Double the Pleasure (L)

On my knees between Lauren’s legs, I stroked my rock-hard cock as she masturbated. When I rubbed her glistening pink labia with the swollen tip of my dick, oozing with pre-cum, she whimpered, “Fuck me.” I fully anticipated entering her, but the enjoyment of watching my wife have her way with herself was too much to pass up.

I pulled back from my teasing and observed Lauren, admiring her long legs and silky-smooth pussy. Massaging her clit with her wand vibrator, she’d already cum twice and appeared close to a third orgasm. Earlier on, I’d sucked on and licked both of her nipples as I held her breasts in my hands—a surefire way to get her delicious sexual juices flowing. And right now they were flowing!

She slid two, then three, fingers into her vagina and then grabbed her huge dildo and slid it deep inside her box, still massaging her clit with the vibrator. The dildo was massive—10 inches long, quite girthy, and resembling a real cock—and as she fucked herself with it, our eyes locked. She licked her lips, an offer to suck my dick.

I got up next to her, still on my knees and with my seven inches hovering over her face. Holding my manhood in my hand, I lowered it to her open mouth and she took me deep, almost into her throat. She sucked me off while simultaneously double pleasuring herself with the dildo (in her pussy) and vibrator (on her clit). I admired her multi-tasking!

I realized, in this moment of overwhelming sexual bliss, that we were simulating a male/male/female threesome—my cock in her mouth and the gigantic dildo in her pussy. She seemed to love it.

“Do you like two cocks?” I asked teasingly.

My Swedish bride looked into my eyes and took my phallus out of her mouth.

“I love it,” she whispered.

Then she asked: “Would you like two women at once?”

A few seconds of silence.

“Only if it were two of you,” I responded.

She giggled, taking my cock back in her hungry mouth.

We had simulated MMF many times over the years—on a few occasions taking things a bit too far, such as with role-playing and blindfolds while using a range of sex toys on each other. We’d always had fun pretending, and tonight the fun hit epic levels. Fortunately, our 4K camera was rolling and capturing all of it.

I started to gently fuck her mouth, which she always loves. Then, getting a little naughtier, I slapped my cock against her tongue. “You like that?” I asked. She moaned and whispered, “Yesssssssssssss.”

“Suck on my cock, woman,” I ordered.

She giggled and did as I commanded, looking into my eyes with a mouthful of dick. (Another note: it’s not unusual for her to also take charge and give commands that I follow).

After a couple of minutes more of naughty talk, I felt very close to cumming. I took my dick out of her mouth and pleasured myself as Lauren, still working herself over with the dildo and vibrator, gave me a look of approval.

“Are you gonna cum all over me?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Do you want that?” I replied.

Lauren opened her mouth and again stuck out her tongue, inviting me to ejaculate all over her. I got a little closer—my cock over her face—and felt a rush. I tried to hold it in as long as possible to build up pressure, but then I exploded. An impressively thick stream of semen landed on her chin, neck and left breast. Another stream hit her cheek and nose, causing her to giggle. The final stream landed on her tongue and then she took my dick into her mouth to milk the rest.

I looked at the cum all over her and was so pleased—a large load that left a creamy mess on her face and breasts. But somehow it had gotten in her hair, too. Lauren giggled again and looked into my eyes, still masturbating with the dildo and vibrator.

To surprise her, I got between her legs to bring her to her third orgasm.

“Does this thing feel like a real cock?” I asked about the dildo, now holding it in my hand.

“A little,” she replied, giggling again.

I slid the gigantic fake dick into my wife, while stimulating her clit with the vibrator, and she responded with whimpers. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t resist wanting to devour her pussy with my tongue and mouth. I took big tastes of her as she ran her fingers through my hair. Almost reflexively, I reached up and fondled her breasts, immediately remembering that they had cum all over them. My hands and forearms were now a mess! No matter; Lauren licked my hands clean!

I slid my tongue as far into her pussy as I could, then got back to licking her clit as I inserted two fingers inside of her. She tasted so good. She was breathing hard and whimpering and soon began to cum. I then slid my cock into my Scandinavian queen’s pussy, surprising her yet again. I was already hard again and eager to fuck her. Unless we were willing to get really messy, I realized I couldn’t lay on her as we fucked—she had semen all over her upper body and face.

