next to her and took out her favorite Lelo toy.  I saw the tiny pink light coming on as she started it, and then it disappeared under the table and into her pussy.  Things happened suddenly.  Lucy put her head on my shoulder and leaned against me as she started cumming.  At that moment, the waiter arrived at our table with the finger snacks.  Although it was dark, I could see the shocked look in his eyes as our wine glasses rattled on the table and my wife shook wildly against me. He just about dropped the plate on the table and left without a word.

I was on the brink of my own orgasm.  I held my handkerchief at the ready in one hand while the other moved up and down my cock as slowly as possible.  Every nerve ending in my cock was alive, and it felt as if my brain had stopped working.  I could feel the cum rising from my balls.  The sensations were so extreme. My cock-head was on fire.  The slightest movement was now pushing me over the edge.

Lucy, still shaking against me, suddenly grabbed my cock—and then I came.  The handkerchief was not in place, and I came over both our hands and on my shoes.

Lucy clearly enjoyed my predicament and did what she does best, and that is to be wild and sexy. She used the cum on her hand and rubbed it over her clit.  Then she pulled my hand closer and guided my fingers into her.  We both had one hand free and started with the snacks on our table.  Our hands were full of love-juices, which heightened the experience.  We decided to take the game home and do some real cock-in-pussy sex there.  It gave me enough time to get some strength back while we finished our meal.

What an experience!

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderfully Hot! I loved both parts! Will there be a third part? Awesome job as usual Climaxx. God Bless and Stay Horny Always my friend.


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