She moved her legs so that her knees were almost back near her head—the “plow” position—inviting me to fuck her deep and hard, just the way she likes.

She was incredibly wet, and I grabbed the vibrator and pressed it against her clit while we made love. She began to moan again, and I could feel the vibrations on my cock as I hammered her—they felt sooooooooo good.

I noted again the cum all over her breasts and face and asked her if she wanted a towel.

“No,” she responded.

I sped up the pace, going hard and deep into her. She began to cum again, her fourth orgasm of the night.

I felt my cum simmering in me and knew I, too, was close. As Lauren’s orgasm subsided, I gave her every inch of me and unloaded what felt like a tidal wave of cum. She closed her eyes and exhaled as I pumped her with semen, spurt by spurt.

“Oh, baby, that was fun,” I whimpered as I fell next to her in our bed.

“It was,” she replied.


I looked over at my Nordic bride. She was a mess from head to breasts, and I suddenly felt a bit guilty about it, but her smile made any remorse I felt melt away.

“It came out warm; now it’s cold,” she said with a giggle, fingering some of the semen on one of her nipples.

I grabbed a towel, and she wiped up the mess. Then, after turning off the camera, we showered together, kissing and holding each other as the water beat down on us.

Two lovers.

Post-script: As noted above, we have at times taken things too far in simulating threesome sex, especially of the MMF variety. As we are a married Christian couple, we have ultimately made the decision to get rid of our dildos, including the big 10-inch one. However, we have kept our vibrators and love them!

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16 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    “Only if it were two of you,” A very wise response indeed! It’s a shame you had to get rid of the dildos. But you know what’s best for your relationship.
    Thanks for the story!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      We are very sexual people and we have to be careful. The dildo/cock fun was getting a little over the top.

  2. Mr.Lover says:

    The most important part is that you are loyal and true to each other. As long as you are not cheating either emotionally, or sexually, then anything goes, as far as I am concerned. It is also important to work out any problems or issues before any potential negative situations arise.

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    That is why the couple in my story, "The Listener" were so inspirational to me. They were an example that I saw at young age of a couple have wonderful married life together and were proof that a married couple can have a hot and exciting sex life together as well. My parents have been married for almost 40 years and have a great relationship. I can count on one hand the amount of times that my parents have had really bad arguments.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh yes the listener is perfect! That woman reminds me of myself except seems like she wasn’t masturbating/getting f***ked as much, lol. I’m at an all-time extreme as you all know. Married sex is phenomenal; it’s so comfortable but so sexy, and when I tell you my hubby’s member is the medicine to my pussy, I mean it!!! That piece of him makes me shake like no other!!!

  4. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    As usual, great story. But more importantly, I applaud your wisdom and spiritual maturity for recognizing that you may be headed in a dangerous direction and dealing with it. That is difficult to do, and is an important lesson for all. Just because something is allowed and even good, doesn’t mean that it can’t lead us astray. We must always seek God’s wisdom.
    God bless

  5. Tulsa says:

    Well, if you were simulating a threesome, I think it was a good idea to back off. Good for you!

    My wife, nor I, never had a threesome fantasy about using a dildo combined with her favorite, me doing oral on her. At first I thought it was a bit alarming, but she assured me being tag teamed was not in her thoughts. Her fantasy was that I was doing both PIV & oral at once. Talk about having to be extremely flexible! LOL! Just listening to her talk about and describe it was hot, so we went in search of a dildo that was as close as possible to my size.
    Per her instructions, her resulting big O's were incredible, and it became an often repeated thing we do!

    • Giants05 says:

      Talk has become huge in our bedroom last few months. We have learned it gets us so worked up it's insane. You have also encouraged us to try video and holy shit it is hot. It certainly adds a notch of hotness to the bedroom. Your stories and MH have taught us that it is all about making it fun and spicy and each ounce of spice and fun makes the connection closer. We went from a twice-a-month couple to an at-least-5-nights-or-so couple by adding many new fun things. It's really, really spiced our sex life up to the next level. Every second the next 3 days or so that we got to ourselves, we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Thank you so much! So we watched the tape a few nights later and since then we've watched it several times. It really is an epic sex tape on every level and we're glad we got it all on camera. When I came on her face and tits, the camera caught the moment in truly incredible ways. The lighting, the sheer volume of ejaculate and her delight as it happened made it truly epic.

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